The Alarming Reality of Cat Owners Skipping Vet Visits and Its Consequences. That’s A Problem.

Ensuring your feline friend gets regular vet checkups is crucial, yet statistics reveal that only 39.8% of cats make the annual visit compared to 81.8% of dogs.

Dr. Casey Locklear and Dr. Mondrian Contreras shed light on the reasons behind this disparity and the importance of prioritizing your cat’s health.




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Cats tend to hide their pain.



Cats, being prey animals, tend to conceal pain, making it challenging for owners to detect subtle shifts in behavior. To overcome this, partnering with your vet for regular checkups becomes essential, catching potential issues early.

The misconception of cats as low-maintenance pets contributes to the discrepancy in vet visits.

Many owners believe that if nothing seems wrong, their cat is healthy. However, routine checkups are vital, even for seemingly low-maintenance cats, addressing potential health issues.

Feline Health Matters

Transportation challenges also hinder cat vet visits, as feline companions may find car rides stressful. Choosing an appropriate carrier and familiarizing your cat with it beforehand can ease the process.



Missing annual veterinary visits can lead to bigger issues.

Neglecting annual vet visits can lead to more significant problems, emphasizing the importance of early detection.

Preventable or treatable issues like dental disease, allergies, obesity, and chronic conditions can be addressed successfully with timely veterinary care.

In conclusion, prioritizing your cat’s health with regular vet visits ensures early intervention and a happy, healthy feline companion.


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