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The Morkie is a breed of dog that comes from crossing the Yorkshire Terrier with a Maltese. The result is a small, sweet, and affectionate dog, very suitable, especially for families.

The Morkie is a dog that can be comfortably kept in an apartment, thanks to its small size. Tender, sweet, and affectionate with the whole family, It needs little physical activity but a lot of affection that reciprocates unconditionally.

From the character point of view, the Morkie is a very sweet and affectionate dog with the whole family. It’s very fond of Its master, It’s easy to keep and can live in a small apartment.

In order to fully understand the Morkie, it is important to know more about Its parents and their personality traits.

The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small, very lively, and graceful dog with a tough and firm temperament.  It’s a perfect host who does not like being alone and who loves to surround Itself with the presence of adults and children.

It has a tendency not to tolerate very cold temperatures and excessively hot ones and has specific needs for checks for the cleanliness and health of its coat. It enjoys good health and is very loyal to Its owner. It needs daily exercise and variety in interaction.

The Maltese


The Maltese is a small breed with a silky, white, and shiny coat. It’s extremely elegant and has a distinct bearing.

It’s an excellent warning keeper and loves apartment life. It’s fond of the family and is friendly with children. It does not tolerate cold temperatures, but it has good health.

It requires assiduous care for the coat and particular attention in cleaning. It’s a joyful, likable, and loyal dog that may have a moderate inclination to bark.

Morkie dog: the Maltese – Yorkshire crossbreed

The Morkie, also known as Yorktese or Malkie, belongs to the category of so-called “ designer dogs ”, which is a specific selection of well-defined and good-looking dog breeds in order to reduce any hereditary diseases.

Small, energetic but also a little funny, these puppies have inherited some of the best qualities from both parents.

This breed was born in the United States of America; being a hybrid breed, it was not recognized by the AKC.

According to others, the Morkie would not come from the USA but from Canada, precisely from Quebec. The first Morkie appeared in the nineties and conquered everyone with its soft fur and sweet face. The Morkie is considered a beautiful handbag dog, to always carry with you, but also very intelligent.

Physical characteristics of the Morkie

The Morkie dog, also known as Yorktese or Malkie, is a relatively small dog, about 10 to 12 inches tall, with a weight of between 10 and 13 pounds.

The Morkie’s coat is soft and slightly long and can be black, white, brown, or a combination of all three.

An interesting aspect to know is that the Morkie is a non-molting dog. So you won’t find hair anywhere in the house, on carpets and sofas! However, this specimen needs to be brushed daily to stay healthy and clean.

The Morkie dog, the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier Mix

The character of the Morkie

This small dog is very sweet and affectionate, suitable for families with children.
Thanks to its size, it’s possible to keep it in the apartment and it doesn’t need to do a lot of physical activity.

As with all dogs, it’s important to educate, to socialize as a puppy in order to better form its character and train it more easily as it grows. In any case, you need to be sweet and understanding during the training sessions.

Despite its size, the Morkie is also a good watchdog, making itself felt when it senses a threat to its family.

Courageous, intelligent, and gifted with a great personality, the Morkie dog breed is also a bit stubborn so you need to be especially patient and kind.

They can be a bit territorial and they also need their space. Compared to other dog breeds, Morkies also need constant human contact and may seem a bit clingy to those not used to.

However, a Morkie will only trust its owner and its family and forms a very intense relationship of affection with them. With children, it’s generally good but to ask that their spaces are respected.

Like the Maltese, whose blood the Morkie has 50% of, this dog is beautiful to look at, it is also an excellent show dog.

The Morkie still requires respect: It must be educated but not in a rude manner, otherwise, It can develop the capricious dog syndrome and become very nervous, neurotic, obsessive, and spoiled.

Health of the Morkie

Like all mestizos, the Morkie is a specimen that is generally in good health. However, this hybrid may inherit some health problems from its parents. The most common pathologies are:

  • the dislocation of the patella ;
  • liver problems;
  • the collapse of the trachea ;
  • The Cushing’s disease.

