5+ Best Cavalier King Charles Breeders In Minnesota For 2024

Hey there fellow dog lover! 🐾 If you’re on the hunt for a fluffy, affectionate buddy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might just be your perfect match.

These cuties are all the rage in Minnesota, and for good reason: they’re friendly, adaptable, and have the kind of sweet face you just can’t say no to.

Whether you’re looking for a playful pup to join in on lake adventures or a couch companion for those chilly Minnesotan winters, Cavaliers got your back.

Now, the trick is finding the right breeder. Don’t sweat it, though! We’ve done the digging for you and have come up with a list of top-notch Cavalier breeders in Minnesota . Ready to meet your new best friend? Let’s dive in! 🐶🌲

1. Kacey’s Cavaliers Minnesota

Cavalier King Charles Breeders In Minnesota

If you’re near Detroit Lakes, especially around Rochert, Minnesota, and on the lookout for a cuddly Cavalier, then Kacey’s Cavaliers is totally your jam.

Spread over 40 acres of green goodness, this breeder’s playground is managed by the awesome Kacey Leitheiser. Here’s the tea: she’s CHIC Certified, an AKC Breeder with HEART, and guess what? Good Dog gave her a solid thumbs up as a fab breeder!

With a heart full of love for her fur babies, Kacey prioritizes their well-being above all. She’s on a mission: to breed Cavaliers with top-notch health and temperament that fit the breed standard.

She’s so good at it that her report testing reached the “excellent” level by Good Dog standards.

Kacey’s not playing around when it comes to health. Their fur parents undergo rigorous screening for all those science-y tests – think OFA CAER for eyes, Hip Dysplasia, and more.

Every adorable pup that leaves Kacey’s home is vet-checked, packed with up-to-date jabs, dewormed, and even comes with a year’s health guarantee. They’re raised surrounded by kids and other furry pals, so they’re primed for social superstar status.

But here’s the cherry on top: adopting a pup from Kacey is smooth sailing, with no sneaky health surprises.

Kacey’s dream? To see her fur babies land in homes where they’ll be showered with all the love and belly rubs they deserve. If you’re dreaming of a Cavalier cuddle buddy, give her a ring or shoot her a text.

Cavalier King Charles Breeder Details

2. Saranade Cavaliers MN

Cavalier King Charles Breeders In Minnesota

Nestled in Central Minnesota, Penny’s got this breeding thing down to an art. She’s all about giving us those A-class Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – think top-tier health, dynamite personalities, and all those good vibes.

Penny’s got a rulebook, and she plays by it. No shortcuts in the Saranade household. Every parent pup undergoes rigorous health checks, ensuring no sneaky hereditary issues.

And talk about VIP treatment – these fur-babies grow up right in the heart of Penny’s home, getting all the love, play, and belly rubs they deserve.

Plus, get this, they get a yearly ‘spa-check’ – specialists double-checking their hearts, eyes, hips, and patellas. So you know you’re getting a pupper that’s in tip-top shape.

Penny’s even got your back with a solid health guarantee and promises to be your go-to for all things Cavalier throughout your dog’s life.

Thinking of adding a furball to the fam? Saranade makes it a cakewalk. Every pup leaves the nest vet-approved, fully vaccinated, and dewormed.

If Penny’s Cavaliers sound like your kind of vibe, just slide into her emails or take a digital stroll on her website. Saranade Cavaliers? Total win!

Cavalier King Charles Breeder Details

3. Northern Lights AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Breeders In Minnesota

Ever heard of Northern Lights AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels? No? Well, let me dish some deets.

Nestled in Ulen, North Western Minnesota, they’ve been in the AKC Cavalier game for more than four years. What’s their jam? Crafting picture-perfect, heart-stealing Cavaliers that aren’t just gorgeous but have personalities that sparkle.

They’re all about ethical vibes, sticking close to the Cavalier club’s gold standards. They don’t just pick any cutie for breeding – oh no, they’re all about that champion lineage.

And before any heart-eyes emojis happen between their dogs, they ensure the health checks are on point.

