Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep?

Cat’s tend to stare at us while we sleep: has it happened to you too? Let’s find out whats the reason behind such behavior.

Being watched at night while we are completely helpless is certainly not a pleasant feeling. Sometimes, it can happen that your cat stares at you while you’re asleep. Why does It do it? To answer this question comprehensively, we need to consider a series of possible reasons

Why do cats stare at us while we sleep?

Although cats do not disdain meows of different intonations and volumes to communicate with their human, non-verbal communication is a fundamental part of the interaction between the feline and its owner.

Precisely for this reason, if a cat looks at us during sleep it is very likely that It wants to tell us something. It will be up to us, based on the context and the relationship we have with the cat, to understand the content of its message.

To shed some light on the matter, let’s review all the possible reasons why a cat stares at us while we sleep.

A feline declaration of affection

If a cat looks at us while we sleep, it may be that It does it simply because It loves us very much.

In this case, a cat may monitor us during the night, when we are completely defenseless, to protect us from any dangers. Just like a faithful sentry, the animal watches us as we sleep to make sure our sleep is peaceful.

There is nothing more tender than this heartwarming feline declaration of love. Thus, waking up with a start and discovering the cat intent on staring at us, we will know what it is communicating to us: “Sleep peacefully, I’m there to take care of you”.

why does my cat stare at me while i sleep

Your cat is hungry or bored

Among the main reasons that cause the cat to stare at us at night, there are hunger and boredom.

In fact, it may happen that a cat, before engaging in loud meows, limits Itself to watching us sleep, waiting for us to wake up to feed It or play with It

Soon, feline patience is likely to clash with the regal pretensions of these beautiful animals. Thus, it is only a small matter for the cat to start complaining, moaning for Its wishes to be fulfilled.

What to do if a cat meows in the middle of the night? If the cat assumes this behavior regularly, it will be necessary to run for cover.? By adopting these possible solutions:

  • Change your cat’s mealtime by feeding it before going to sleep;
  • Use an automatic kibble dispenser.
  • Play with your cat throughout the day so that It can let out all Its energy.

Your sleeping behavior

If the cat stares at you while you sleep, it could be because of your behavior.

It can happen, in fact, especially during nightmares and particularly compelling dreams, to talk in your sleep, turn and toss in bed, and even laugh. Such behaviors can be bizarre even in the eyes of humans, let alone those of the cat.

Other gestures that could grab the cat’s attention in the middle of the night? Grumbling, snoring, and grinding your teeth. As it is understandable, in these cases the cat would not just stare at us curiously, but also in a bit annoyed, considering that, with our noise, we are disturbing Its sacrosanct rest.

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