Top 23 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World (with Pictures)

Currently, there are about 250 breeds of cats, of which only 100 are recognized.  Among them, there are special ones – these breeds are very expensive, and people are willing to pay serious sums of money for them.

The cost of a fluffy pet is influenced by the rarity of its breed, character, body structure, and coat color. Owning a rare cat has not only become a fashionable trend but also prestigious in certain circles of society. For a beautiful purebred thoroughbred cat, true connoisseurs are ready to pay amounts equal to the cost of a luxury car.

Perhaps for most of us this will seem insane wastefulness, but still, let’s look at these cats and try to understand why they attract the attention of people

What is the reason for the high cost?

The value of expensive cats is due to a number of very real aspects that can not only be assessed from an aesthetic point of view but also confirmed by real facts.

Appearance, unlike others – the value lies in the fact that the breed has such features that can rarely be found. For example, it can be a tailless cat or with a color that resembles the stripes of a tiger, or the animal can have different colors of eyes, and it happens that the hair fibers are curled in a special way. Such unusualness immediately stirs up interest and excitement, prices for kittens rise and remain high exactly until this feature becomes replicated. As soon as similar breeds appear, the uniqueness disappears and the cat’s value drops.

Low availability and rarity – there are such small breeds that you can rarely find and purchase. Anything that comes with difficulty is valued dearly. These breeds are not only difficult to find but also caring for small kittens will require special costs and efforts.

Unusual coat color is another factor that affects the price. For example, a certain breed has a traditional color for it. However, other shades of color are found within the same breed, but this is such a rare occurrence that the cost of such a kitten will be several orders of magnitude higher than that of its counterparts.

Genealogy – the price of kittens will be higher if their parents and ancestors were famous and received prestigious places at specialized exhibitions. Each breeder has tried to keep the line pure, and future breeders should continue this tradition. The high price is an assessment of the enormous work of many people and a certain guarantee that the new owners will take this issue seriously enough. Breeding purebred kittens always promises a good monetary profit.

Breed class. Show class is considered the most expensive and valuable. In addition to It, there is also a breed class and a pet class. Show-class kittens are expensive and are bought by people who breed the breed on a commercial basis. Breed and pet class kittens have some kind of marriage, which to one degree or another distinguishes them from the established quality standards of the breed – such cats are cheap. If you are looking for just a friend for yourself, without thinking about commerce, then inexpensive pets are quite suitable for you.

The selection of cat breeds is constantly being improved, and more and more new breeds are born. And as soon as breeders manage to make some kind of unique breakthrough, interest in it instantly grows, which means that the price also grows.

Price Range For Different Cat Breeds

Raising a thoroughbred animal is a difficult and costly task because a lot of factors affect its cost. For example, cats belonging to a certain elite club, known among breeders not only within the country but also in the world, will cost much more than representatives from little-known cat clubs.

The gender of the cat also matters – a female cat is more expensive than a male cat because it can bring kittens and make a profit for its owner. In addition, the price range of a cat also varies depending on the age – an older pet will cost more than a small and helpless kitten since expensive expenses were made ranging from its maintenance, veterinary examinations carried out, and vaccinations.

Below, as an example for comparison, is a table of approximate prices for expensive purebred cats.

Breed name

Cost in US dollars
savannah 18,000 – 20,000
chausie 8,000 – 10,000
kao mani 7,000 – 10,000
caracal 6,000 – 8,500
safari 4,000 – 8,000
toyger 1,000 – 4,000
burmilla 2,000 – 4,000
peterbald 2,000 – 3,500
elf 2,000 – 3,000
american curl 1,000 – 3,000
Maine Coon 1,000 – 3,000
norwegian forest cat 600 – 3,000
Mainx tailless cat 2,000 – 2,700
serengeti 600 – 2,000
russian blue cat 600 – 2,000
kinky laperm 200 – 2,000
Turkish van 1,000 – 1,500
british shorthair cat 500 – 1,500
Egyptian Mau 500 – 1,500
scottish fold cat 200 – 1,500
canadian sphinx 400 – 1300
himalayan cat 500 – 1,300
devon rex 400 – 1 200

The most expensive cat breeds were created by nature itself or by long and painstaking work of breeders. Some rare cats can be purchased only in specialized clubs, others, less exotic and less expensive breeds, are more common and available to a wide range of people.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cats

To understand whether these most expensive pedigree and rare cats in the world are really worth their high price tag, let’s get to know them better.

Savannah cat

The Savannah

As of 2015, this cat was named by connoisseurs of rare breeds the most expensive in the world, and so far no other alternative breeds have been found that surpass it in value. These beautiful cats were bred in America in the early 80s of the last century. Don’t think that breeders worked hard day and night on the breed, everything was much simpler and there were some coincidences.

A breeder of a Siamese cat crossed It with a neighbor’s serval cat, and in April 1986, the Siamese gave birth to a litter of kittens with a leopard color. The kittens didn’t only the original coat color, but also large ears and long legs. Outwardly, the kittens were very similar to servals. By tradition, after mating, the owners of the cat received one kitten in gratitude – one of the kittens was named Savannah. This is how this new hybrid breed got its name.

