Urgent Alert from Pet Owner on Common Christmas Decoration That Could Be Deadly to Cats

A woman on TikTok has issued a crucial warning to pet owners about a common Christmas decoration that could be dangerous for their furry friends.

In her video, she revealed that she had initially decorated her Christmas tree with tinsel, only to realize the potential hazard it posed to her cat.

Using her TikTok handle @spaoegrl, she posted a video showing her tinsel-adorned tree, explaining that she decided to remove the tinsel after learning about its risks.

@spaoegrl tinsel is bad for your pets if it gets ingested!! it can cause GI obstruction very easily. i read this and immediately got up and took the tinsel off my tree. my cat isnt a big eater of things but id rather not risk his health over a silly tree trend. 🫶🏻 #christmastree #christmas ##tinsel##tinseltree##catsoftiktok##cat##pets ♬ White Christmas – Andy Williams

She stressed that no decoration is worth compromising her cat’s health. The video also featured her affectionately petting her black cat, underscoring her concern for the pet’s safety.

In the caption, she emphasized the danger of tinsel if ingested by pets, particularly cats. It can lead to gastrointestinal obstruction, posing a serious health risk. Despite her cat not being prone to eating such items, she chose to err on the side of caution and removed the tinsel from her tree.

The RSPCA has echoed this sentiment, warning that tinsel and other similar items can be hazardous if eaten by pets.


They suggest that pet-friendly playthings like cardboard boxes can be safe and enjoyable alternatives during the holiday season. The warning extends to dogs as well, who might also be tempted by such decorations.

In the comments of her TikTok video, other users shared their experiences with pets ingesting tinsel, highlighting the severity of the issue. One user recounted a costly emergency room visit on Christmas Day due to their cat consuming tinsel, while another shared a less severe but still concerning incident from their childhood.

This story serves as an important reminder for pet owners to consider the safety of their animals when decorating for the holidays. It highlights the need for vigilance and choosing pet-safe decorations to ensure a safe and joyful festive season for all family members, including our beloved pets.


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