Unique Kitten with Remarkable Leg Condition Finds a Forever Home Amidst Hundreds of Adoption Offers

Gumby, an 11-week-old kitten from Massachusetts, is no ordinary feline. This charming black and white kitten has captured the hearts of many with his unique way of getting around, despite his hind legs stretching unusually out to the sides and back.


Gumby, thought to have a severe case of Swimmer Syndrome, shows extraordinary resilience, unaware of his differences.

His journey began when he was flown in from a crowded SPCA in Texas to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA-Angell). Rebecca Fellman of MSPCA-Angell noted they had never encountered a kitten like Gumby before.


Gumby’s condition doesn’t hinder his spirit. He moves around and uses the litter box independently, though he can’t jump or climb stairs.

Despite his mobility issues, surgery isn’t considered a viable option at this time as it may not significantly improve his movement and could cause pain.

Gumby’s personality is like that of any other kitten – playful, affectionate, and a bit mischievous. Erin Morey of the MSPCA describes him as a typical kitten who doesn’t let his physical limitations dampen his spirits.


The story has a happy ending: Gumby, now renamed Noodles, was adopted by Danielle from the Massachusetts rescue, Blue’s Bridge.

His adoption story gained significant attention, and he has already amassed nearly 2,000 followers on Instagram, where Danielle shares updates about his new life, which includes settling into a comfortable playpen and gradually meeting his new dog and cat siblings.


Caring for a disabled kitten like Gumby/Noodles involves regular vet checkups, potential changes in medical needs as he grows, and possibly physical therapy.

Similar to kittens with cerebellar hypoplasia, Noodles requires certain accommodations like a modified litter box and a safe, soft area to prevent injuries.

The story of Gumby, now Noodles, is a heartwarming tale of resilience, love, and the power of community. It’s inspiring to see so many people eager to welcome such a special kitten into their lives.


Congratulations to Danielle, Noodles, and everyone involved in giving this remarkable kitten a chance for a joyous and pampered life.


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