Street-Savvy Cat Keeps It Real Indoors: ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ in a New Home

Thuggie, a once homeless Californian feline, has not only found a loving home but also a new sibling to share his old streetwise ways with.

In a viral TikTok video shared by @simplylivingwithbri, this spirited cat is seen showing his larger cat brother, Minkah, that he’s still the boss around the house.

Brianna Dias-Trejo and her fiancé first spotted Thuggie on his adventurous patrols outside their apartment in 2021.

Captivated by his charm, Dias-Trejo began leaving food and water, gradually winning his trust through cautious interactions. With time, play sessions led to pets, and eventually, she managed to take him to the vet on March 4, 2022.


Transitioning from the outdoor hustle to domestic bliss wasn’t smooth sailing for Thuggie. Starting off in the bathroom, he slowly braved the rest of the home, initially bonding with the couple’s former cat, Blue.

After Blue’s passing, Minkah joined the family, and the duo has since become inseparable – wrestling fervently one moment and cuddling the next.


Despite his modest 6-pound frame, Thuggie doesn’t back down from roughhousing with the 13-pound Minkah, proving size is just a number when it comes to playtime dominance.

Minkah, not to be underestimated, stirs up his own share of mischief, leading to an energetic and playful household.


This endearing dynamic struck a chord with TikTok viewers, with the video amassing over 6.7 million views and 1.4 million likes in just a day.

Commenters are particularly tickled by Thuggie’s small stature but mighty presence, his ‘tuxedo’ fur pattern complementing his assertive attitude, especially against his ‘ginger’ counterpart, known for their high energy levels.

The story of Thuggie, now happily indoors, illustrates how a bit of patience and love can turn a stray’s life around, offering him a place to call home and a brother to share in all the antics.


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