About Us

Welcome to Shelterapet! We are a site created by animal lovers, enthusiasts, and pet professionals sharing expertise and knowledge on pets.
At Shelterapet, our goal is to bring readers the very best pet care resources and info to help owners better care for their pet companions.
Shelterapet’s mission is to be a trusted authority on pets through exceptional writing, cutting-edge research, and real-hand-on product/services reviews.
A  team of pet experts tests and reviews a variety of premium and economical pet gear as well as dog services (i.e. pet insurance). The output is an honest, objective review. We’ll never accept cash or allow the free gear to influence a review. Ever.
We also provide our readers with informational and enjoyable content to help them make a more informed decision on whatever topic they are researching .
We work with talented and passionate pet professionals to give you trusted, reliable information. Our team includes:

Amanda Wheatley – Editor Veterinary Assistant

Brooke Jessica – Veterinary

Jessica Vanclap- Feature Writer

Heath Higgins- Content Editor

Jolie Morley-  Dog Trainer

Mo Badlis- Graphics Designer

Toufiq Ramdane- Marketing/Web Desgin