These puppies grow up in the heart of Northern Lights’ home. Daily cuddles, play, and socializing are on the menu, making these furballs super ready for their next fam.

They’re on the lookout for homes bursting with love and snuggles.

Navigating through their adoption feels like a breeze, no tangled web here. They’ve got your back with a smooth process, and they dish out pro-tips for settling in your new furry munchkin.

Looking to get in touch? A quick text or dropping a message on their site will do the trick. Northern Lights is all about that love, commitment, and puppy happiness!

Cavalier King Charles Breeder Details

4. 2-Sisters Cavaliers And Cavapoos

Cavalier King Charles Breeders In Minnesota

Let’s talk about the dynamic duo, Jessica Reigstad and Bailie Henrickson, and their little breeding wonderland, 2-Sisters Cavaliers & Cavapoos, situated in Kandiyohi, Minnesota.

Dive into a world where Cavaliers, Aussiedoodles, Cavapoos, and even the occasional mini Poodle are the rockstars. Since 2014, these sisters have been wowing us with their pupper passion and dedication to top-notch breeding.

Now, don’t even get me started on their Dams and Sires! All AKC and CKC registered, and straight outta the best, healthiest bloodlines. And, wait for it… their puppies grow up in the cozy comforts of their home, basking in all the love and cuddles.

Dreaming of a fur-buddy that’ll be your shadow and gel with other pets? Look no further. These sisters ensure every dog is socialized to the max.

And because they’re total sweethearts, every puppy heads to its forever home with a swanky puppy pack, complete with a cozy blanket and their fave food.

The adoption process? It’s like a smooth ride in a vintage convertible – easy, breezy, and oh-so-satisfying! For those looking to foster, the 2-Sisters have got a program for that too, just make sure you’re closeby.

Ready to hop on this puppy bandwagon? Give Jessica and Bailie a shout! They’ve got all the puppy info you need.

Cavalier King Charles Breeder Details

5. Country Hills Cavaliers

Cavalier King Charles Breeders In Minnesota

Nestled in the heart of Stanchfield, Minnesota, this is where magic happens for all you Cavalier King Charles Spaniel aficionados.

With over a quarter-century of experience, Country Hills has been dishing out top-tier, tail-wagging Cavaliers that are not just heart-meltingly gorgeous but also hail from prime, healthy bloodlines.

Picture this: a quaint hobby farm where every Cavalier gets the royal treatment. I mean, their dedication is palpable.

Pure-blooded parent stocks, health checks galore, and all pups being brought up right in the midst of family hustle-bustle, soaking up all the love. These fur-balls are not just pets; they’re family.

Worried about adjusting with your new furry mate? Country Hills Cavaliers got you! Their pups are used to the beats of regular family life and will slip right into their new homes, making the whole transition a cakewalk.

Plus, you’re not just getting any pup; you’re getting a vet-checked, vaccinated, dewormed darling with a seal of health guarantee. And hey, fashionistas, they’ve got four fab coat colors to choose from: Black & Tan, Blenheim, Tri, and the oh-so-lush Ruby.

For the rookie dog parents out there, Country Hills ensures a fun, informative adoption experience. And guess what? If you’re keen on a meet-cute with their canine fam, just swing by. They’d love to show you around.

Need more deets? A call or email is all it takes to get the ball rolling.

Cavalier King Charles Breeder Details

Wrapping Up Cavalier King Charles Breeders In Minnesota

To all the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel enthusiasts out there, we’ve taken you on a whirlwind tour of some of the best breeders Minnesota has to offer.

From rolling countryside farms to dedicated duo operations, these breeders, with their unmatched passion and commitment, have set the gold standard in Cavalier breeding.

Selecting the right breeder isn’t just about getting a pup; it’s about ensuring you’re bringing home a healthy, well-adjusted, and loving companion.

These breeders have showcased their dedication, not just to the breed but also to potential families, ensuring every transition is as seamless as possible.

As you set out on this journey, remember that every Cavalier deserves love, care, and a forever home.

So, do your homework, visit the breeders, ask questions, and most importantly, get ready to welcome an adorable furball into your life. Here’s to finding your perfect furry friend in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!


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