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Once upon a time, the ancestors of the corgi breed helped English shepherds to look after the herds. Probably, the breed standard regarding color is connected with their pastoral past: a 2 or 3-colored dog stood out against the background of other animals.

The most common color of the corgi is red with white spots, but the coat can be of a different color.

Varieties And Colors of The Corgi

Corgi colors: choosing the most beautiful

The British breed is divided into two varieties:

  • welsh corgi Pembroke;
  • welsh corgi cardigan.

The colors of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke differ from the standards allowed for cardigans.

Experts believe that the original color of the coat was black-brown. There is no monochromatic color. Most often there are red or tricolor dogs.

Corgis With Tricolors

Corgi colors: choosing the most beautiful

According to the tricolor standard, only Pembrokes are allowed. Cardigans come in two colors. A two-color puppy from three-color parents is not uncommon. The shade of the coat will change over time.

Dog breeders distinguish seven types of tricolor representatives of the breed:

  • black-headed;
  • deep;
  • redhead;
  • ginger;
  • sable;
  • deer;
  • black-backed.

Below we will discuss each of them in more detail.


According to the standard, black should prevail in tricolor. In this case, the dog’s coat will be charcoal and tan. If the black dog participates in exhibitions, the flaws in the exterior will be more noticeable. Therefore, in the external data of the pet you need to be 100% sure.

If the corgi is completely black, it must be discarded.


It is a harmonious combination of red, black, and white spots, which are evenly distributed over the body of the dog, and it is difficult to distinguish the main color. Small white blotches are visible on the redhead.

By other standards, it is predominantly black on the back and sides, while the legs, chest and abdomen of the pet remain completely white with black, white, and red spots on the head. Darker spots are located near the ears.


The corgi’s head is dominated by a red color with small white markings, black – on the back and sides. The paws are red, the belly, chest, pads on the paws are white. Black is rare, mostly on the back.


Although the color of such corgi is dominated by red, their coat cannot be monochromatic. Small white marks on the muzzle and dark markings are a guarantee that the dog is not defective.


This very beautiful color is rare. The puppy is born gray, over time, the color of the coat changes. From about three months of age, the shade changes, starting from the head of the pet. A dog of this color has white paws, chest and stomach, on the head there are red markings.

Gray color remains on the back: the guard coat is lighter at the base, darkens towards the tip. The same coloring applies to the pet’s tail.


The color exists for two types of breeds. Very beautiful color, dominated by yellow shades, from light golden to dark brown. The shade gradually goes from dark to lighter on the belly, thighs and limbs of the dog.


In black-backed corgi, brown shades prevail in the exterior. White spots are found on the chest, back and legs. In a gray or red puppy, an even tone will go away over time, and a spotted black-and-back one will replace it. By this shade, you can clearly determine that the corgi is a relative of the shepherd dog.

Corgis With Bicolors

Corgi colors: choosing the most beautiful

Two-tone corgi look more harmonious. Most often, such dogs have a combination of red and white shades, but brindle, marble and black and white colors are allowed.

Black and white

Black and white corgi have a black blanket, ears, tail and most of the muzzle. White chest and paws, as well as markings on the muzzle. Color mixing such as black blotches on a white background and vice versa is not allowed.


The corgi’s body is covered with transverse stripes, the mask on the muzzle is black. The background for the stripes is not charcoal black, but all tones of red and earth are allowed. Ideally, the background should be golden and the stripes should be light brown.

Interesting: brindle color is allowed only for Welsh Corgi cardigans.

Marble or blue merle

A distinctive feature of marbled dogs is blue eyes. The coat is predominantly white or gray in color, as well as a shade in between. If the corgi cardigan is marble, then the shade of the guard hair is uneven: the main part is light, and the tip is dark.

Representatives of the marble shade breed are rare. Blue Merle Pembroke Corgi must be discarded.

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Grooming And Hygiene

Corgi colors: choosing the most beautiful

Corgis don’t need frequent brushing, bathing, or haircutting. But if the dog walks a lot and is active on walks, then you will have to bathe it regularly. In addition, corgi molt several times a year. Particular attention should be paid to the thick and soft undercoat when bathing and brushing.

You need to accustom your puppy to hygiene procedures from 3-4 months of age.

Color Marriage

A perfectly white corgi must be discarded. The predominance of white in all variations of two-color and three-color colors is also unacceptable. A two-color black and white pet is considered a marriage if the specialist notices black hairs on a white coat, and white on a black one. The brindle color deserves special attention.

Pembroke with transverse stripes on the body is also a marriage, while for cardigans this is the norm. The marble pembroke is also not to be found among the representatives of the show- or breed-class. The tricolor welsh corgi cardigan does not fit the breed standards.

If the dog does not fall under the standard of the Welsh Corgi breed, do not be upset. Both the Cardigan and the Pembroke are a wonderful companion, a loyal and loving family member who gets along well with other animals in the house and will always be happy to play with the kids.

Kind and empathetic corgi patiently endure children’s whims. If according to one of the parameters the dog cannot be classified as show or suitable for mating, the pet will become a representative of the pet-class, since the color does not affect the character traits.

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