Can Dogs Eat Durian Fruit? | Foods That Will Kill Your Adorable Dog!

We are what we eat, and this applies to both humans and dogs. Cab dogs eat the fruit of durian,  can we include in their diet, and if so, how?

They can eat it, but with extreme caution. Obviously, we avoid the external part, hard and pointed; seeds are also to be avoided. Although there is not much information about it, it is better to exclude the stem and leaves because – in many plants – they contain cyanide.

Signs of indigestion

Dogs can eat durum fruit, but you have to pay close attention: it is good to reserve only the soft part without seeds and not to exceed in quantities. Before proceeding, you should consult with the veterinarian for advice and contact them if we notice unusual hyperactivity. It could be due to an overdose of sugar.

Do the same if your dog is vomiting, lazy, fatigue, diarrhea, loose or bloody stools, or constipation. Dogs may also like the taste, but they may not necessarily be able to digest it. In the event of indigestion we would notice:

  • Abdominal swelling
  • cramps ;
  • Weakness;
  • Fatigue ;
  • Lethargy.

If your dog ingests the seeds: they are among the prohibited foods for dogs. They may contain traces of cyanide, which are harmful to its health. In cases of more severe intoxication, it can even die.

Poisoning is manifested by dilated pupils, a state of shock, episodes of vomiting, cardiac arrhythmia, intestinal inflammation, and skin irritation.

Possible benefits

Dogs can eat durum fruit, always after the vet’s clearance, when they have to gain weight and in cases of malnutrition. In fact, this food is rich in fat and calories. If, on the other hand, your dog is overweight, it is good to avoid including it in the diet.

It also contains vitamins and other nutrients such as folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamins C, B6, and A. It has important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus.

Traning your dog

The best way to prevent our four-legged friend from getting sick is to make sure that it does not accidentally ingest anything that could hurt it, including durum.

In addition to not giving it anything during our lunches and dinners, we should not leave free access to the kitchen unless we first put everything that could hurt it away from its reach.

You should make it learn the main commands to make sure that it obeys you: no, leave it or release it are the main ones when it comes to food.

When to call the vet

If you have any doubt that your dog has had a feast of durian fruit, you must immediately contact the vet. They will tell you how to intervene, based on the severity of indigestion. We do not induce vomiting unless prescribed.

As with any food, especially if it has never been tried before, you should conduct an allergy test with very small quantities and – if nothing happens – we proceed with the doses recommended by the nutritionist. If not, we immediately stop the administration and ask the specialist on how to intervene to remedy the discomfort.

This article is purely informative, at Shelterapet we do not have the right to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to take your pet to the vet in case of any kind of discomfort.


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