Top 7+ Cat Breeds Similar To Siamese | Fun Facts & Myths (With Pictures)

“Moon diamonds”, or Siamese cats, appeared in Europe at the end of the 19th century and since then they have confidently held the palm among the most popular breeds. And this is no coincidence: Siamese are notable for their unusual color, expressive physique, and interesting character.

Therefore, breeders began to develop new breeds that look like Siamese cats in appearance. However, they all have their own, unique features both in appearance and character.

What Makes Siamese Stand Out?

Siamese are distinguished by their graceful physique, beautiful blue eyes, and, of course, the coloring, called “color-point”. With this color, the hair on the body has a light tone, and the ears, muzzle, tail and legs are of a darker shade.

According to experts, the history of the breed began in the Thai city of Ayuda, which existed from 1350 to 1767. It was there that local monks bred these graceful beauties, who, according to Eastern beliefs, were endowed with a higher power.

Interesting! Siamese cats are quite easy to train. If there is a desire, any owner can teach the pet to sit, lie down or give a voice on command. In addition, these purrs love to be in the company of “their” owner. In many ways, this is why the Siamese breed is so popular around the world.

Cat Breeds Similar To Siamese In Color

There are about forty breeds similar to the Siamese in color. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that many inexperienced owners confuse Siamese cats with their cousins ​​or second cousins.

Some of them are more similar to the “ancestors”, others – to a lesser extent, but the similarity of colors is still visible very clearly.


Perhaps it is the thoroughbred Thais that are more like Siamese cats than others. But they are larger, and their fur does not fit so tightly to the body. Otherwise, an inexperienced person can easily confuse a Thai cat with a Siamese.

Interesting! In color and physique, modern Thais are closer to those Siamese who lived in Thai temples several centuries ago.

Today these cats have properties:

  • weight 8-17 Pounds;
  • coat without undercoat;
  • friendly, sociable character.
Thai cat

In terms of color, the Thais are almost a twin of the Siamese. This also applies to the eyes: they have an expressive, rich blue color and an elongated almond shape.

The character of the Thais is a gift in itself. They get along well with dogs and other cats. In addition, they are very sociable and love to “talk” with family members by meowing. In the latter, they are also similar to the Siamese.


Burmese cats, or “sacred Burma”, are also very similar to the Siamese. However, there are a number of differences between the two.

Important! If the Burmese does not have white “socks” on the front legs, then we cannot talk about the purity of the breed.

Burmese cats differ from Siamese cats in several traits:

  • weight in the region of 15 pounds;
  • beautiful soft, fluffy coat of medium length;
  • active and cheerful, rather gentle disposition.

Many people prefer the sacred Burmas because they are non-contentious and more predictable than Siamese. In addition, they are not jealous, patient, and love to play outdoor games.

Burmese cat

The peculiarity of the color of Burmese purrs is also noteworthy. Kittens are usually born completely white and only begin to darken at six months of age. However, some members of the breed can take on a darker shade at three years old.

Otherwise, with the exception of the white “socks” on the forelegs, the Burmese color completely repeats the Siamese.


Balinese are a relatively young breed. They were officially recognized only in 1940. Since then, however, cats have captured many human hearts. In many respects, they owe this to one feature, which gave the name to the breed.

The fact is that the Balinese come from the American continent and are named after local Balinese dancers who had a pronounced limp. To hide this, the artists tried to perform only perfected, graceful movements. Balinese cats walk in the same way – plastic and very proudly.

These animals are distinguished by the following features:

  • relatively modest weight – about 10 pounds;
  • soft coat of medium length;
  • playful and kind-hearted.

Balinese are rather thin, have thin bones, but this is compensated by developed muscles. In addition, their coat color and expressive blue eyes are related to the Siamese. Which,  is not surprising, because breeders believe that the Balinese are descended from Siamese cats. They differ from their ancestors only in fluffy hair.

Important! Balinese cats are very attached to their owners, so they should not be adobted by people who cannot pay enough attention to pets.


Himalayan cats are close to Siamese due to their characteristic color-point color. In physique, they are more reminiscent of the Persians. This is evidenced by a flat muzzle, small ears, a rounded body, and soft, long hair.

The temperament of the Himalayan cats is also different from the Siamese. They are non-aggressive and get along well with other pets.

The Himalayans are notable for a number of features:

  • weighing 10-14 pounds;
  • long, but very obedient coat;
  • active, sociable, and accommodating disposition.
9 cat breed similar to siamese

Interesting! Until the age of two or three, it is impossible to say for sure what color the coat of a Himalayan cat will acquire.


Tonkinesis are direct descendants of Siamese cats because they turned out as a result of crossing the first with Burmese cats. A breed emerged that inherited all the best from its parents. From the Siamese, the Tonkinesis acquired their color, and from the Burmese – a beautiful and strong physique.


