Taylor Swift’s Cat Benjamin Steals the Spotlight in Her TIME ‘Person of the Year’ Cover Shoot!

Superstar Taylor Swift has recently graced the cover of TIME Magazine as their “Person of the Year,” but it’s not just her achievements capturing attention. Her cat, Benjamin, has also become a sensation following the magazine’s release on December 6.

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The cover art for TIME’s “Person of the Year” edition features Taylor Swift with a special companion: her white and brown Ragdoll cat, Benjamin Button. With his striking blue eyes, Benjamin is seen comfortably nestled around Taylor’s neck, both gazing directly into the camera.

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A TikTok user, Jessica Golich, highlighted this unique duo in a video, calling it “the absolute best TIME Person of the Year cover of all time,” a sentiment echoed in the enthusiastic comments of Swift’s fans.

Fans humorously suggested that Benjamin might be the true “Person of the Year,” joking about his dominant presence in the shoot. Others expressed their admiration for both Taylor and Benjamin, acknowledging Taylor’s accomplishments while celebrating her beloved pet.

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Benjamin has been a part of Taylor’s life since 2019, first introduced to the world through Instagram. Taylor shared adorable kitten pictures of Benjamin, showcasing his captivating blue eyes. Known for her love of cats, Taylor’s feline family also includes Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, named after popular TV characters.

Taylor Swift’s inclusion of Benjamin in such a significant photoshoot reflects her love for her pets and willingness to share the limelight. This cover story not only celebrates Taylor’s accomplishments but also brings her beloved cat into the spotlight, delighting fans and animal lovers alike.


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