Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi? Good or Harmful

Rabbits can eat kiwifruit as well as all other fruits but with some restrictions, such as small doses as a reward. Whether very ripe or firm, kiwifruit has no toxicity and will not cause kidney or liver failure. The problem concerns the rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract which is very fragile; if you simply want to reward the rabbit you can choose kiwi without problems.

As long as you do not exceed the portion equal to 1 teaspoon per 2.2 lbs of body weight per day, the digestive system will have no problems. A good healthy habit should be given kiwifruit once a week as a special treat.

First try a very small amount, a bite or so and observe the reaction of the rabbit, if it appreciates it and is fine after eating it then you can give it again on another “special” occasion, kiwi is not heavy to digest but don’t overdo it.

As a basic rule, avoid kiwifruit and fruit in general if your rabbit has gastrointestinal problems as although fruit has many benefits for us it is not the same for rabbits, for them, it’s not a necessary staple food but only a pleasant treat to enjoy.

To get some benefit from kiwifruit, rabbits should consume large amounts but being high in sugars and starches and can cause diarrhea, constipation, or cecal motility, so limit the doses by administering them sparingly.

We all know how important vitamin C is for the immune system as well as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin K, and copper; all these elements are found in kiwis. Yes, kiwifruit is full of antioxidants, but that’s not very important to your rabbit as it already gets everything it needs from hay and leafy greens.

Why avoid feeding your rabbit fruits? 

A rabbit’s nutritional needs are met by vegetables with high fiber content and low sugar content. Fruits are important to humans; intestinal bacteria that work thanks to sugars proliferate when the fruit portions are larger, a rabbit’s intestine would be overwhelmed causing problems such as soft faeces or blindness and this could shorten its life.

Even though the rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract continues to function smoothly, an excess of kiwifruit or other delicacies can cause many other problems such as obesity , heart failure, paw pain , fatty liver disease, arthritis, breathing problems.

Fatty liver disease involves the growth of fat in cells, its main cause being a diet that is too high in sugar and carbohydrates in general, not necessarily fat. As a reward for a rabbit you can also give roots not only fruits, fruit juices, dried fruit or other foods from pet stores (which we do not always recommend) .

Many prefer to avoid fruit even if in small quantities and this is fine in fact wild rabbits have the opportunity to eat some fruits or berries only in small quantities and only during the season; a good rule of thumb would be to replicate as much as possible what a wild rabbit does and eats because insulin resistance and gastrointestinal tract stasis in rabbits are important health issues to consider in the long term.

Can rabbits eat the kiwifruit plant, seeds or peel?

Your bunny can also eat kiwi peels without getting sick and the same thing goes for banana peels but wash them carefully before giving them and always in small quantities as they are rich in sugars but more suitable than the fruit itself thanks to their fiber content.

For rabbits, the peel is better than the kiwi itself, but it should be given in moderation, the fruits are only treats for them and are not part of the main diet because they could cause some stomach problems such as diarrhea. Even the seeds of kiwi are safe for bunnies and there is no need to worry.

Regarding the kiwi plant, however, there is no veterinary documentation so if you decide to try other parts of the kiwi plant in addition to the fruit you will have to take full responsibility for the consequences.

Can rabbits eat dehydrated kiwifruit?

Never give kiwis or other dehydrated fruits, even if some give them we do not recommend it, even if appreciated by the rabbit over time they could lead to obesity and other health problems that would only shorten their life.

Can bunnies eat kiwifruit?

Bunnies should never try fruit or fresh food in general until 12 weeks, at this age you can start introducing vegetables and only after a few months a taste of fruits.

In conclusion, rabbits can have a piece of kiwi from time to time, it’s up to you to choose what type of fruit to give based on the rabbit’s tastes.

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