Tonkin cats are distinguished by the following traits:

  • weight from 8 to 13 pounds;
  • smooth, shiny coat;
  • gentle, loyal, obedient, but unobtrusive character.

Sometimes Tonkins are called “Siamese gold”. Some breeders consider the definition to be just another name, others say that it is an indication of a subspecies in the breed.

Tonkinese cat

Important! Tonkin cats have expressive aquamarine eyes.


Ragdolls are one of the largest cat breeds. They have a strong bone, well-developed muscles, round head, and long hair with a developed undercoat.

They are related to the Siamese by color: many representatives of the breed completely copy the color-point and expressive blue eyes, others have some features that are allowed by the standard (white “socks”, a bib or the letter “V” on the face).

Ragdoll Cat

Important! Ragdolls quickly won universal love due to their wonderful character. They are gentle, affectionate, unobtrusive and literally melt if you take them in your arms. 

Neva Masquerade

The history of the Neva Masquerade breed has had difficult times. The fact is that these cats have the typical color-point color, which is considered a marriage in most non-Asian breeds.

However, breeders are very fond of this coloring on Siberians (it is from them that the Neva Masquerade comes from). So it was decided to achieve their separation with color-point color into a separate breed. This eventually happened.

From its famous ancestor, the Neva Masquerade got medium size, strong physique, and chic wool with a pronounced “collar”.

Siberian Cat

Cat Breeds Similar To The Siamese Body Shape

Of course, for many people, when the phrase “Siamese cat” first of all there is an association with a characteristic color. However, the physique of these beauties is also noteworthy. After all, they are graceful, elongated and flexible.

Often the breed can be recognized by the article, and there are a number of those that are very reminiscent of Siamese cats in this.


Orientals are notable for their long body and huge ears. Sometimes because of them, these cats are even called “goblins”, and expressive green eyes complement this impression.

Orientals are fairly large cats. Their weight can reach 12-20 pounds. Their hair is both short and long.

The character of oriental cats deserves special mention. They are sociable, prefer company to loneliness, and love to “talk” very much.

Oriental Cat

Important! This breed is not suitable for busy people.


Seychelles cats are descended from Oriental and Siamese. They are quite rare, but nevertheless, they deserve a mention. The fact is that Seychelles are typical cats in the stereotypical sense.

They walk by themselves, do not really need a family, although they are able to feel tender feelings for a particular person.

They are related to their ancestors with large ears, a graceful and muscular physique, as well as blue eyes. The coat of the Seychelles cats can be either short or long.

9 cat breed similar to siamese

Important! Seychelles do not like change of scenery, obsessive attention and do not get along very well with other animals in the house.

Other Cat Breeds Similar To The Siamese

There are other breeds that are somewhat reminiscent of Siamese cats:


The Javanese descended from the Siamese-colored Balinese in the 70s of the XX century. This is an active breed for which human attention is important. Javanese cats are loyal to their owner, rather unpretentious, and treat children well, provided that the little owner knows how to handle the pet.

With regard to other domestic animals, the Javanese are neutral, although much depends on the temper of the neighbor.

These cats seem rather fragile, but in fact they are quite strong and have developed muscles, which are hidden behind a thin silk coat;

Javanese cat

White Oriental Shorthair

This breed arose after crossing the Siamese and the monochromatic white domestic cat. Therefore, it is also called “White Siamese” or “White Oriental Shorthair”. Foreign whites owe their existence to Patricia Turner, a geneticist who set out to get the perfect white cat with an Oriental article, blue eyes, and no inherited deafness.

The specialist was inspired by a blown-out photo of a purple siam. The result is a cat very similar to the Siamese, but white in color.

By nature, orientals are close to dogs. They are active, they like to play with a ball and carry toys in their mouths. This breed is not intended for busy people, as cats cannot stand being alone;

Snow shu

This breed is close to the Siamese because of its similar color. The color of the snow sho is almost color-point. However, the animal may have dark spots on the head in the area of ​​the ears. In addition, snow-shu has white “socks” on their paws, which gave the name to the breed – “snow shoe”.

The breed originated from the Siamese and American shorthair cats. However, snow-shus have less elongated, rather pleasing to the eye, rounded body shapes.

In character, they also differ from the Siamese: snow-shou is active, sociable, treats all family members well, but prefers to choose only one owner for themselves.

Final Thought

There are many breeds that are similar in color or build to Siamese cats. Therefore, you can easily find a suitable pet for yourself. The main thing is to remember that choosing a  cat is worth not only because of its beautiful appearance, but it is also important to take into account the peculiarities of its character.


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