Adorable Cat Insists on Having His Bed Heated Before Sleeping, and We Totally Understand Why!

Milo, a charmingly particular cat, has recently become a viral sensation for his insistence on having a pre-warmed bed before he settles down to sleep.

Shared by TikTok user Milo The Chonk (@mrmilothechonk), a video shows just how particular Milo is about his sleeping arrangements.

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Like many of us who have specific preferences for our sleep environments, Milo, too, has his own. He adores his heated bed, especially as the weather turns colder. The video captures Milo’s reluctance to lie in his bed unless it’s warmed up first. He waits patiently next to the bed, staring at the unplugged cord, and even resorts to gently chewing on his mom’s pants to get his point across.

His mom eventually gives in, plugging in the bed to Milo’s visible delight. Once the bed is warm, Milo contentedly curls up for a nap, looking both comfortable and happy. The caption of the video, “Milo gets what Milo wants,” perfectly sums up the situation.

The video resonated with viewers, garnering over 3,200 comments filled with amusement and admiration for Milo’s intelligence and his understanding of how the bed warms up. Comments ranged from “Milo has you trained well” to “I’ve never seen such a cute, passive-aggressive cat.”


Cats and Warmth

This preference for warmth in cats isn’t unusual. As Treehugger explains, cats are genetically predisposed to seek warmth due to their desert animal ancestry. Whether it’s a sunny windowsill, a cozy blanket, or a heated bed like Milo’s, cats naturally gravitate towards warm spots.

Milo’s insistence on a pre-warmed bed is both relatable and endearing, highlighting the unique quirks that make our feline friends so special. It’s hard not to empathize with his desire for a cozy nap spot, and his clever ways of communicating his needs.


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