Blind Cats’ Owner Shares a Heartwarming Secret: How to Tell When These Special Felines Are Asleep

A recent video has provided an enlightening and touching look into the lives of two eyeless cats, offering insights on how to distinguish if a blind cat is asleep. The key lies in their body language.

The video, shared by Inspire More, shows how these blind cats exhibit a distinct alertness when awake. Their ears are attuned to every sound, tails twitching with inquisitive energy, and their bodies remain poised for movement.


Their heightened senses compensate for the lack of sight, guiding their interactions with the world.

In sleep, however, there’s a noticeable shift.

The cats’ tails relax completely, and the alertness in their posture is replaced by a deep, peaceful calm. These moments of rest reveal a serene tranquility in the cats, showcasing the remarkable adaptability and resilience inherent in felines.

@through.the.lleaves Can you tell the difference between his awake face and asleep face? 🥰 #blindcats #rescuecats #tabbycats #cattok ♬ original sound – Chas 🍉🍉🍉

This video is not just a fascinating observation of cat behavior but also a poignant reminder of the incredible ways in which animals adapt to their environments. It invites us to appreciate the unique and rich lives of animals, even when they differ significantly from our own.

This heartwarming story of how blind cats communicate through their own silent language of sleep and wakefulness is truly inspiring. Share and celebrate the extraordinary nature of these special feline friends!


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