Grumpy Yet Adorable: Cat Dressed in Festive Outfit Unenthusiastically Learns to Say ‘Merry Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, people are getting into the festive spirit with Christmas sweaters, holiday tunes, and carols.

However, not everyone shares the same level of enthusiasm, as seen in a humorous TikTok video shared by Cleo & Jack (@lifewithcleoandjack) on December 4.

@lifewithcleoandjack Cleo’s getting excited for the holiday season so she’s been practicing how to say Merry Christmas 😻😹 #merrychristmas #catsoftiktok #meow #talkingcat #cat #cutecat #funnycat #cute #funny #catvideo #tortoiseshellcat #cleo ♬ original sound – Cleo & Jack

The video features Cleo, a Tortoiseshell cat, donning a red and white sweater that could rival Mrs. Claus’s attire. Despite the festive getup, Cleo seems less than thrilled about the holiday season, or perhaps it’s just the sweater she’s not fond of.

In the 12-second clip, Cleo’s mom attempts to teach her how to say “Merry Christmas” in English. Each time her mom says “Merry” or “Christmas,” Cleo responds with a meow, followed by her mom clapping Cleo’s front paws together and praising her for her efforts. The video’s caption humorously suggests that Cleo is excited about the holidays and practicing her festive greetings.


The reaction in the comments section was lively, with viewers amused by Cleo’s apparent lack of enthusiasm and her facial expressions. Some joked about what Cleo might really want for Christmas, while others noted her expression of “absolute loathing.”

Cats’ Meows Can Sometimes Mimic Human Speech, Like Saying English Words

According to Catster, it’s common for cats to meow in response to their humans. While it’s uncertain what Cleo is actually saying, the playful interaction between her and her mom brings a lighthearted touch to the festive season.


The video charmingly portrays the diverse ways pets become part of our holiday celebrations, even if they might not always share our excitement. Cleo’s comical reaction and her mom’s cheerful attempts at teaching her to speak make for a delightful and amusing holiday moment.


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