Can Dogs Eat Mortadella? | Harmful Foods That Will Kill Your Adorable Dog!

Can dogs can eat sausage? No, it is among the harmful foods.

Whatever food you want to give to your four-legged friend if your not sure if it’s harmless or not, you can always ask your trusted veterinarian for advice: they know past clinical and breed characteristics that affect digestion and general well-being.

Mortadella is a sausage

Can dogs eat mortadella? As already mentioned, it’s definitely not recommended to include it in their diet. It’s considered a type of sausage and, for this reason, it contains quantities of fat and salt that are absolutely deleterious for our faithful friends.

In fact, among the prohibited foods for dogs, are raw ham, sausage, and any other salted or dried product. You should make sure that your dog does not have access to the kitchen unless you are sure that harmful foods are tightly closed inside the cabinets and in the refrigerator.

Can Dogs Eat Mortadella

Fatty foods

Sausages are harmful for two reasons, one of which is represented by the concentration of fat. Fats must not exceed 10% of your dog’s diet. Balanced, they have an important energetic function: they are necessary for the assimilation of vitamins and help keep the skin, coat, and pads of the dog in good health.

Excess, on the other hand, can promote conditions of overweight and obesity, as well as cause digestive problems. Fats, in fact, are not easy to digest: they require a complex procedure that dogs are unable to withstand if you overdo the rations.

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Dogs and Salt

Salt is undoubtedly an important element also for our four-legged friend. It plays a decisive role because it retains body fluids and promotes the functionality of vital organs and the nervous system.

It’s very often added to foods to improve the flavor, but some research also shows that, if you overdo it, dogs can develop heart disease and increase blood pressure. In addition, it can impair kidney function.

Can Dogs Eat Mortadella?

Dogs and mortadella

Dogs cannot eat mortadella due to the aforementioned disorders and because it predisposes them to liver diseases, such as pancreatitis, and to premature old age. Moreover, it can cause toxoplasmosis, a dangerous disease for four-legged friends, and pregnant women.

It’s a zoonosis caused by a parasite that can be localized in raw lamb and pork meat and in sausages, precisely. Only by cooking food can we be sure that the microorganism has been eliminated. Furthermore, the very skin of cured meats can be dangerous because, very often, the casing is replaced by a plastic wrap.

Can Dogs Eat Mortadella

Final Thoughts

However, cured meats for dogs are not a real poison. We can include them in the diet, once in a while and under the advice of the veterinarian (provided that your dog is not a subject at risk).

Once you have had the approval of the vet, if it’s a food that has never been tried before, you need to proceed with an allergic test by administering a very small amount. If you do not notice suspicious reactions, follow the ‘prescription’ given by the vet, otherwise, you should opt for the countless healthy ingredients available to the dog.


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