Meet the Cat Photographer Who Makes Cats Pose in the Rain—You Won’t Believe These Incredible Shots!

When it comes to capturing the feline form in all its glory, look no further than professional cat photographer Nils, who goes by the Instagram handle @furryfritz.

While many of us might fill our phone galleries with somewhat blurry or hastily snapped pictures of our pets, Nils elevates pet photography to a whole new level.

And yes, he’s the wizard behind the featured image in this very article, in what turned out to be a serendipitous choice.

No Ordinary Photoshoots

Taking a pet portrait is no small feat. It often involves a combination of treats, obedience training, and endless patience to get that one perfect shot.

But Nils has the magic touch, it seems, particularly when it comes to his own pets. Remarkably, Nils managed to photograph his cat outdoors, in the rain, creating an awe-inspiring series of images.

“What a beautiful photoshoot!” is pretty much the universal reaction to his work.

An Instagram Fan Club

Nils’ Instagram feed is an array of dramatically framed feline beauties that leave fans captivated. User @Thesecretofcats sums it up for all of us: “I’m obsessed with your work!” With an eye for detail and the ability to make even a rain-soaked cat look like a majestic creature from a fable, it’s no surprise that he’s amassed a following.

Cat Cooperation

Let’s not overlook the real stars here—the cats themselves. Most domestic cats loathe the idea of getting wet, let alone sitting in the rain for a photo session.

Yet Nils’ feline muses appear perfectly comfortable in front of the lens, even under less than ideal conditions. “Other commenters mentioned how their pet cats would never, but clearly Nils’ cats don’t mind the rain at all,” an Instagram fan notes.

Credit Image furryfritz

A second kitty even made a cameo at the start of his rain shoot video, further testifying to his pets’ remarkable patience and his skills as a photographer.

In an online world awash with pet pics, Nils and his feline models manage to stand out, bringing a splash of the extraordinary to the everyday.

To join the ranks of those who are captivated by Nils’ feline photography, follow him on Instagram @furryfritz. Share this story to inspire aspiring pet photographers or simply to brighten someone’s day.


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