Viral Sensation: Cat Reacts to Baby’s Kick and Captivates the Internet

A TikTok video capturing a cat’s seemingly aware reaction to a baby kicking inside a woman’s womb has taken the internet by storm. Posted by Kareem and Fifi under their TikTok handle @dontstopmeowing, the clip has racked up an astonishing 7.9 million views as of this report.

Labeled “Kai’s First Time Feeling the Baby’s Kicks,” the video presents the feline sprawled over a woman’s belly, paw resting on her baby bump, as a series of meows are emitted. The question that remains: Can cats actually sense pregnancy?


Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

While cats undoubtedly share a deep bond with their owners, scientific evidence questioning whether they can sense human pregnancy is still inconclusive. According to Shanna Rayburn, a certified veterinary technician specializing in behavior, cats are more likely to notice behavioral shifts in their human caretakers rather than physical changes.

Dr. Bruce Kornreich, director of the Cornell Feline Health Center, has also advised pregnant women to consult health-care professionals regarding their proximity to cats due to the potential transmission of zoonotic diseases like toxoplasmosis and bartonellosis.

Preparing Your Cat for a New Family Member

Shanna Rayburn suggests that integrating new household schedules well ahead of the baby’s arrival could be one of the most effective ways to prepare your feline companion for the upcoming changes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also caution against adopting new cats during pregnancy due to the heightened risk of contracting toxoplasmosis.


The Cat’s Verbal Showdown with the Baby Bump

In the viral clip, the woman entertainingly questions the cat, asking, “You wanna say hi to him? …Your cousin’s inside of here.” The cat’s meowing continues, even as the woman insists he leave her belly so she can use the restroom.

The cat remains unmoved, releasing an assertive meow as a final act of resistance. The internet’s reaction? Pure amusement.

Audience Reactions: Laughter and Personal Anecdotes

TikTok users found the video hilarious and some even shared their own cats’ reactions to pregnancy. Comments ranged from, “Don’t make me come in there!” to stories of cats slapping bellies in response to in-womb kicks. It’s clear that while the jury is still out on whether cats can sense pregnancy, they can undoubtedly provide entertaining reactions that resonate with the public.

Now we’d love to hear from you: Have you noticed any unique reactions from your pets during pregnancy? Share your stories in the comments below!


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