The Flame Point Siamese Cat: Complete Guide (Before You Buy)

The Red Point Siamese is a breed of cat descended from the traditional or Thai Siamese. It differs from the traditional siamese by its variety of colors.

Red point Siamese cats have a pale apricot coat (almost white on the chest and belly and more intense on the back and sides). The markings are golden-red, with the paws slightly lighter than the tail, ears, and “mask” on the muzzle.

Sometimes there are stripes on the spots – this is quite acceptable, as well as specks on the ears, face, eyelids, lips, and paw pads in adult cats. The eyes of the red-point cats are bright blue, and the nasal mirror and paw pads are pink.

In 1888 an English magazine mentioned a Siamese cat of an unusual “salmon” color that participated in a cat show. Obviously, this was the first flame-point kitten to win a prize at the show.

Flame Point Siamese

What’s the History Of The Red Flame Siamese Cat ?

The red and tortoise colors were introduced to the breed in the 1930s by crossing a purebred Siamese with British shorthair red tabby or tortoise-colored cats, which had orange genes but their color variety was not recognized until 1966.

The Flame Point Siamese appear mostly in males and tends to be very rare in females.

The Siamese family with reddish points includes the colors red, apricot and cream, in addition to the Siamese with turtle-colored points and their shades, for example, the bluish turtle, chocolate turtle, among others. A red-dotted cat may also be known as a fire-dotted Siamese.

flame point siamese

What Are the Flame Point Siamese Cat Physical Characteristics ?

Like the traditional Siamese, the color of the eyes is light and deep blue, and it has abundant fur. Most of its body is cream-orange in color and the terminations, or heat-sensitive areas (legs, tail, ears, and face) are dark orange. The nose and paw pads are pink.

Fur abundant, cream-orange color
Head dark orange color, pink nose
Eyes clear and deep blue
Ears dark orange color
Tail dark orange color
Legs dark orange color, pink pads

In most of these cats, you can notice some stripes on the points of the face, legs, and tail.
This happens because it is extremely difficult not to reproduce these originally tabby markings on any red-dotted cat.

Small red-dotted kittens, like other Siamese cats, are born pure white and develop their specific coloration over the course of several months. The coloration in the points is accentuated with age and can continue to darken up to approximately two years.

Flame Point Siamese

Behavior Of a Flame Point Siamese

It is important to note that each cat will develop its own character, as this is determined by various complex factors, both environmental and psychological. But in a general way, we can say that the Red Point Siamese is a very benevolent cat, with a calm, cuddly character, and very protective.

They are also very playful, being able to demand the attention of their person constantly throughout the day, especially more intensely in the first years of life. They are very familiar and relate very well with children. They are also very talkative, through their meow they communicate with people in a persistent way.

Flame Point Siamese

What’s The Genetics Behind The Flame Point Siamese Cat 

Color in cats is determined by 9 sets of independently acting alleles, which combine to give the cat’s coat color set.

“O” is the gene responsible for the presence of Orange pigment, instead of Black, Chocolate, or Cinnamon eumelanin (*), and which gives the red color in cats.

“O” has the particularity of being carried by the X sex chromosome. Therefore, it is the female who indicates whether the male kittens will be red or not; for females, both parents determine the coat color.

The genotype (*) of the male is written XY. X carrying O is simply written “O”, non-red X is written “O +”.

  • Therefore the genotype of the male is written:
    • “OY” for the red male, “O + Y” for the non-red.
  • the female will have 3 possible genotypes:
    • “OO” redhead female, “OO +” tortoiseshell female, “O + O +” non-redhead female.

In the presence of “dd”, dilution, the red gives the cream, the scale becomes creamy blue, or creamy lavender, or creamy fawn, depending on whether the non-red X lets black, chocolate or cinnamon express itself.

With “S”, the red or cream males become two-colored, and the scales tricolor.

Scales or tricolors males are born from time to time. They are then carriers of a genetic anomaly, and most of the time they are sterile, most often having 2 X.

On the contrary, females where one of the parents is red, and the other not red, are born unscaled, they are generally carriers of a single X, which is called “Turner syndrome”.

In these cases, the animals are generally sterile, although cases of fertile males are known.

flame point siamese

Flame Point Siamese Black Spots

The Flame Point Siamese is prone to developing black spots on the nose, which are a hyperpigmentation better known as “Simple Lentigo”.

