Discover the Joys of Owning a Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier: The Perfect Family Pet

(Hey there), meet my long-haired Jack Russell, Chewbacca! (Isn’t he adorable?) I’ve had this little guy for 5 years now, and let me tell you – he’s the best dog I’ve ever had.

Not only is he incredibly cute, but he’s also extremely loyal and loving. He’s always there to greet me when I come home, and he’s always up for a good game of fetch or a cuddle session on the couch. Plus, with his long, wavy hair, he’s always turning heads wherever we go.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Chewbacca – he’s truly a great dog, and I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

black & white long haired jack russell
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Remember, a sign of a healthy dog ​​of any type is a well-developed undercoat

Long -haired Jack Russell Character & Behavior

Long Haired Jack Russell
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One of the features of the Jack Russell Terrier breed is a developed sense of possessiveness. These dogs are very jealous not only of their belongings but will remain unhappy if the owner caresses someone else.

An important feature of the breed is its restless nature. Jack Russell Terriers need constant attention, communication, movement, or some kind of activity. Otherwise, the terrier will get bored and start spoiling things.

Long Haired Jack Russell
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Long-haired Jack Russell Care & Maintenance

Long Haired Jack Russell
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(As you can probably imagine), taking care of a long-haired Jack Russell like Chewbacca does require a bit of maintenance. His wavy hair tends to get tangles and knots if it’s not brushed regularly, so I try to brush him at least once a week to keep it looking nice and shiny.

He also needs regular baths to keep his coat clean and healthy, but he doesn’t require them too often – usually every few months is sufficient. In terms of exercise, Chewbacca is a very active dog and needs a good amount of physical activity every day to stay happy and healthy.

He loves going for long walks and runs, as well as playing games like fetch in the park. He’s also a bit of a foodie, so I make sure to feed him high-quality food and treats to keep him well-nourished.

Overall, while taking care of Chewbacca does require some time and effort, he’s worth it – he’s such a wonderful companion and brings so much joy to my life.

How To Choose a Long-haired Jack Russell Puppy?

When choosing a Jack Russell puppy, you need to understand the standards of this breed :

  • The predominant shaggy coat color in the puppy should be white – this is more than fifty percent of the color.
  • There may be small black or red spots on the white coat. The reddish color can have a different tone.
  • The Jack Russell Terrier is more elongated than tall. If we compare it with a figure, then we can say that it has a rectangular format.
  • The ears must be lowered and cover the dog’s ear canal.
  • When the dog moves, its tail is directed exclusively upward.
  • The nose and edges of the eyelids of the dog are pigmented black.
You should be careful when choosing a puppy because very often Jack Russell Terrier puppies with insufficient pigmentation are passed off as unique.

 Long-haired Jack Russell Colors

According to the standard, the correct color of the Jack Russell Terrier has only three color options:

  • black and white – black spots on a white background;
  • white and red – in red Jack Russell Terriers, spots are located on a white background, the color of which can vary from dark brown to red;
  • tricolor – black and red spots on a white background.

In purebred individuals with any of the above types of colors, white cannot be less than 50% of the entire area of ​​the skin, and the spots must have a rounded shape and not merge with each other.


Interesting! Solid white Jack Russell Terriers are extremely rare. Terriers with this color are disqualified at exhibitions due to lack of pigment.  

Long Haired Jack Russell
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Long-haired Jack Russell Life Expectancy & Disease Propensity

(As an owner of a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier), I can definitely say that Chewbacca is a very healthy dog. He’s never had any major health issues, and he’s always full of energy and vitality.

That being said, like any breed of dog, long-haired Jack Russell Terriers can be prone to certain health conditions , I’ve found that Chewbacca is a very resilient and hardy dog, and he brings a lot of joy and happiness to my life.

Long-Haired Jack Russell Breeders Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

Do long-haired Jack Russells shed?

Yes, Their long guard hair is harmoniously combined with a rich undercoat. And they also require special care. With such a dog, the owners will be able to easily pick up hair on their socks and even on a sweater. Spring and autumn are steadily becoming the season for daily vacuuming.

Are long-haired Jack Russells good pets?

The long-haired Jack Russell Terrier is not good for people who have never owned a dog before. It’s energetic and sometimes quite destructive. Its upbringing should be approached with all seriousness since this breed does not forgive mistakes.

How much does a long-haired Jack Russell cost?

A Long-haired Jack Russell puppy has an average price of $1200-$1900. Some Breeders could even offer Long-haired Jack Russell puppies for $2600 or even higher.

The cost of a Long-haired Jack Russell puppy varies widely and depends on many factors. The price of the dog is influenced by the eminence of the breeder, as well as the availability of working and exhibition certificates from the parent couple.

Aside from the puppy’s price, it would be best to consider the expenses that would come with it. For instance, you may want to get the essential things for your puppies like grooming tools, food, and shelter.

Final Thoughts: is The Long-haired Jack Russell a Good Family Dog?

The long-haired Jack Russell Terrier, despite all its bad habits, will surely become the main favorite of the whole family and the best friend of children. The owners only need, in addition to standard care, to give more attention to their pet, often playing, walking, and just communicating with It.


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