Mini Corgis | Is there such a thing as a Miniature Corgi?

The incredibly cute and charming Mini Welsh Corgi Dog is becoming more and more popular. Recently, information has spread that Miniature Corgi a dwarf variety of this dog breed has also appeared – the Mini Corgi.

Let’s figure out if this is really so and what you need to know for those who are going to have such a cute pet.

The Welsh Corgi Breed – A Miniature Shepherd Dog

The Miniature Welsh Corgi looks very cute. However, their appearances are deceiving. In fact, these are real shepherds who have served as shepherds for centuries. At the same time, they played the role of watchmen and sometimes helped the owners on the hunt.

The breed originated in the UK in the county of Wales around the X-XI centuries. In the local dialect, the word “corgi” means “dwarf” or “miniature”, which is the best fit for this small shepherd dog.

For your information. Scientists have not yet figured out what breeds the Welsh Corgi came from.

These dogs have an elongated body and short legs, but they are very agile and active. They can be safely entrusted with grazing a flock of sheep or cows. Corgis will not allow animals to leave the territory and will drive away strangers. Miniature shepherd dogs deftly manage livestock, biting their legs, and masterfully dodge the blows of the hooves.

Mini Corgi: What One Of The Smallest Shepherd Dogs Looks Like

Now, this breed is more popular as a companion. The Welsh Corgi has a balanced, good-natured, and cheerful character. Many owners note that their pets have an excellent sense of humor. They do not conflict with other four-legged and are affectionate towards children, considering them the younger members of the “pack”.

In terms of intelligence and intuition, miniature corgi competes with the recognized helpers of people – service breeds, and consistently occupy high places in the ratings of the smartest dogs.

Representatives of the breed are in dire need of the owner’s attention, but will not be imposed if the person is not in the mood. When the owner is sad, the pet will definitely try to cheer them up with some funny trick.

Despite its compact size, the miniature dog is always ready to protect the owner from danger. But the Welsh Corgi will never be the first to attack – these dogs do not have aggression towards people.

Interesting. According to legends, Welsh Corgis are elf sled dogs.

Mini Corgi: What One Of The Smallest Shepherd Dogs Looks Like

What The Standards Say

There are 2 types of Welsh Corgi: Cardigan and Pembroke. They are very similar in appearance. Until 1934, they were even considered a single breed. However, the former is slightly larger: their height is 11 inches at shoulder level, and their weight is 27-42 Pounds. Pembroke grows up to 11 inches at the withers, weighs no more than 30 Pounds.

All individuals with parameters below the permissible limits belong to the mini category. This is not a separate breed of dog, but a deviation from the norm. Professional breeders reject these animals as they do not meet the official standard.

The coat color of the Corgi breed is important to you, so sometimes it is difficult to differentiate them, be sure to check out the Pembroke Corgi breed standards and the Cardigan Corgi breed standards. Where everything is professional and dedicated knowledge and continually broadening knowledge to purebred dogs and Corgis specially explained in more detail.


Dwarf puppies appear due to:

  • genetic mutations;
  • premature birth;
  • developmental delays.

Constant crossbreeding of weak dogs worsens the breed’s gene pool, since mini corgi often suffer from serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, have breathing problems, liver problems, or congenital deformities.

Unscrupulous breeders sometimes give dwarf puppies as a separate miniature breed, wanting to quickly sell the unsuccessful offspring. In order not to be deceived, you should buy animals only from trusted nurseries with a good reputation.

Normally, by two months, a Pembroke or Cardigan puppy should weigh 6-10 pounds and have a height at the withers of 3-4 inches. If the dog is significantly less than the indicated parameters, it is likely that it will grow non-standard.

What Does The Smallest Corgi Look Like?

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the smallest shepherd dogs. The Schipperke, which also belongs to the group of herding and cattle dogs, competes with this breed. He has about the same height (about 11 inches), but the average weight is only 17-22 pounds.

The miniature Pembroke Welsh Corgi looks like a fox. it has a pointed muzzle, triangular ears with rounded tips, and a good-natured, curious look. The eyes are round, brown, and very expressive.

The elongated muscular body with a deep and wide chest stands firmly on short limbs. This feature is not the result of the work of breeders, but natural selection. Small legs allow the corgi to maneuver easily among the hooves of cattle.

Short legs do not prevent dogs from running fast and jumping high. Miniature Shepherd Dogs move easily and freely, reaching well with their front legs and pushing powerfully with their hind legs. Therefore, welsh corgis are frequent participants in agility competitions.

Previously, Pembrokes were sure to have their tails cut off, but now in many countries, such operations have been banned. This item has now been removed from the standard But until now, preference is given to dogs that have a short tail from birth.

Interesting. The Miniature Pembroke Corgi is recognized as the national breed of Great Britain and is under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mini Corgi: What One Of The Smallest Shepherd Dogs Looks Like

The breed has a medium-length straight coat and a very thick undercoat. The most common red color – it is these miniature dogs that most often flash in the photo on the Internet.

However, the breed standard allows other colors as well:

  • sable;
  • fawn;
  • black and tan and others.

Miniature dogs may have white markings on the chest and neck. Small white patches on the head and muzzle are not penalized.

Interesting. Modern Pembrokes remain excellent herders as well as hunters of small game and rodents.

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Possible Problems Associated With Miniature Dogs

In fact, the Welsh Corgi is itself a dwarf breed. This category includes dogs whose height is less than 11 inches. However, it was formed naturally, so it does not have the same health problems that dogs with the dwarf gene have.

The clinical syndrome of dwarfism develops as a result of growth hormone deficiency. In breeds such as the Chihuahua, Italian Greyhound, Yorkshire Terrier, breeders deliberately perpetuated the genetic mutation in order to produce very small dogs. This didn’t happen with the mini corgi.

With good care, representatives of the breed rarely get sick. To save your pet, you should take it to the veterinarian for preventive examinations at least once a year.

Important. To protect your dog from fatal diseases such as distemper and enteritis, regular vaccinations are necessary.


Breed diseases of miniature Welsh Corgi Pembroke:

  • obesity;
  • dysplasia of the hip joint;
  • degenerative myelopathy;
  • ophthalmic pathology;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • epilepsy;
  • raw eczema.

Cardigans are also prone to displacement of the intervertebral discs.

Welsh Corgis are true mini shepherds with a brave heart. This breed is already a dwarf breed – there are no smaller varieties of it.

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