This is a difference with the rest of the Siamese because it is a characteristic that usually occurs only in the orange tabby cats. There is nothing to worry about as they are generally benign, although you must be careful that they do not itch or change in shape and/or size.

How to train a Flame Point Siamese Cat ?

Flame Point Siamese cats are easy to train, while other kitten breeds tend to be rebellious and it takes a lot of work to make them heed the instructions given to them, the Flame Point, on the other hand, due to its calm demeanor, is much more perceptive to training. So, it will not cost you any work to teach It to use the litter box, or to avoid damaging the furniture with Its nails.

It should be known that Siamese cats very hardly decide to go with strangers who call them since they show distrust towards those they do not know and are extremely loyal to their owners.

Regarding the food that should be offered to a Flame Point Siamese cat, it must be of high nutritional value. For this, it is a good strategy to combine feline food with canned croquettes, so that, in addition to obtaining the vitamins, minerals, and proteins it requires for its body well-being, your cat feels satisfied after having eaten.

Flame Point Siamese

Why Is It Called a Flame Point Siamese Cat ?

In the UK and Australia, this type of cat is officially recognized as a red-dotted Siamese, but It’s not known as a Flame Point Siamese.

In other regions, such as the United States, this reddish-spotted cat is not even included within the Siamese breed, instead, it is classified as a separate breed. It’s known by the name of Flame point Siamese.

So where does the Siamese expression for Flame Points come from, if none of the standard guides of the breed recognize this pattern by that name?

Apparently, it was taken from the Persian and Himalayan cat breeds (a cross between a Persian and a Siamese), both of which use the term fire point to describe this coloration. Siamese cats may have been named so because it sounds better and more romantic than the red dotted term.

flame point siamese

Names for Flame Point Siamese

Trying to find a good name for your newcomer Siamese cat? For many people, this is one of the most exciting parts of bringing a pet home. This can be difficult, especially with small kittens, because it is true that they look cute and cuddly hairballs at that stage, but later when they grow up they will look and act very different.

So when you’re looking through all the possible names for your Siamese cat, be sure to pick one that is also suitably sophisticated for an adult Siamese.

Best to fairly short names, roughly two syllables. If you want to give your cat a longer name, find It a nickname that It can easily learn.

If you have two cats, it is a good idea to choose names with different vowel sounds, to avoid confusion when calling them. For example, names like Candy and Dandy would sound very similar, so if a name already has an ‘a’ and an ‘i’, think of a name with the other vowels for your second cat.

A suggestion for finding appropriate names may be to focus on the cat’s coat color and body points. Flame point Siamese tend towards red or orange, so good names would be:

Flame Point Female Names

  1. Alani
  2. Amber
  3. Anne
  4. Annie
  5. Apple
  6. Ariel
  7. Autumn
  8. Bandit
  9. Berry
  10. Blaze
  11. Bloom
  12. Blush
  13. Brandy
  14. Bridget
  15. Cabernet
  16. Carmine
  17. Cayenne
  18. Cherry
  19. Cinnamon
  20. Coral
  21. Cranberry
  22. Dahlia
  23. Eclipse
  24. Ember
  25. Flannery
  26. Foxy
  27. Fuchsia
  28. Garnet
  29. Ginger
  30. Gloss
  31. Goldie
  32. Hazel
  33. Henna
  34. Hibiscus
  35. Honey
  36. Jelly
  37. Jessica Rabbit
  38. Ladybug
  39. Lolo
  40. Lucille Ball
  41. Magenta
  42. Maraschino
  43. Miss Frizzle
  44. Molly
  45. Oakley
  46. Paprika
  47. Peaches
  48. Pebbles
  49. Penny
  50. Peony
  51. Pepper
  52. Peppermint
  53. Pippi Longstocking
  54. Poppy
  55. Raspberry
  56. Rhubarb
  57. Robin
  58. Rose/Rosie
  59. Rosebud
  60. Rouge
  61. Ruby
  62. Salsa
  63. Sangria
  64. Scarlet
  65. Scully
  66. Shiraz
  67. Sienna
  68. Strawberry
  69. Sundance
  70. Sunny
  71. Sunrise
  72. Sunset
  73. Terra
  74. Tulip
  75. Valentina
  76. Wilma
  77. Zinnia

