8 Thing You Need To Know About The American Bully Pocket

The American bully breed comes in types, in this article, we will be reviewing the Bully pocket, it’s considered the smallest of the 4 existing types(Standard, XL, Extreme ).

The Bully Pocket is a curious canine of small size with a robust shape, sometimes a little tender and in others, it is a bit imposing. In this sense, it is a breed with quite interesting characteristics that will be developed later.

It has a solid body with short legs, a wide face, and thus other characteristics that allow it to be differentiated between the many existing breeds.

It has a calm demeanor, however, this is always due to its environment, given that they can be aggressive in situations, and coupled with this they have a force that can represent a danger in this situation.

American Bully Pocket Features

The American bully pockwt bully dog is small or medium in size, in addition to having a short and very particular coat that has a wide variety of colors or combinations, the Bully Pocket doesn’t have an official color, however the color gray with a white spot on the chest is considered the most common among them.

Physical appearance

It is pronounced between its physical characteristics its broad and somewhat square face, short and robust torso, as well as a small tail compared to the proportion of its body, which reduces its thickness as it approaches the tip of it.

You can differentiate a bully pocket from the other existing types of American bully thanks to its physical appearance. It has striking short and triangular ears since they are firm and they also have to be alert at all times because they do not bend due to weight or gravity. Some people tend to choose to cut their ears, modifying their appearance and shape.

It also has a medium-sized and pronounced snout with a rounded shape at the top and a more square shape at the bottom, it’s quite striking how big the bite is.

Their eyes are small and round or oval in shape, they do not have standard colors, so they can vary between the existing variety.

American Bully Pocket
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American Bully Pocket Size

The American bully pocket dog is characterized by being small in size. During its adult hood, it reaches medium size, males grow to 16 to 19 inches and females 15  to 17 inches.

American Bully Pocket Weight

These small animals have a weight that can vary, males weigh between 67 – 100 pounds, while females are between 62 – 75 pounds. Despite being small animals, they are considered a bit heavy due to their massive shape.

American Bully Pocket Coat

Pockets have a short and thick coat in addition to being abundant and hard, on the other hand, there are many combinations that include colors such as gray and white, or black with white, or brown markings.

American Bully Pockwts require grooming and brushing from time to time to remove excess hair. Its coat does not require constant grooming because due to its genetic characteristics it is kept short.

The Behavior of the American Bully Pockwt 

Is the American Bully Pocket a good family dog?

The American bully pocket breed can be considered a good family dog. However, it has an origin that is characterized by being dangerous. This is a dog with a calm appearance and behavior that can become aggressive or very dangerous depending on the experience it is living.

In some countries, it is classified as a highly dangerous breed, while in others they speak from a more submissive and calm perspective about this small dog.

Training is essential for this type of animal to prevent violence or aggressiveness scenarios from being generated in a given environment, such as walks in the park or other environments that involve socializing with strangers.

American Bully Pocket
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Bad education is what can make this breed an aggressive animal, that is why it is recommended from its beginnings to educate, guide, work on its socialization. In addition, it has a small size that may not be considered a threat, however, the force it reaches in defense situations is what can have fatal consequences.

Love and affection must be fundamental in the upbringing of this dog, without leaving prevention aside, getting it to recognize the environment is essential for it to be a harmonious environment without any risk.

American Bully Pocket: Health and Disease

American Bully Pocket
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This type of breed has a very good state of health with a life expectancy of 12 years.

The diseases that can arise even in dogs considered healthier should not be ignored. below are the most common diseases that might affect the American bully pocket:

Heart problems: The American bully pocket like all animals has a certain susceptibility to situations that may represent a risk to their health, such situations can develop heart problems, which is why maintaining a quiet life in the dog is vital.

Respiratory problems: Due to its robust and thick shape it can represent a problem if it is not given a balance between its diet and physical exercise, generating respiratory problems, that is why it must have the relevant guidance on both to offer a healthy life to the dog.

Dysplasia: Among the dysplasia that this can develop, the one of the hip and elbow can be seen, both given genetically by existing in a hereditary way or by their development, where weight, physical exercise would be the main incident factors for the condition. They are diseases that can be treated and controlled by a veterinarian, in this sense reducing the effects on the dog’s life. This type of disease can be very painful and even have fatal consequences such as losing the strength to keep moving or others.

Dermatitis: This type of animal has sensitive skin, it is for this reason that they come to present cases of dermatitis in the American bully pocket when the relevant basic care is not complied with, which concerns both the grooming of it and its space.

Eye problems: Among the eye diseases that this can present, cataracts are the most common in this type of animal, which as it grows it develops until in adulthood it often becomes without vision. This is a disease that can be diagnosed by a veterinarian by the reactions that the animal comes to present.

How to Choose an American Bully Puppy

Often unscrupulous breeders sell Pit Bulls and Amstaffs under the guise of Bully: at puppyhood, these breeds are really similar to each other. In order not to become a victim of deceivers, contact breeders who have established themselves as conscientious specialists.

The adoption of puppies begins from 1.5-2 months when they no longer need maternal care. Healthy puppies show activity (sometimes excessive) and curiosity in relation to the world around them, look well-groomed and tidy. A puppy you love with a cowardly tucking tail and hiding in a secluded corner? Refuse to purchase it: there is a high risk of acquiring a sickly pet, with which visits to the veterinary clinic will become a tradition.

Once you have selected a dog, ask the breeder to provide a passport with the primary vaccination stamps. It is recommended to preliminarily clarify the moment regarding the conditions of keeping animals. At first, it is advisable to recreate the atmosphere as close as possible to the nursery, so that puppy quickly adapts to life in a new family.

American Bully Pockwt bully Behaviour

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? This phrase is timely applied to the behavior of the American Bully Pocket. This canine has an aggressive appearance but. Quite the opposite! They have a docile demeanor.

This may be the common denominator of all the dogs that belong to the American Bully family: They are excellent companion animals.

It’s a friendly dog ​​that will not hesitate to give you all its love. It’s good at following orders and protecting you from anything that comes close to you. It will alert you immediately to any intruder!

American Bully Pocket
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American Bully Pocket Education & Traning

Although it is proven that the American Bully Pocket only knows how to give love to those around it, it is important to educate it to eradicate any aggressive traits.

From an early age, you must position yourself as the leader of the pack, That way it will follow your instructions for the rest of its life. As an owner, you must show patience to discipline your dog.

The competitive reinforcement technique always helps!

How Much Does an American Bully Pocket Cost?

An American Bully Pocket puppy has an average price of $1800-$2600. Some Breeders could even offer Pocket Bully puppies for $3000 or even higher.

The cost of a Pocket Bully puppy varies widely and depends on many factors. The price of the dog is influenced by the eminence of the breeder, as well as the availability of working and exhibition certificates from the parent couple.

Aside from the puppy’s price, it would be best to consider the expenses that would come with it. For instance, you may want to get the essential things for your puppies like grooming tools, food, and shelter.

American Bully Pocket For Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Can American pocket bullies swim

Yes, they can but, they are not built to be great swimmers Their large muscular build, broad head, and wide chests can make swimming more difficult compared to other breeds.

Are American pocket bullies aggressive?

This is a dog with a calm appearance and behavior that can become aggressive or very dangerous depending on the situation it is living. Training is essential for this type of animal to prevent violence or aggressiveness scenarios from being generated in a given environment

Is an American pocket bully a pitbull?

No, but. In the external appearance of pocket bullies, there is a distant similarity to their ancestors – pit bulls . Pocket bullies differ in the most obvious similarities with Pit Bulls, with the exception of a more powerful and stocky physique.


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