Shocked Man Discovers Unexpected Feline Passenger Napping in His Car Post-Work!

Bradley Tuttle’s Wednesday was rolling along like any other workday – off to the office, lunch at home, and then back to wrap up his tasks. However, his evening commute had an amusing twist waiting for him.

As Bradley settled into his car for the drive home, a meow from the backseat took him by surprise. Turning around, he found Butterscotch, the neighborhood’s adventurous cat, comfortably seated in his car. Bradley couldn’t help but burst into laughter, knowing Butterscotch’s reputation for getting into quirky situations.

The furry stowaway had hopped into Bradley’s Toyota during his lunch break. With the windows down and the car parked in the driveway, it was an open invitation for Butterscotch. Lesson learned, Bradley thought. Butterscotch seemed a bit unsettled as they drove away from the office, but he soon relaxed, even climbing onto Bradley’s lap as they approached their street.

Once parked, Butterscotch didn’t dash for home as expected. Instead, he meowed at Bradley, almost requesting an escorted return to his own house.

The neighbors, Butterscotch’s owners, found the whole episode hilarious and were just relieved their cat was safe. Bradley was thankful too, especially since it was a cool day. He knew leaving a cat in a car can be dangerous due to the risk of heatstroke, as pointed out by PetlifeSA.

This amusing incident was shared on Reddit on November 17 by u/go_fight_kickass, attracting over 217,000 upvotes. People were amused by the sheer unlikelihood of it all, but for Bradley, it was just another day in the life of Butterscotch, the neighborhood’s cheeky feline.



Butterscotch is somewhat of a local celebrity, known for his escapades, like the time Bradley had to chase down a neighbor’s car because Butterscotch decided to lounge on its roof. The cat is also frequently featured in neighborhood Facebook posts, often mistaken for a stray.

For Bradley’s kids, Butterscotch is like a part-time pet. They adore playing with him, and Bradley sees it as a “win-win” – the joys of having a cat without actually owning one. It seems Butterscotch has comfortably found his place in the hearts and cars of the neighborhood!



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