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There is a lot of controversy about the Pit Bull (American Pit Bull Terrier) dog breed. Some consider it unruly and aggressive, others say it’s friendly, affectionate, and loyal.

Wanting to eradicate congenital aggression, people began to breed pit bulls with other breeds. Many of the pitbull mixed puppies have become not only more docile but also got a very original appearance.

Types of Pit Bull Terrier Crossbreeds

Not all dog handlers and breeders are positive about the idea of ​​mixing several breeds. In their opinion, the result can be completely unpredictable. After all, there is no guarantee that mixed puppies will inherit only the good qualities of their parents.

Other experts believe that competent selection can improve the livestock and endow the pit bull with new properties. For example, turn it into a guard dog. This is true if you carry out purposeful work and cull individuals with anomalies.

For your information. Puppies obtained as a result of random mating, especially with mongrels, may have far from ideal appearance and character. Therefore, only professional breeders should be engaged in dog breeding.

A few words about the Pit Bull Terrier breed:

  1. Pit bulls are divided into 3 types. Bulldog type – strong and stocky, terrier – dry and lean, mixed – combines the characteristics of two types.
  2. The height at the withers is 18-22 inches.
  3. The weight is not limited. It usually ranges from 30 to 90 pounds.
  4. The Pit Bull Terrier can be of any color.

The Husky Pitbull Mix

The husky pitbull mix is called Pitski. The Pitski stands tall – at 20 to 22 inches at the withers. However, they are light-boned and gracefully built.

The ears are usually set high on the head, but most owners choose to crop them in early puppyhood. Pigmentation of the iris of the eyes can be any – brown, ocher, blue. Often there are hybrids with heterochromia (different eye colors).

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

The coat is short or of medium length. It can also be of different shades. The muzzle usually has a light mask, like a husky. The lower part of the body is often lightened.

Pitskis are friendly, active, hardy, and outgoing. At the same time, they are stubborn, many crosses have a pronounced hunting instinct.

Pitbull mixes do not get along well with relatives. And if husky blood predominates in their veins, then they have a tendency to escaping, digging tunnels, and picking up everything they see on the street.

The Staffordshire Terrier Pit Bull Mix

A cross between a staff and a pit bull – a medium-sized dog with a height of 16-20 inches and weighing 37-75 pounds. In the exterior, the signs of one breed prevail, or the features of both are equally manifested.

On a note. Since Stafford is a close relative of a pit bull, unscrupulous breeders often pass off Mixes as purebreds.

This cross does not show aggression towards people, however, it is characterized by stubbornness and intolerance towards other four-legged animals.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

Staffordshire Terriers Pit Bull mix requires rigor in upbringing and training. Only with this approach can you get a balanced dog that can live in a family with children.

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

A pitweiler is a cross between a Rottweiler and a pit bull. This is a large dog weighing up to 100 pounds with a massive body and wide chest.

The head is large, in proportion to the body, with developed cheekbones and a pronounced stop. The ears are of moderate size, have a “rose” shape. The jaws are strong but not as wide as those of the Rottweilers.

The body of the dog is covered with short and glossy hair. The most common are black and brown with tan and white markings.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

Well-bred and socialized hybrids grow up obedient and loyal. They are fearless, wary of strangers, so they can be used for protection. However, pitweilers conflict with relatives and do not get along well with other pets.

For your information. This cross is prone to dominance. It should be led by a person with a strong character.

Labrador Pitbull Mix

A cross between a Labrador and a Pit Bull, or Labrabull is an intelligent, loyal and active dog. They grow quite large but have a light skeleton.

Labrabulls have ears completely hanging or raised on cartilage, a cone-shaped head, a kind, and attentive look. The body is covered with short and thick fur.

This cross between a pit bull can be of any color acceptable for both breeds. The most common are:

  • sand;
  • redhead;
  • the black.
  • There are white markings on the body.
Pit Bull Mix Puppies

The character of the labrabull is usually dominated by the traits of Labradors – kindness, openness, devotion, sociability. Labrabulls are rarely stubborn and never give up games. Due to these qualities, they have become popular all over the world.

