Cat Breeds Suitable For Apartment Living

Do you live in an apartment and want to adopt a cat ?

In general, cats have a reputation for being particularly free-spirited animals, in the sense that they like to hang out as they see fit. However, there are exceptions in the domestic feline world. Indeed, some cats prefer the securitytranquility, and comfort of the home. They adapt to most lifestyles, including in an apartment.

These cats also tend to be more discreet and less active than their peers. However, this does not mean that they do not need any activity. They too must be able to exercise, whether alone, in interaction with members of their family or through their accessories: cat treetoys …

Here are 9 cat breeds adapted to apartment living …

[bimber_title size=”h2″]1. The American Curl[/bimber_title]

American Curl
The American Curl owes its name to its physical peculiarity, that relating to the shape of its ears. The ears are, in fact, curved above the head, forming an arc of 90 to 180 ° towards the rear. In addition to this specificity, this cat is distinguished by its character imbued with gentleness and tranquility. It is a discreet companion who will meow little.

It is an indoor cat that adapts to all family structures, with or without children, as well as to the elderly. It adapts very well to living in an apartment as long as It offers It everything It needs and accessories (cat tree, toys) to allow It to have fun and exercise.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]2. Russian Blue[/bimber_title]

Russian Blue cat
The beauty and elegance of Russian Blue are not Its only qualities. Discretion is also one of Its main character traits. You will only hear It meow very rarely. Moreover, It prefers calm and silence to agitation and noise. This cat will feel better in a quiet home rather than in a large family.

The Russian Blue adapts perfectly to apartment life. Finally, while most cats of this breed have beautiful, short, fine blue-gray fur, others may have white or black coats.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]3. The Chartreux[/bimber_title]

Chartreux Cat
The Chartreux is a magnificent cat, recognizable by its woolly texture and uniform gray-blue color. Intelligent and driven by an insatiable curiosity, Its temperament is similar to that of a dog in many ways, in particular Its habit of following Its owner everywhere.

The Chartreux has a strong character, which makes it necessary to have a fairly strict education from an early age. At the same time, It does not meow often and enjoys apartment life. It will still need a little outside because It likes to walk around a bit to satisfy Its curiosity. Its priority is to be able to find, when It sees fit, the warmth and safety of the home.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]4. The Exotic[/bimber_title]

Exotic Shorthair
The Exotic, which is also called Exotic Shorthair, is very close to the Persian of which it’s the longer-haired version. Like the latter, it is also characterized by its brachycephaly; in other words, it’s a scowling-faced cat. With all that this implies in terms of health inconvenience: respiratory problems, dental problems …

Apart from this, the Exotic is recognized for its great patience and its total absence of aggressiveness, which makes it a wonderful companion for children. It also gets along very well with Its peers and other animals. Little noisy, liking comfort and calm, It does not encounter any difficulty in living in an apartment. However, care should be taken to offer It the opportunity to exercise physically, because It’s prone to overweight. It loves to play inside Its home. So don’t hesitate to stimulate it with indoor games.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]5. The Korat[/bimber_title]

Korat Cat
The Korat is a breed of cat native to Thailand and very rare in many areas around the world. It is found more in the UK and North America. This cat has a very beautiful silvery blue coat. This is paired with gorgeous and big green eyes.

Its calm temperament and gentleness make it an animal that loathes noise and agitation. It is a cat dedicated exclusively to indoor life. Very homey, you will still have to make sure to offer It a playground in your home to entertain It, even if he particularly likes to rest.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]6. The Norwegian[/bimber_title]

norwegian forest cat
The Norwegian, or Norwegian Forest Cat, is a cat of wild and primitive origin. Despite this, It has adapted extremely well to live alongside humans and has even been able to acclimatize to apartment-type housing.

Affectionate, intelligent, and characterized by great gentleness, It gets along perfectly with children. But while It appreciates indoor comfort and warmth, It needs play, interactions with family members, and activity.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]7. The Persian[/bimber_title]

Persian cat
Another brachycephalic cat, the Persian is a descendant of the Turkish Angora. It notably inherited Its beautiful and long coat from the latter. The Persian corresponds to a very ancient race. What makes It popular is also Its very gentle character and the fact that It’s never aggressive. We also like the extraordinary expressiveness of Its gaze.

Know that this cat is not the type to appreciate change, on the contrary. It prefers a regulated and structured way of life, both in terms of its schedules (including meals) and the places It frequents (areas for rest, meals, play, etc.). It also loves to laze around and take generous naps. Therefore, apartment life suits It perfectly.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]8. The Ragdoll[/bimber_title]

Ragdoll Cat
The Ragdoll is a cat that greatly prefers to spend its time indoors, lazing on a sofa, rather than venturing outside. Very cuddly and extremely patient companion, It appreciates children, which is reciprocal. It’s, very discreet, since It only rarely meows, and is never aggressive. However, It does not like solitude, while emphasizing Its formidable capacity for adaptation.

All these characteristics make this cat, an animal perfectly adapted to life in an apartment. Its outing requirements are much lower than other breeds. It prefers the security of Its interior because It’s very vulnerable to the adversity of other congeners that It might meet outside.

[bimber_title size=”h2″]9. The Birman[/bimber_title]

Birman Cat
The sweetness of the Birman is well known. It has other personality traits that make It popular all over the world. Discretion, calm, sensitivity, and docility are part of it. These are also the reasons why this animal adapts very well to life in an apartment.

In addition, the Birman is very attached to its owner, whom It follows everywhere while being curious and friendly towards foreigners. It’s also known to be a wanderer, enjoying exploring Its surroundings, even if it is not a large house.


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