These Holiday Hilarious Cat Memes Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit


Regardless of the holiday you cherish as the year winds down, if you’re a cat enthusiast, you’ve likely indulged in those delightful Christmas cat memes that elicit a good laugh.

Whether it’s the mischievous feline plotting the demise of the tree or the vigilant cat eyeing Santa’s Village with destructive intent, these memes capture the essence of cats being, well, cats. No matter the festive backdrop, cats remain blissfully indifferent, asserting their dominance even in the season of merriment and twinkling lights.”

# 1. Those eyes say it all!


# 2. This is a clever idea!


# 3. Seems totally possible… ?


# 4. Might not work if you only have cats, lol….


# 5. Awww, every time is like the first time!


# 6. The Shocked Cat


# 7. Marm’s first Christmas was equally memorable and breakable…


# 8. Pretty much every cat owner can relate to this one…


# 9. Oopsie…


# 10. The cat on the right is so over it.


# 11. Cat logic in full effect…


# 12. How sweet of you…


# 13. This is a promise not a threat.


# 14. Cole and Marmalade plotting their holiday takeover courtesy of this custom 


# 15. Santa’s Village never stood a chance…


# 16. It’s goin’ down, human!


# 17. If only we could look this good in our holiday photos!


# 18. Princess Monster Cat


# 19. Yorris The Talk Good Cat


# 20. The Gift Cat


As we embrace the holiday spirit, let these whimsical cat memes serve as a reminder that, in the world of our feline friends, every season is just another opportunity to express their unique charm and impish antics. So, here’s to the enchanting chaos that cats bring to the holidays, ensuring that even in the midst of celebrations, they reign supreme with their unyielding, and often comical, feline allure. Happy holidays and may your festive moments be sprinkled with the delightful antics of our furry companions


  • Amanda Wheatley

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