The Bizarre Beauty of Cats’ Unique Tongues Revealed by a “Veterinary Technician”

Veterinary technician Peter Carlos from Sacramento, California, shared a mind-blowing video offering a close-up view of a cat’s tongue. The Instagram post has left users in awe, with @Maging noting the revelation about why cat tongues feel rough. @Muh sweetly wonders if others find cat kisses extra special.



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The peculiar appearance of cat tongues is attributed to tiny hook-shaped structures called papillae. These spines make the tongue feel rough and serve vital functions. Cats use their tongues for grooming, aided by papillae that remove loose fur, dirt, and parasites. Additionally, these hooks assist in the consumption of prey, stripping meat from bones.



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The backward-pointing papillae also play a role in the distinctive sound of a cat’s purring. Despite the somewhat intimidating up-close view, these papillae serve essential roles for our feline friends. It’s a fascinating insight we might not be accustomed to, but the next time your cat gives you a lick, you’ll appreciate their unique tongue structure! 🐾

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