Meet the Sister Kittens Who Were Born Days Apart But Move and Act as One”

In Arizona, a feral cat found safe haven at Jin’s Bottle Babies, a kitten rescue, where she gave birth to a tiny cream-colored kitten. Highly protective, the mother cat allowed little human contact with her new arrival.

Days later, the foster parents witnessed a miracle: a second cream kitten peeking out next to its mother. “Mom was fiercely protective, making it a challenge to weigh the kittens and monitor their health,” Shelbi, the foster mom, informed Love Meow.

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Thanks to a live camera in the room, the foster parents could ensure the kittens were nursing properly and that the mother was well-nourished. However, concerns arose when the kittens lost weight at 4.5 weeks old. “We realized mom wasn’t producing enough milk. Intervention was necessary for the kittens’ growth and socialization,” Shelbi noted.

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Upon a vet visit, the mother cat was spayed and moved to a less stressful environment. The kittens, Timmie and Stevie, quickly adapted to eating gruel, a mixture of kitten formula and wet food. Soon, they regained their lost weight and began socializing with other foster kittens.

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Timmie and Stevie, initially thought to be boys, turned out to be sisters. “Stevie is highly attached to Timmie and becomes distressed if she wakes up alone,” Shelbi added. Remarkably, the sisters move and act as one, exploring their environment side by side, their tails intertwined. “It’s like they’re connected. They even yawn in unison,” Shelbi shared.

Credit Image @jinsbottlebabies

“These two are inseparable and are now ready for their forever home,” Shelbi concluded. The buff-colored duo enjoys adventures, as long as they are together, making them the perfect addition to any loving home.

Follow Timmie and Stevie’s journey and learn more about Jin’s Bottle Babies Rescue on Instagram @jinsbottlebabies.


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