Can Hamsters Eat Grapes | What Expert Advice! [ Important Facts ]

If you are the owner of a pet hamster, you may want to diversify its diet, and if so you may find yourself wondering – can hamsters eat grapes?

The answer is yes, they can! In reality, there is no reason why your little friend shouldn’t eat delicious grapes. Hamsters can generally eat a variety of fruits as well, not just vegetables.

The only types of fruit that are best avoided are citrus fruits, due to their high acidity. This means that lemons, oranges, grapefruit, etc. should be avoided.

Feeding grapes to your hamster 

While you can certainly feed your hamster some grapes, you still need to be very careful. You can’t just give them whole grapes and expect them to be able to consume them. Instead, be sure to remove the skin.

Then take the time to cut each grape into small pieces that are easier for the hamster to ingest. Cutting them into quarters is best, but it’s also okay in half.

Another problem that will arise is represented by grape seeds. You need to be careful and remove them or, better yet, buy seedless grapes specifically for your hamster. This way, you can put your heart in peace that the seeds won’t become a choking hazard for your pet.

Can Hamsters eat Grapes?

While grapes are generally a safe food for hamsters, they may still not be the best choice for your particular hamster. Most hamsters will have no problems with grapes, but some, in particular, may experience discomfort while or after eating grapes.

Before attempting to introduce grapes into your pet hamster’s diet, you should experiment with a very small piece to see if the hamster can eat it and if it likes it. Hopefully, there is no reason to stop giving him grapes. If, however, he becomes ill or shows signs of disinterest or discomfort, it is best not to insist.

Do hamsters like grapes?

As previously mentioned, most hamsters like grapes, but be aware that not all of them will react the same way.

It is certainly possible for hamsters to eat grapes and not get sick, but they just might not like it much more! Just like people, who have various preferences about food, so do hamsters.

This is another good reason why you should take a taste test before you start serving grapes to your pet hamster on a regular basis.

Introduce grapes into your hamster’s diet

Once the taste test is done, it’s okay to continue serving grapes to the hamster, but you still need to be careful! Especially at the beginning, serve a little and in small pieces. This is the same rule that you should apply for any new type of fruit you are trying to add to your pet hamster’s diet. Why? Since a large amount of fruit can cause diarrhea, which will be unpleasant for both the hamster and you.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to add more pieces of fruit (grapes, in this case) gradually, over an extended period of time. Start with just one small piece per week (or at most two), and so on for a few weeks, after which you can start increasing the amount gradually. This way, your hamster’s digestive system gets used to the novelty of grapes and won’t hurt it.

Can grapes be bad for hamsters? 

Grape is not harmful to hamsters, but there are things that would be better to keep in mind.

As mentioned in the beginning, the seeds pose a choking hazard, so you need to take care of them before giving any piece of grapes to the hamster.

Also, grapes in large quantities will cause the hamster to get sick. Grapes are quite large, so a single grain is more than enough for a small hamster, especially the first few times. Grapes are also known to be toxic to dogs, for example, although it is not known why. However, such effects were not observed in hamsters.

Do hamsters prefer green or red grapes?

There is no evidence to suggest that one type of grape or the other is preferable. Both types are completely safe as long as you respect the quantities and remove the seeds. There is no reason to avoid or prefer either type.

Of course, your hamster may theoretically have a preference for one or the other, they may like both, or refuse to eat them at all. There is no universal reaction to grapes and it’s all a matter of each hamster’s personal preference.

This article is purely informative, at Shelterapet we do not have the right to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to take your pet to the vet in case of any kind of discomfort.

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