Check Out These Adorable Maine Coon Kittens Looking Majestic in Their 7 Week Photo Shoot!

Can you imagine anything more delightful than a single Maine Coon kitten? How about an entire brood of twelve adorable gray Maine Coon furballs? In a recent viral TikTok, we are introduced to this fuzzy gang, each barely seven weeks old.

Take a peek at the video below to catch these charming kittens in action as they flaunt their cuteness for a photoshoot. Needless to say, each of these fluffy little wonders could give top models a run for their money!


Our 7 week photo shoot was late but didn’t disappoint!! It started to rain towards the end of the photoshoot and we lost lots of natural light, but they dont need it! They are so beautiful. #mainecoon #kittens #blacksmoke #ns #lasvegas #socute #whichone

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Once the video was posted, TikTok users quickly swooped in to shower their affection on the Maine Coon kittens. User @sharlajohnson6 professed, “Magnus is such a sweetheart. We definitely need longer clips of him!” while @ell.ewins requested, “Could we see more of Haku, please?”

Maine Coons have experienced a significant surge in popularity over recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re contemplating bringing home one of these regal, long-haired felines, there are some essential traits to keep in mind about this beloved breed.

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Adorable Maine Coon Kittens Looking Majestic

As kittens, Maine Coons are renowned for their high intelligence and sociable nature. Their playful and curious disposition will keep you entertained for hours on end. These kittens are also known to be extremely affectionate, thriving on human companionship and not preferring to be left alone for extended periods.

It’s noteworthy that a fully grown Maine Coon can tip the scales between 8 to 25 pounds, contingent on their age, sex, and genetic makeup. Hence, prospective owners need to ensure ample space for these larger-than-life felines to roam freely.

By around nine months of age, owners can begin to witness the unique features of their Maine Coons, such as their magnificent tufted chests, resplendent manes, and distinctive paws.

As these adorable Maine Coon kittens grow, we eagerly anticipate witnessing their transition into the majestic, regal creatures they are destined to become.


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