Watch This Cat’s Hilarious Gag Response to Dog’s Breath – The Ultimate ‘Ew’ Moment Caught on Camera!

The internet is buzzing with laughter over a cat named Ori and her priceless reaction to a dog’s breath. In a sidesplitting TikTok video shared by u/Kevin2306, Ori, the grey tabby, is seen innocently playing with Ziggy the dog on the bed. But things take a turn when Ori decides to get a whiff of Ziggy’s mouth – and oh boy, does she regret it! Her face twists into an expression of utter disgust, as if she’s just encountered the stinkiest thing on Earth.




Kevin, the pets’ owner, quipped in the video, “Ori just found out Ziggy isn’t big on dental hygiene!” It’s a hilarious reminder that, yes, dogs do need their teeth brushed. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, a whopping 80% of dogs over three have some form of gum disease. Just like us, our canine pals need regular dental care to keep their chompers healthy.

The TikTok post, aptly captioned “My Cat Thinks My Dog’s Breath Stinks!”, has taken social media by storm. Kevin shared with Newsweek that Ori is a sprightly 2-year-old, while her dog sister Ziggy is nearing 15. And a little PSA for dog owners: don’t use human toothpaste on your pooch! It can contain stuff like xylitol, an artificial sweetener that’s a big no-no for dogs.



The video has been a hit on Reddit too, racking up over 54,700 upvotes and 340 comments. Users are loving Ori’s dramatic reaction. One user commented, “It’s the flehman response. Kitty is really analyzing the dog stink,” while another said, “This actually made me laugh! The expression on the cat’s face is so funny, I can hear the cat thinking, ‘Ew!'”

Another user chimed in, “I honestly did not expect this to be as laugh-out-loud hilarious as it is. That cat isn’t just a bit irritated, it’s downright straight-up disgusted and that face is priceless.”

So, if you’re in need of a good laugh, look no further than Ori and her hilarious take on doggy breath. It’s the perfect blend of comedy and a gentle reminder about pet dental health. Who knew a cat’s reaction to bad breath could be so entertaining?



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