3 Kittens Turn 10-Hour Journey to the US into an Adorable Adventure!

The holiday season is here, and it’s bringing along the age-old dilemma for pet owners: to fly with their furry friends or not. Well, one couple on TikTok, @ian.and.ana, is showing the world that traveling with pets can be more fun than you’d think. They took a 10-hour flight from Europe to the U.S. with not one, not two, but three adorable kittens in tow!

Imagine this: these little fur balls snoozed away part of the journey, but they were mostly up and about, playing, eating, and taking their tiny bathroom breaks. Sure, it might have been a handful for the cat parents, but boy, did it bring smiles to everyone else on the plane!


@ian.and.ana You won’t believe what happens on this plane🥴 flying 10 hours with our 3 kittens from Europe to the US! #travelcat ♬ original sound – Ian & Ana


Their TikTok clip from November 20 caught the internet by storm, amassing over 2.7 million views and 219,000 likes. Viewers were smitten! Many commented how thrilled they would be to find kittens on their flight. One user even said, “The little girl had the best flight of her life. Seriously, kittens could work well as therapy for fear of flying.”

But of course, there were a few concerns about allergies and the inevitable kitty smells from those bathroom breaks. “I travel with my cat with a portable litter box and I ALWAYS take her to the bathroom on the plane to use it out of respect for passengers,” shared one considerate viewer.

So, how do you make pet travel as smooth as these TikTokers did? Preparation is key. Always check with the airline about pet policies, and if you’re going international, don’t forget to look into the destination’s entry requirements like vaccinations and health certificates.

PetMD suggests packing a kitty travel kit with essentials like a carrier, medications, cleaning supplies, a litter box, and some comforting toys or blankets. Chatting with your vet is a good idea too, especially for anxious felines. They might prescribe something to ease the travel stress.


3 Kittens Turn 10-Hour Journey to the US into an Adorable Adventure!
3 Kittens Turn 10-Hour Journey to the US into an Adorable Adventure!

And remember, always ensure your cat has proper identification, be it a microchip or a collar with an ID tag. It’s a safety net just in case you and your furry buddy get separated.

So, if you’re planning to jet set with your cat this holiday season, take a leaf out of this couple’s book. It might just be an adventure for you and a delightful surprise for your fellow passengers!



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