It is useful to know that, having delicate eyes and ears, it is good to keep them clean constantly.

The average lifespan of a Morkie dog is between 10 and 13 years. If well cared for, this four-legged dog can even live up to 16 years.

To increase its life expectancy, as with all dogs in general, it is necessary:

  • keep it active every day and consistently;
  • take care of his diet by feeding him in a balanced way;
  • have him perform routine checks at the vet.
The Morkie dog, the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier Mix

9 things you didn’t know about the Morkie

This could in all likelihood be the first time you’ve heard of the Morkie. In fact, the Morkie is the cross between two purebred dogs: the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese, both small breeds. The origin of the Morkie could be traced back to the USA, where it was a much-loved dog.

Today it is a widespread family dog, which has enjoyed great popularity. In recent years, many dogs have been crossed to create hybrid breeds that carry fewer defects than their parents. This is how the Morkie was produced.

If you are planning to adopt one of these dogs, you need to know a little more about them and their temperament. The Morkie like any dog ​​requires some responsibility and it is right that you are prepared. And there are ten things you might not  know about the Morkie.

1.Character and behavior

The Morkie is a dog that needs constant attention from its owner and is happy when it can interact with its owner. It’s very important to socialize a Morkie when they are still a puppy so that it’s easier to train them as they go.

Once a Morkie has been socialized, training it is simple, and it becomes very friendly. The Morkie, despite its size, also makes a good watchdog, and they tolerate strangers when they realize they aren’t a threat to their family.

Morkie’s courage comes from the Maltese. This dog could also be, in some cases, a bit stubborn: it takes a lot of kindness and a lot of patience, not to make it angry.

2 Weight, height, and coat

The Morkie is a small dog and can live well in an apartment. Both the male and the female, generally, do not exceed 10-12 inches of height and the maximum 9-13 pounds of weight.

The fur of the Morkie can be of different colors: white or brown, black, or apricot. Most of them are brown or black but there are also Morkies that turn gray as they get older.

The interesting thing about the Morkie is that it is a dog that does not shed. So you won’t find hair anywhere in the room or house, on carpets and sofas. However, this dog needs to be brushed every day to stay clean and healthy.

3 General health

The Morkie is a dog that, like all mestizos, generally has good health. However, to be sure of this, you must check the health of Its parents and inquire carefully. Some diseases of the Morkie dog can be those of the paws and eyes.

The Morkie needs to be cleaned constantly, especially the ears and eyes which are very delicate. for Bathing, you must use only a special mild shampoo that does not remove the oils from the dog’s skin. Teeth should be carefully kept clean.

The Morkie needs fairly regular checkups at the vet to check for signs of any health problems. If well cared for, the Morkie can even live up to 16 years.

The Morkie dog, the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier Mix


The Morkie is a dog who loves being in contact with its family, so the ideal thing to do is try to keep it indoors. The Morkie doesn’t need too much space to move. They love to be with the family and can be with children, but it is good to be careful of young children.

5.Outside or inside? 

The Morkie is a dog that does well both in and out. Obviously, this dog needs a little exercise and being small in size, it can be kept in a city apartment without problems, as long as it’s allowed a few walks outdoors. When it’s very cold it’s best to keep your Morkie indoors.


The Morkie is a somewhat stubborn dog, but still not particularly difficult to train.
It needs a master who is patient, sweet, understanding, and who does not get angry during training sessions.

If harsh methods are used with the Morkie, in response it will bark and not listen. Only positive methods should be used when dealing with the Morkie.

7.They love to eat

Morkies are dogs that have a large appetite, regardless of their size. They are very careful about the food you give them. You should only give the Morkie good quality food and while respecting the rations, tp prevent them from getting overweight.

8.They love to sleep

The Morkie is very active but is also a great cuddly and sleepyhead. This dog, when tired, stretches out everywhere to sleep. It almost looks like a child.

9.They love to please the master

The Morkie is a dog that requires the attention and approval of its owner. They need an owner who is close to them and who approves of what they do, which is why they are excellent companion dogs but also require a lot of affection.


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