Best Names For Turtles

Names for turtles

Thinking of adopting a turtle as a pet? Regardless of its characteristics, if we are looking for a pet, the most common thing is that we decide to give it a name, that’s why in this article you will find a wide selection of names for turtles.

Obviously, it’s a very personal decision and we can affirm that any option is valid although it’s true that sometimes it is very complex to find which is the most appropriate option that best suits our tastes, so we hope that you can find inspiration.

What’s the most suitable name for a turtle?

Unlike other companion animals willing to offer their presence unconditionally, turtles are not exactly characterized by great social interaction with humans, however, this is part of their main characteristics and does not mean that our turtle should not receive a Name.

Did you know that your turtle can recognize its name? Although you should know that this is not the most common and that it will require a good dose of time and patience. To achieve this you must choose a name that has a clear pronunciation, use some treats suitable for turtles, and in this way it is possible that the turtle ends up coming to the call of its name.

Although the name we give to our pet is important, the care it must receive is even more important and we cannot fail to mention it.

Names for turtles

First of all, you should know that turtles are animals that grow and that they need a minimum space to be able to develop properly, they are also susceptible to suffering from various diseases so you should know that at any given time they may require veterinary care.

Optimal hygiene conditions and a diet capable of satisfying all its nutritional needs will also be essential factors so that the turtle can enjoy a good quality of life during the years that it shares with us. It’s also important to note that the average longevity of a turtle is between 50 and 80 years.

Names for female turtles

Have you opted for a female turtle? Turtles, unlike many mammals, do not have external genitalia and therefore the determination of their sex can be complex on more than one occasion.

Despite this, there are some differences that allow us to observe that our turtle is a female, such as the shell that is usually longer compared to that of a male, on the other hand, when we talk about the claws of the front legs, the females tend to be shorter.

There are other differences between both sexes but it’s convenient to look for them taking into account the specific species of turtle.

Names for turtles

Below you will find a wide selection of names for female turtles, we hope you find the best name for your pet.

Anastasia  Andarina  Hurried
 Ashley  Baby Precious  Big mama
 Pretty  Bonnie  Bubba
 Cecile  Spark
 Charlenne  Charlize  Chelsea
 Clancy Dedra
 Delores  Dory  Hesitate
 Sloe  Star
 Friope  Gretta  Hailie
 Mortgage  Iberia  Iggy
 Ity Bity  Izzy
 Janet  Jenna  Jessica
 Julliet  Justice  Kelly
 Kenya  Koskillas  Kristal
 Lady  Release  Hare
 Lil rocky  Lilly  Lina
 Linnette  Little girl Lizzy
Mary-Kate Micah  Myrtle
 Mysty  Swimmer  Navi
 Niceta  Nicole  Ohana
 Olivia  Opa  Paquita
 Paris  Pat  Pebbles
 Peggy  Percy  Peterina
 Rainbow  Remedies  Rome
 Salt  Samantha  Sandy
 Savannah  Sensible  Shelby
 Shelly  Silly tilly  Siloam
 Sintin  Softy  Sparky
 Susan  Sweet
 Tahoe  Earthquake  Testarossa
 Tinkerbelle  Titana Tortoise
Tremendous  Tridivine  Valentina
Wirna  Yaya Yayota

Names for male turtles

As we have already mentioned, determining the sex of a turtle is complex and in fact, it’s recommended to wait until it reaches 3-4 years of age, since it’s then when sexual maturation and the differences between males and females are concluded and are more obvious.

Although females tend to be larger in size, a characteristic feature of male tortoises is having a longer tail, although these differences will vary depending on each species of tortoise (approximately it is estimated that there are 250 different species of tortoises).

If you have chosen to welcome a male turtle into your home, you are probably considering what to name it. To facilitate this choice, below you can find a great variety of names for male turtles.

