Can Turtles Eat Apples? Good or Harmful

Can turtles eat apples? Yes, but better if rarely. If you like to give your pet turtle a wide variety of foods, including apples, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

The apples you use should be pesticide-free. They should be raw or uncooked and be sure to remove the seeds. Baked apples or seeds can make the turtle sick, in fact, they could affect their digestive system.

How often can turtles eat apples?

Turtles do not have the enzymes needed to digest any food with high acidity and sugars. This is why you shouldn’t feed your turtles apples every day. When turtles eat apples too often, their stomachs can become swollen and cause pain, as well as other possible complications.

Whether you are giving your tortoise some apples or any other fruit or vegetables, you need to wash thoroughly to ensure there are no pesticide residues. Pesticides can eventually poison the turtle and can even cause its death.

If you experience unusual behavior in your pet turtle after eating a piece of apple, you should contact a veterinarian who has extensive knowledge about reptiles and who can diagnose the problem and suggest a suitable remedy. the vet will also be able to suggest which foods the turtle should be fed frequently and which foods should be avoided.

Whenever you give your turtle an apple you need to be very careful to ensure that no problems arise. Cut the apple into small pieces so that it doesn’t get to eat the inside. This is dangerous because turtles can choke on the apple core. Seeds are also bad for turtles; Therefore, they must be removed.

Food suitable for turtles

There are many foods that are part of our diet that are also suitable for your pet turtle. This essentially depends on the type of turtle. There are also specially formulated foods for aquatic and land turtles.

Turtles love to eat foods with large amounts of protein when they are young, such as tadpoles, snails, earthworms, and fish. As adults, painted turtles love to eat vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

You can also feed them fruits, including berries, bananas, and apples less frequently. When the painted turtles are grown, they can be fed every other day.

Box turtles enjoy sweet fruits like strawberries, apples, and cantaloupe, and vegetables like beets, cucumbers, and carrots. They also like to eat insects such as flies, crickets, and spiders. If your box turtle lives in a garden pond, you may find it digging the ground to find earthworms.

Red-eared turtles seem to enjoy protein-rich foods such as worms, earthworms, and fish. They can also be fed with vegetables including cucumbers, carrots, and kale.

Russian tortoises like to eat leafy plants. It may be a good idea to spread the food around and let them find it. This type also eats berries, insects, and flowers.

Tricks for feeding turtles

Turtles that live in the wild are often most active at dawn and dusk; as a result, feeding your turtle at these times may pique Its interest. It has also been observed that some turtles like to eat more avidly after rain. Since turtles prefer a warmer climate, in places where the night is cooler, the turtle may prefer to eat at times closer to noon when it has been able to warm up a little. If you keep your turtle in the garden, it may be a good idea to study the position to ensure more morning sun.

Some types of turtles prefer to eat in a sheltered place rather than in the open air. Your turtle could eat more comfortably under a shrub. Other types only eat in the water.

When the weather is very hot, putting food in a shady place may be wiser as this reduces the risk of overheating.

When turtles are fed the same foods for long periods, they tend to develop strong preferences for these types of foods. This is important because a balanced diet is essential for the turtle’s health. If your turtle loves cucumbers and doesn’t eat worms, try mixing them together so that they realize the worms don’t taste too bad. You can gradually train them to eat a variety of foods.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the original question, whether turtles can eat apples is more complicated than a simple yes or no. You need to feed your turtle a variety of foods, and apples can be one of them. It is also necessary to identify the species of your turtle to determine if the apple is safe in its case. The point is, apples are safe for most turtles, but in small quantities and not too thick.

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