Flame Point Male Names

  1. Apollo
  2. Archie
  3. Arizona
  4. Auburn
  5. Bandit
  6. Beets
  7. Big Red
  8. Bordeaux
  9. Brick
  10. Brighton
  11. Burgundy
  12. Carrot Top
  13. Chesnut
  14. Chester
  15. Cider
  16. Clifford
  17. Comet
  18. Conan
  19. Copper
  20. Crimson
  21. Currant
  22. Curry
  23. Dynamite
  24. Elmo
  25. Fennec
  26. Finch
  27. Firecracker
  28. Flame
  29. Flynn
  30. Fox
  31. Fuego
  32. Fuji
  33. Freckles
  34. Harvest
  35. Heinz
  36. Hunter
  37. Jam
  38. Jasper
  39. Keegan
  40. Ketchup
  41. Laser
  42. Lava
  43. Leif
  44. Lobster
  45. Loki
  46. Mahogany
  47. Malbec
  48. Maroon
  49. Mars
  50. Merlot
  51. Pepperoni
  52. Phoenix
  53. Pinot
  54. Prince Harry
  55. Pumpkin
  56. Radish
  57. Redford
  58. Reed
  59. Rogue
  60. Rojo
  61. Rooibos
  62. Rooney
  63. Rory
  64. Rosso or Rossi
  65. Rowan
  66. Rudy
  67. Rufus
  68. Russet
  69. Rusty
  70. Sol
  71. Sorrell
  72. Spark/Sparky
  73. Tomato
  74. Vulcan
  75. Valentine
  76. Tree
  77. Twizzler
Flame Point Siamese

All 10 Little Known Facts About Flame Point Siamese Cat

Most of us might or might not recognize this breed of cat as soon as we see it. They are distinguished by their bright blue eyes, a red cream-colored coat, as well as the nose, ears, legs, and tail, which are a ginger color

So far we have mentioned the most obvious physical characteristics, but really what do you know about this beautiful cat? Here are some lesser-known facts about the Flame Point Siamese cat, as well as learning how to care for it.

  1. .In the National Library of Thailand, in Bangkok, there are manuscripts dating from the 1700s, with the name Book of Cat Poems, which contains illustrations of cats very similar to this breed.
  2. When Siamese cats were shown for the first time in England, in 1871, they were described as “a kind of unnatural cat”, due to their strange coloring. Then it became one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.
  3. Its Thai name means “diamond of the moon.”
  4. When females are in heat they meow incessantly and stridently, so much so that their meows have been compared to the scale of the voice of an opera singer.
  5. Training a Flame Point Siamese cat is a very possible task, due to its intelligent nature and willingness to be trained, for example to search or retrieve something, to walk with a harness and even to do tricks.
  6. These cats are prone to acne around the chin. It is because when they are eating their food, the oily particles enter the pores of the skin just below the mouth. Consequently, the pores become clogged, looking like blackheads, and if the area is not kept clean, the cat can develop a bald patch.
  7. These cats are also prone to gum disease and tartar buildup on their teeth. Ask a vet how to clean your cat’s teeth. Providing dry food can help.
  8. Flame Point  Siamese cats are said to be hypoallergenic but this is not really true. However, it is true that they can cause fewer allergy problems than other cats due to their short and fine fur. Always check this before adopting or buying a cat.
  9. Many Siamese cats are unable to digest lactose, which is present in milk and milk products. For that reason, they should not be given milk and if they do try it, they should proceed with moderation to avoid the appearance of diarrhea.
  10. The eyes of a Flame Point Siamese cat are blue because the gene responsible for coloring in the body also restricts the amount of pigment in the eyes, whether they are green or brown.

How much is a Flame Point Siamese cat?

Price of a Flame Point Siamese: We often find them between $400 and $1000, but they can go up to $2000

In terms of maintenance, it takes between $300 and $600 per year.

The Flame Point Siamese cat has a very special personality. The Siamese can be jealous and possessive and will not be able to be satisfied with a master who ignores It or does not pay It enough attention. In addition, Its master or future master should expect a chatty cat and be patient when necessary.

However, the Siamese Flame Point, fortunately, has many qualities: endearing, affectionate, it will be an ideal companion for owners who wish to develop a special relationship with their cat.

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