A Pig That Miraculously Saved Its Own Life Is Stirring Deep Emotion Among People

Across the globe, many animals endure harsh living conditions and lack the love and care they rightfully deserve. Fortunately, there exist kind-hearted individuals dedicated to addressing this issue in their communities, just like the rescuers of a particular endearing animal.

Uncle Neil’s Home, an animal sanctuary based in New Jersey, recently uploaded a video on their TikTok handle, @uncleneilshome, featuring one of their residents, a pig named Peaches.

Peaches’ remarkable tale of utilizing her cleverness and determination to save her own life before ending up at this animal rescue is truly inspiring.


Peaches’ Rescue 🍑 May is Be Kind to Animals month, and our mission at Uncle Neil’s Home is to make our world a kinder, safer place for all. Throughout the month of May, we are going to be sharing the stories, rescues, and updates of our 70+ residents who call UNH home, so you can meet and get reacquainted with the beautiful souls who live here and learn of the circumstances from which they survived and healed from. Today, we’re sharing Peaches’ story of bravery and survival. Peaches saved her own life. She was rescued from a dairy farm on January 30, 2023. One day last year, Peaches refused to load onto a trailer to go to the butcher, and she escaped into the cow herd where she had been living amongst her beloved cow family. Some of the staff fell head over heels with her and wanted her to find sanctuary instead of the inevitable. They reached out to see if we could help, and soon after, we welcomed Peaches to UNH. Because Peaches was extremely bonded to her cow herd, she had a very hard time leaving the farm. Once we got her home, it took over an hour to get her off of the trailer. As she settled in that night, we made sure to shower her with extra love and attention because she was quite depressed and confused. We covered her in blankets, fed her snacks, gave her belly rubs, and it really helped settle her down that first night. She finally felt safe after about a month of decompression, and has been showing us her happy, sweet, silly, loving personality. You’ll often find her relaxing under her favorite cherry tree, snacking on treats, and wiggling to dinner as an honorary member of the sanctuary Tushy Patrol!! We love you, sweet Peaches 🍑💓 We’re so happy you’re here. #pig #piglet #piggy #Animal #animalrescue #Farm

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Story of Rescue Pig

We’re overjoyed for Peaches! Last year, this clever pig resisted boarding a trailer destined for the butcher, and managed to escape, taking refuge within a herd of cows, her adopted family.

A few of the farm staff aided Uncle Neil’s Home in transporting Peaches to their sanctuary, where she could live out her days in safety and peace.

Initially, Peaches took some time to adjust to her new environment, evidently missing her bovine family. Thankfully, the sanctuary staff lavished her with love, attention, and treats, which helped her settle into her new surroundings.

After a month at the sanctuary, Peaches felt secure enough to let her guard down and reveal her true nature: a fun-loving and affectionate pig. We couldn’t be happier for her!

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Contrary to common perception, pigs are exceptionally intelligent beings, often counted among the most cognitively advanced animals on our planet.

These hoofed creatures display a wide range of cognitive skills, including problem-solving abilities, memory retention, and social understanding.

Their intelligence also permeates their social interactions as they establish complex social hierarchies, show empathy towards their peers, and communicate using a mix of touch, smell, sound, and visual cues.

The impressive intellect of pigs not only underlines their extraordinary cognitive abilities but also underscores the need to treat them with dignity and kindness. We are thrilled to know that Peaches has found a place with people who acknowledge and appreciate her unique qualities!


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