Breeds Of Cats With Green Eyes: complete list

Cat eyes are all beautiful and enchanting. Let’s find out together the cat breeds with green eyes.

Cats are all special, whatever the color of their eyes. Many people wonder if felines can also have green eyes.

If you are wondering too, the answer is yes! Many people who have a cat also consider felines that have yellow or green eyes.

Let’s see together what are the breeds of cats that have green eyes.

Cats with green eyes: That’s What They Are

Kittens, when they are born, have all their eyes closed, in fact, the first days of life they live in darkness. When a kitten starts to open its eyes are they will be a blue color.

At 6 weeks the cat’s eye color begins to change and is established when the cat turns 6 months, some blue, some green. Here is a list of cats with a green color.

These are cat breeds in which the green color of the eyes is preferred , but which, in theory, can also have irises of other colors:


Persian Chinchilla

The Persian Chinchilla cat is a long-haired, medium-large, and robust breed of feline. The color of Its eyes is usually green while Its eyelids are black.

cats with green eyes

Havana brown

The Havana Brown is a cross between a Siamese and a domestic black cat. This cat breed has deep green eyes.

cats with green eyes

The Nebelung

The Nebelung is a very rare breed of cat, which features a semi-long coat. This cat species also has eyes of an emerald green color.

cats with green eyes

The Oriental

The Oriental cat is a very elegant feline breed that features a slender body and large ears.

This breed also has light green eyes, but the White Oriental can also have one green and one blue eye.

cats with green eyes

The Korat

Originally from Thailand, the Korat is seen as a lucky cat. It’s a breed of cat that despite having short hair, Its hair is really soft. It also has shiny green eyes.

cats with green eyes

The Singapura

The Singapura is a cat breed that has a rounded head and pointed ears. This species of feline also has green eyes, and also has two almond-shaped eyes.

cats with green eyes

The Russian blue

The Russian Blue cat is a medium-sized feline with a wedge-shaped head and large ears. This species of feline has almond-shaped eyes that are green in color, except the Russian Blue which has a white coat, which has blue eyes, or one blue and one green

cats with green eyes

Breeds of cats that can have green eyes

In this case, we are talking about cat breeds in which the breed standard does not specify a particular eye color, so it means that they can also have green eyes:

  • Abyssinian : can have green, amber or yellow eyes
  • American Curl Longhair : Also in this breed we speak of uniform and intense color
  • American Curl Shorthair: can have eyes of any color, therefore also green, but they must be uniform and vivid
  • American Shorthair: usually the color of the eyes corresponds to the coat and ranges from yellow to green, passing through orange. In reality, the white coat can have blue or uneven eyes
  • American Wirehair: The eyes can be of any shade, as long as they are harmonious with the coat
  • Turkish Angora : in Angora all eye colors are accepted as long as they agree with the coat
  • Bengal: The color of the eyes varies according to the coat. Green eyes are expected in the Sorrel variety, Seal Linx Point, Tabby Seal Mink Sepia
  • American Bobtail: All eye colors are accepted, but must be vibrant and intense
  • British Longhair: The standard does not require a particular color
  • British Shorthair: Here too you have a wide range of possible eye colors, including green
  • Burmilla: Their eye color varies from green to yellow
  • Cornish Rex: The eye color is green or yellow, but in Si-Rex it is blue
  • Cymric cat: also in this case the standard does not specify a particular color because it is enough that the color of the eyes is in harmony with that of the coat
  • Devon Rex: Exactly like in the Cornish Rex
  • Don Sphinx: any color of the eyes allowed, as well as of the coat
  • Egyptian Mau : The eyes can be green or amber
  • European : the eyes go hand in hand with the coat and vary from yellow to orange, passing through green. In the white coat, they can be blue or uneven
  • Exotic: as for the Persian
  • Ceylon Cat : Also in this breed the color ranges from yellow to green with black-rimmed eyelids
  • Highland Fold: No particular eye color is required in the standard
  • Japanese Bobtail: the standard includes only big eyes, no particular colors (for both the short-haired and semi-long-haired variant)
  • Maine Coon : Also in this case the eyes can be of any color
  • Manx: any color accepted as long as it is in harmony with the coat
  • Munchkin: Any color allowed
  • Norwegian Forest Cat: any eye color is allowed
  • Ocicat – eye color varies from green to amber
  • Persian: can also have green eyes. In reality, the Persian breed standard does not explicitly speak of green eyes, but only of bright colors. However green can be one of them
  • Selkirk Rex: The eyes can be any color as long as they match the coat
  • Siberian: The Siberian is a special case because the eyes can be of any color, but green ones are preferable
  • Sokoke: The eyes are greenish or amber
  • Somali: can have green, yellow or amber eyes, as long as they are light in color
  • Sphinx: The color of the eyes must match the coat
  • Tonkinese varies depending on the coat. The Mink has green-blue eyes, while the Solid has green-yellow eyes
  • York Chocolate : Eye color can be green, hazel or gold


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