A few years later, Savannah was crossed with an Angora cat and new hybrids were obtained, which became interested in professional breeders. Thanks to their work, the next hybrid generations were born. The breed received its official registration by the International Cat Fanciers Association only a few years later, in 2003. Since then, prices have risen as high as the demand for these spotted beauties.

Breeding of these cats is connected with difficulties – the cats of the first 4 hybrid generations were sterile and only females were used for crossing. To improve the properties of the breed of hybrid cats, it’s necessary to mate only with a serval, in this case, kittens are born in which the parental characteristics are equally distributed, that is, 50% of the genotype belongs to the cat and 50% to the serval.

If kittens from this pair are crossed with other breeds, then only 25% of the serval genotype will remain. The more you move away from the serval genes in the blood of the breed, the more offspring will look like domestic cats and less like servals. Therefore, specimens of the breed with a genotype of 50% of the serval are the most expensive, and offspring with a lower concentration of such genes are much cheaper.

most expensive cats

The Caracal

The breed was created by nature itself, and people domesticated it. Asia and Africa are considered the homeland of the caracals, where these cats live in savannas and deserts. Caracals were considered a hunting breed, since they can catch a small bird in a jump, catch up with a swift hare or a rodent. Caracals have good learning and training abilities. In developed countries, this rare breed is prized for its exotic look.

The cat looks like a lynx, but typologically it’s referred to as a cougar – it has a strong body with developed muscles, a long tail, elongated legs, the height of a cat at the withers is 9-11 inches. The color of the caracal is uniform, fiery red. On the muzzle on both sides, there are two spots of a darker color, on both sides of the nose there is a black stripe and the contours around the eyes are of the same color. The nose itself is dark in color. The eyes are large, tea-colored. The ears are very long with black tassels.

Chausie cat

The Chausie

Their ancestors are considered to be wild jungle cats that lived near the Nile River in Egypt. For many centuries, no one paid close attention to these cats, until  American breeders became interested in them in the 60s of the last century. The most successful option for crossing jungle cats was the Abyssinian cat breed.

The jungle cat in Latin is called Felis Chaus, hence the modern name of the breed – Chausie. The breed received official recognition in 1995, but only by the only felinological organization called TICA, which is located in America. For this reason, the cat spreads mainly in the United States.

Hybrids containing 50% and 25% of the genotype of the jungle cat have a wayward and wild character, and cats with a predominance of the genotype of the Abyssinian cat breed are more peaceful and docile. A purebred Chausie weighs about 30-35 pounds.

Outwardly, cats of this breed look like a cougar – a muscular body, a highly developed long tail, large eyes with a slanting cut, ears with tassels at the ends. The coat is thick and dense, has three types of shades – black, silver, and tabby. Chausie love to run and swim, they get along well with people, but we must not forget that the representatives of the breed are excellent natural-born hunters.

most expensive cats

The Khao Manee

Is considered to be the homeland of snow-white cats with eyes like precious diamonds. Until the period of World War II, none of the representatives of this breed left their country of origin (Thailand), and only after the end of the war, felinologists from the United States became aware of such cats.

In 1999, the male and a female cat were delivered to America, and kittens were obtained from them. Since then, the breed has spread throughout the world. The breed was officially recognized only by one society – TICA in 2015.

Currently, the breed is little known and studied, and it has yet to receive wide recognition. In addition to American breeders, specialists from the UK and the International Cat Association are working to improve the breed standards. Today around the world there are no more than 200 officially registered Kao Manee cats, and in Thailand, there are about 100 of them.

This is a very rare breed because of Its multi-colored eyes. These cats do not have advantages at exhibition events – they are brought in for demonstration purposes, and not for competitions. These cats are classified as pets, which have a very peaceful character. The color of the short coat of the Kao manee is always only white, one eye is blue and the other is emerald. The body is elongated, with well-developed muscles, the tail is long and flexible.

most expensive cats

The Safari

Is a hybrid breed created by breeders by crossing a South American cat with Bengal and Siamese cats. The offspring were named safari and in 1980 the breed was recognized by the TICA society. However, other felinological associations do not see any difference between safaris and Bengal cats and do not consider safaris as a new separate breed.

Safari cats are large and beautiful representatives of the feline family, which are in high demand among exotic lovers. An adult can weigh up to 24 pounds. This short-haired breed is attractive in leopard color – shades of color are red, brown, or gray-smoky. Smoky color is valued more than all others since it’s the rarest.

Large, almond-shaped eyes are located on a large head with well-defined cheekbones. The body of the cat is elongated, the muscles are well developed, the tail is long and flexible throughout, the legs are long and strong.

When kept at home, these cats have shown themselves to be friendly and affectionate to their owners. Safaris have a highly developed hunter instinct, so it is better not to keep them near small children, birds, and small rodents. These big brave cats will be able to get along with other members of the feline family and even dogs.