Doberman Pitbull Mix

Dober pit is the name of a cross between a Doberman and a pit bull. They can be of both medium and high growth (25-27 inches).

The physique is similar to the Doberman: long limbs, muscular, but not overly massive body. But the head looks more like a pit bull:

  • high set, semi-erect ears (can be cropped);
  • developed cheekbones;
  • powerful jaws.

The short coat can be of any color. Crossbreds with tan typical for Dobermans are common. In the character, there is an innate distrust of outsiders. Dog aggression is not excluded – it is inherent from both breeds.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

Dachshund Pitbull Mix

 A short-legged but very muscular dog with a massive head is the dachshund pit bull mix. Its body is covered with short hair, which does not protect well from the cold. These dogs prefer to spend time with their owners.

If you cross a pit bull with a dachshund, you get a cheerful, friendly, playful dog. It gets along with other pets if it grows up with them in the same territory since puppyhood. However, there were some drawbacks – stubbornness and hunting instinct are characteristic of these hybrids.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

The Alabai PitBull Mix

A cross between the Alabai and PitBull grows slightly smaller than the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. The body of the dog is covered with a dense coat, which helps them tolerate cold weather.

Color can be any:

  • white;
  • redhead;
  • gray;
  • fawn;
  • spotted;
  • tiger;

They are strong, hardy, and efficient dogs with good guard potential. In order for a dog to grow up balanced and adequate, early socialization and competent training are necessary.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

The Sheepdog Pitbull Mix

The German Shepherds pitbull mix is called a German pit. These dogs are quite large – about 23 inches at the withers and weighing 75-87 pounds.

These dogs have a slender and toned body, well-developed muscles, long legs. The head is compact, the ears are erect, V-shaped, but the ear surface is thinner than that of German shepherds.

The coat is a cross between the fur of a German and a pit bull. Any color is acceptable, including those with light marks and tan. The brindle-colored dogs look especially impressive.

Hybrids are dominated by the character of German Shepherds – brave, noble, and decisive. They are loyal to the owner, get along well with children, and are wary of strangers.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

They have a sharp mind and are well trained. To prevent the dog from taking a dominant position, the owner must behave strictly and adamantly.

For your information. When training a German pit, you cannot use brute physical strength and deliberately develop aggression towards people in it. Because of this, the character of the dog will change for the worse.

The Bull terrier Pitbull Mix

Pit Bulls and Bull Terriers belong to the Terrier group, but there is a significant difference between these breeds. The second is a dense and stocky dog with an egg-shaped head and a drooping muzzle. Their ancestors were Dalmatians, Old English, and English Bulldogs. The differences are very clearly visible if you put the dogs next to them.

Pit bulls also carry the blood of English Bulldogs, but they have been mixed with some other terriers, which ones remaineds a mystery. This is the reason for the differences in appearance.

Pitbull and bull terrier are fighting species that have previously participated in dog fights. However, with proper upbringing, they make loyal companions.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

The same can be said for hybrids. They grow up to be more stocky than pit bulls, but the shape of the head no longer resembles bull terriers.

A Pit Bull crossed with a Bull Terrier is fearless, disciplined, cheerful, and stubborn. People with leadership inclinations should start such a dog, otherwise, it will grow up uncontrollable.

The Shar-Pei  Pit Bull Mix

The mixture of Pit Bull and Shar Pei turns out to be unpredictable – it is impossible to guess who the puppies will look like, both in terms of appearance and character. They are usually powerful muscular dogs. Some of them have folds on the body.

These dogs can be aggressive – experienced dog breeders should work with them. From puppyhood, they show independence and refuse to listen to people who are not considered leaders.

Interesting. In 2015, a cross between a Dutch shepherd and a pit bull named Quasimodo won the world’s ugliest dog competition. The animal has birth defects of the spine, making it look like a hyena.

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

Final Thoughts

A cross between a pit bull and another breed usually inherits the best qualities of the ancestors: friendliness, loyalty, courage, and fearlessness. However, sometimes the character is dominated by the qualities of only one breed. In any case, these dogs need competent education, socialization, and training.


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