 Abulio  Agapito  Baxter
 Beans  Ben  Bertus
 Billie  Blismark  Blastoise
 Bobert  Boggy  Boilt
 Fireman  Brasen  Braulio
 Lively  Bruno  Brutus
 Bubbles  Bucephalus  Buddy
 Cake  Walker  Cecilio
 Charlie  Checkers  Cheek
 Cheese  Chimo  Chizewer
 Clifford  Clyde  Commissar
 Roadrunner  Cristobal  Crusch
 Cuckoo  Cujo  Cup
 Dodo  Domenic  Donatello
 Druid  Duncan  Durango
 Egbert  Einstein  Elmer
 Ernesto  Fabricio  Felipito
 Felix  Fergu  Filbert
 Fitipaldi  Fraidie  Frankie
 Franklin  Fred  Frog
 George  Goofy  Gus
 Herbert  Honor  Honor
 Hunter  Indigo  Jackpot
 Jade  Jalapeno  Joey
 José  Judas  Junior
 Keegan  Kikiriki  Kinombo
 Knobby  Lalo  Lancelot
 Leonardo  Lloyd  Lucifer
 Lucky  Mambo  Mervin
 Michaelangelo  Mikado  Milo
 Minister  Mossimo  Muchies
 Mudge  I mutter  Murtle
 Muturtle  Nemo  Nepomuceno
 Neptune  Nicanor  Ninja
 Oscar  Otis  Ozzy
 Paquito  Pastachio  Patit
 Peek  Pete  Pluto
 Pogo  Pokey  Popeye
 Puck  Ranger  Raphael
 Raven  Reindeer  Rockey
 Romeo  Rufus  Ryan
 Samson  Scooby  Scooter
 Scout  Seamore  Sebastian
 Sheldon  Shell  Sherlok
 Shilo  Snapper  Snappy
 Sniper  Sparticus  Speed
 Speedy  Spret  Squirt
 Squirtle  Stretch  Stumpy
 Superpaquito  Tank  Taz
 Tenorio  Terkeles  Terri
 Terry Strong headed Testudo
Tiny tim  Titus  Tony
 Tork  Tororo  Torque
 Tortellini  Travis Tribulete
 Trojan Turby Turddy
Turdman  Turtle  Truman
 Tyco  Tyrone  Tyson
 Usain  Vigorous  Walter
 Webster  Yo-yo  Yuyu

Names for tortoises

Land tortoises mostly follow a vegetarian diet, they spend most of their time in terrestrial areas, and in fact, they need a large space, therefore if you are going to adopt one to a closed terrarium, the dimensions need to be suitable for such animal.

These turtles need direct sunlight but it’s important that you know that they also go through periods of hibernation and during these they do not feed and do not even move, they only sleep.

Names for turtles

Have you chosen to adopt a tortoise? If you still don’t know what to call it, here are some names for tortoises. In fact, all of them have some relationship with the earth element.

Tree  Sand  Sandy
 Sandy  Bonsai  Earth
 Rooted  Rooted  Flower
 Gaia  Grass  Leaf
 Footprints  Wood  Brown
 Mineral  Natura  Stomp
 Stomp  Root  rock
 Rocky  Seed
 Underground  Terra  Land
 Earthly  land  Green
 Greenish  Volcano  Herb

Names for water turtles

Water turtles are characterized by being very gluttonous, in fact, their diet is very varied and unlike land turtles, water turtles do eat small animals such as fish, crustaceans, snails or mollusks.

However, in order to keep our water turtle in good condition, we must be careful with feeding, since due to their great appetite these turtles are very susceptible to alterations in their body weight.

Some water turtles also hibernate, especially those that live in cold regions, and during this dormant period, they will be just as inactive as land turtles.

Names for turtles

Have you chosen a pet water turtle? If you still do not know what to call it but would like to give it a name related to the aquatic environment, do not miss the selection below.

 Water  Aloha  blue
 Bluish  Whale  Conch
 Caribbean  Shell  Coral
 Coast  Coastal  Coastal
 Cruise  Dolphin  Hawaii
 Sea  Tide  Sailor
 Sailor  Maritime  Maritime
 Moby Dick  Shipwreck  Castaway
 Wave  Surf  Shore
 Whiting  Fish  Fisherman
 Beach  T-shirt  Beach
 Be  Shadow  Umbrella
 Surf  Surfer Turquoise

We hope we have inspired you and if you have any suggestions to make, we will be happy to receive them in the form of a comment.


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