18+ Web’s Most Popular Cats – Paws and Fame #2


In the vast realm of the internet, fame extends its paw beyond the human realm to our beloved feline companions. While the web is already teeming with amusing cats, a select few transcend the ordinary to attain true celebrity status. This post celebrates these whiskered luminaries.

Whether it’s the enigmatic allure of Venus, the two-faced cat, the iconic scowl of Grumpy Cat, or the hipster charm exuded by Hamilton, not to mention the majestic Colonel Meow—these are just snippets of the renowned feline personalities. Immerse yourself in this post, and you’re bound to encounter a cat celebrity whose charm or extraordinary tales will surely win your heart!

# 1. Shironeko, The Happiest And Sleepiest Cat Ever


# 2. Snoopy, The Cutest Cat Ever


# 3. Lazarus, The Rescued Vampire Cat


# 4. Fukumaru, The Friendliest Cat With Heterochromia


# 5. Banye, The Omg Cat


# 6. Nala, The Shocked Cat


# 7. Kitler: Snowball The Cat That Looks Like H*tler


# 8. Zarathustra From The Fat Cat Art


# 9. Lilu, The Cat With Glasses


# 10. Mercury, The Two Legged T-rex Cat


# 11. Oskar The Blind Cat


# 12. City, The Very Long Kitty


# 13. Street Cat Bob


# 14. Draven The Therapy Cat


# 15. Chase No Face Cat


# 16. Pudge Cat, The Girl With A Moustache


# 17. Waffles The Cat


# 18. Princess Monster Truck Cat


# 19. Morris The Horse Riding Cat


In the realm of internet stardom, these feline celebrities have etched their paw prints in our hearts. Whether it’s the enchanting allure of Venus, the perpetual grumpiness of Grumpy Cat, the hipster coolness of Hamilton, or the regal presence of Colonel Meow, each cat tells a story that transcends the screen.

As we bid adieu to this parade of famous whiskers, may their adventures continue to bring joy, laughter, and endless scrolls for cat lovers everywhere. Because in the kingdom of the internet, these cats reign supreme, and their legendary tales are forever woven into the fabric of our online feline fascination.


  • Amanda Wheatley

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