Sneaky Cat Relocates Christmas Decorations as Family Sleeps

On December 4th, a TikTok user named WaltersWay (@angelwingswalter) captured a humorous yet slightly mischievous side of their cat, Walter, in a video that showcases the cat’s unique approach to Christmas decorations.

@angelwingswalter Walter moving Christmas upstairs!!! #angelwingswalter #cat #catvideo #catsoftiktok #funnycat #christmasdecor #christmasdiy #fyp ♬ Christmas – neozilla

Filmed by an indoor security camera at night, the grainy footage reveals Walter’s nighttime escapades. In the 30-second video, viewers can see Walter carrying various Christmas decorations in his mouth, including a stocking, a string of Christmas lights, a bow, tinsel, and even a mini tinsel tree. This amusing behavior continues into the daytime, with Walter persistently moving more decorations.

Image By Pexel

The video’s caption, “Walter moving Christmas upstairs,” sparked laughter and admiration in the comments section. People were amused by Walter’s organizational skills and his tireless efforts. Some commented on Walter’s dedication, comparing him to a Christmas elf and jokingly suggesting he deserved a raise for his hard work.

Here are Some Christmas Decoration Safety Guidelines Cat Parents Should Know

However, amidst the laughter, there’s a reminder for pet parents about Christmas decoration safety. Fetch Pet Insurance advises taking precautions to ensure pets, particularly cats, are safe around holiday decorations.

Suggestions include keeping curious cats away from potentially harmful items, securing the Christmas tree to prevent it from tipping over, hiding electrical cords, regularly cleaning up pine needles, and diverting cats’ attention with toys.

While Walter’s antics with the Christmas decorations are entertaining, it’s hoped that he is safe in his endeavors and that his unique way of celebrating the holiday season doesn’t pose any risks.


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