Tow Women Convicted Of Criminal Trespassing For Feeding Cats; B. Roberts 85, and M. Alston 61 old

In a bizarre twist in Wetumpka, Alabama, two cat-loving rebels, Beverly Roberts, 85, and Mary Alston, 61, found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Their crime? Feeding and trapping cats on public property, specifically near the Elmore County Courthouse.

But wait, it gets wilder. Roberts and Alston weren’t just feeding the felines; they were on a mission to spay and neuter them. Talk about criminal masterminds for cat welfare!


Their modus operandi involved trapping the cats, paying for the necessary operations, and then deciding whether to find them new homes or release them back into the wild. A classic ‘trapping, neutering, and returning’ strategy to curb the outdoor cat population.

However, trouble started when local officials argued that the well-intentioned act attracted even more cats, along with a bonus appearance by buzzards. The courthouse parking lot witnessed feline and avian havoc, causing vehicle damage and ruffling some bureaucratic feathers.


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In a showdown straight out of a feline-themed Western, county officials warned Roberts to cease her cat-feeding endeavors in March. Ignoring the warning, she and Alston found themselves in cuffs in June, caught red-handed with “Fancy Feast” in their possession.

Bodycam footage revealed the comical arrest scene, with Alston expressing disbelief at the three cop cars converging on her for, well, feeding cats. The standoff escalated, leading to the women’s handcuffing, arrest, and a heated exchange where one officer warned things could “get ugly.”


In the courtroom drama that unfolded on Tuesday, Wetumpka Municipal Judge Jeff Courtney delivered guilty verdicts. Roberts was charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct, while Alston faced charges of criminal trespassing and interfering with governmental operations.



As the curtains fell on this quirky tale, defense lawyers vowed to appeal the decision and demand a jury trial for the cat crusaders. Stay tuned for the purr-suasion tactics these feline advocates employ in their legal battle for justice!


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