Toyger cat

The Toyger

These cats are a mini-copy of the Bengal tiger. The breed was bred by American breeders by crossing Bengal and domestic striped cats. Since 2007, the breed is officially registered with the TICA association.

The Toyger is considered one of the most unusual and rare breeds in the world. These animals are incredibly jumpy and can jump from a spot to a height of 6-9 feet. The weight of an adult can reach 14-18 pounds, the coat color is golden-beige with black stripes, the eyes are bright green or amber-yellow.

Toygers get along well with-in the family, they love to swim, walk and play. These cats create hiding places in the home, where you will often find your missing things.


The Burmilla

This Shorthair cat was obtained in England by an accidental crossing of Persian and Burmese breeds. The result is a chinchilla-colored cat with large turquoise eyes. The size of the Burmilla is average, the weight does not exceed 10-14 pounds, the hind legs are somewhat longer than the front ones.

On the paws, the tip of the tail, and on the head between the ears, are often darker shades of hair. Burmilla is affectionate, friendly, and needs the attention of the owner. Gets along well with children and other pets.

Peterbald cat

The Peterbald

The Peterbald is a hairless cat breed from St. Petersburg. It’s a result of crossing the Don Sphynx and a representative of the oriental breed. The Peterbald is recognized by felinologists around the world as a separate and unique breed.

This cat looks very dignified and elegant, It literally turns the heads of exotic animal lovers. The weight of an individual rarely exceeds 10 pounds, its body is elongated and folded very proportionally, the tail is of medium length and thin, the legs are long and thin, the head has a wedge-shaped structure, the ears are large and pointed.

The color of their almond eyes is blue, amber, blue, or emerald. Peterbalds are very curious, mobile, and friendly. They purr constantly and demand the attention of the owner.

Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon

Is one of the largest domestic cats breeds in America. In length, this breed can reach 3 feet, and It weighs – 30 pounds. The breed has received worldwide recognition for its high intelligence and appearance.

The body of this cat is large, the hair is long, with a thick undercoat, the tail is long and very fluffy, the head is large, with large triangular ears, at the ends of the ears there are tassels like a lynx. Paws are medium in size, powerful. The head has a slightly flattened structure and an enlarged nose.

The Coat color can be gray, black, tortoiseshell. The Maine Coon’s character is docile and kind, cats get along well with people and animals.

most expensive cats

The Serengeti

Is a shorthaired breed, bred by American breeders in 1994 by crossing a Bengal cat and an Oriental Shorthair cat. There are about 20 catteries in the world for breeding these cats, therefore Serengeti is considered a rare and valuable breed.

These cats have a lean, muscular body, thickened tail, and long, strong legs. The weight of adults reaches 20-30 pounds. The structure of the head is wedge-shaped, the ears stick out and set close to each other, the eyes are bulging and large.

The nose always has a dark mark. The coat has a grayish-golden hue with dark spots or stripes. The Serengeti has a developed hunting instinct is a real fighter – this cat is ready to fight even with dogs.

Expensive rare breeds of cats, despite their price, are always in demand and desired. But such animals often have high requirements for the conditions of feeding and maintenance, in the absence of such conditions, the health of the pet will be at risk.

Experienced breeders advise, before investing in the acquisition of a rare breed, to make sure that there is a competent veterinarian in your local area who knows about all the intricacies of the breed and will be able to give the right recommendations in any unforeseen cases.

Breeds Not Included In The Top Ten

There are already more than 250 cat breeds in the world and their cost varies in different ranges. We have already reviewed the most expensive breeds, but this list can be supplemented with some more representatives of the cat family, which are of great interest among breeders.

Ocicat cat

The Ocicat

Is a miniature cat that looks like a wild ocelot. The breed is bred on the basis of the genetic material of the American Shorthair, Abyssinian and Siamese breeds. It has a peaceful character and quickly gets used to its owner.

norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat

Is a large cat weighing up to 18-20 pounds, with thick long hair, a powerful body, and developed paws. It Feels great in cold northern climates and has several types of color.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair cat

Is a breed known for its longevity; with good care, an adult can live up to 15 years. The color of the coat is diverse, but the most valuable is a gray smoky color with black streaks.

Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll

Is an American breed bred in the 60s of the last century. It’s considered the kindest and most conflict-free breed in the cat’s world. Now there are 2 types of ragdolls: English – with a short nose line and American – with an elongated nose, like the Burmese breed.

Russian Blue cat

The Russian blue cat

Is a gorgeous beauty in an ash blue short-haired coat. The cat has large, honey-colored eyes that attract attention. This breed is distinguished by its innate elegance and gentle disposition. The breed was bred in Russia and is very popular all over the world.

Having decided to purchase a representative of an expensive breed of the cat family, try to do this in specialized well-known catteries, checking that they have a license to breed the breed of your choice. Buying kittens from private breeders according to ads, you can very easily run into a fake and lose a large amount of money by buying a repainted kitten.

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