5+Best Cavalier Breeders in Georgia For 2024!

Searching for trusted Cavalier breeders in Georgia? The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a beloved breed, renowned for its gentle nature and distinctive features.

Perfect for families, these dogs are known for their loyalty and spirited demeanor. Though the AKC recognized them in 1995, their noble history spans much longer.

On the hunt for a reliable breeder? Our guide spotlights the top Cavalier breeders in Georgia to help streamline your search. Dive in and discover your next furry companion!

 1. Huntland Cavaliers

Cavalier Breeders in Georgia

Huntland Cavaliers, located in the picturesque town of Thomson, sprawls across a vast five acres, providing ample space for their beloved Cavaliers to roam freely and play.

Proud members of notable associations like CKCSC (both US and UK chapters), Cavaliers of the South, and The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Atlanta, Huntland has established itself as a dedicated breeder.

Their objective is clear: breeding healthy Cavaliers that not only meet the breed standard but also have an even temperament.

They value the essence of quality, ensuring meticulous health evaluations and conformance to breed standards before planning a litter.

With a firm belief in personal touch and connection, Huntland insists on in-person puppy pickups, emphasizing the bond between the new owners and their furry companions.

At Huntland, every Cavalier isn’t just a pet, but a cherished family member.

Huntland Cavaliers Details:

2. Anga Star Kennels

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Breeding Excellence in Cavaliers since 1974! Nestled on over six acres of sprawling green land, this renowned breeder has a rich legacy of producing AKC champions known not just in the U.S., but also in Europe.

But it’s not just about the show ring – Anga Star’s Cavaliers are a testament to the perfect blend of beauty, health, and disposition.

With each puppy chasing butterflies, mingling with other animals, and interacting with diverse people, they ensure a robust socialization process from the get-go.

Their commitment doesn’t stop there. Anga Star Kennels takes health seriously. From multiple deworming treatments to rigorous health assessments, every puppy’s well-being is paramount.

Plus, with every puppy adoption, you get the assurance of a health guarantee.

But what truly sets them apart is the love and care with which they raise their Cavaliers. Picture this: a pack of jovial puppies munching on a nutritious diet, basking under the sun, and receiving the best veterinary care.

That’s the Anga Star way. If you seek a Cavalier that embodies both show standards and a joyful spirit, your search might just end here.”

Anga Star Kennels Details:

 3. Briarcliff Cavaliers

Cavalier Breeders in Georgia

A Testament to Passion and Quality! Mark Fitchpatrick isn’t just another breeder; he’s a Cavalier aficionado.

As an esteemed member of the AKC and a pivotal board member of The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Atlanta, Mark’s dedication to these furry companions is evident.

Briarcliff Cavaliers stands as a beacon for those who prioritize the purity and health of the Cavalier breed.

Their commitment to maintaining and elevating the breed’s standard is unwavering. With rigorous measures in place, they ensure every pup is the epitome of health, vibrancy, and a loving temperament.

The distinguishing feature of Briarcliff Cavaliers is the warmth and love extended to every dog.

It’s not just about breeding; it’s about family. Every Cavalier enjoys the comfort of Mark’s home, relishing in premium diets, frequent exercises, and top-tier veterinary care.

But their commitment to health goes beyond just a balanced diet and regular vet visits.

To ensure the genetic integrity and well-being of their offspring, parent Cavaliers undergo comprehensive health screenings. This includes certifications for Patellar Luxation and Congenital Cardiac conditions.

In essence, Briarcliff Cavaliers doesn’t just breed; they craft perfection with love. If you’re on the quest for a Cavalier that embodies health, spirit, and the true essence of the breed, look no further. Briarcliff Cavaliers is where passion meets excellence.

Briarcliff Cavaliers Details:

4.Brookhaven Cavaliers

Cavalier Breeders in Georgia

Brookhaven Cavaliers: Where Passion Meets Pedigree! When two sisters, Paula and Brenda, set out in 1995 to share their childhood affection for Cavaliers with the world, they never imagined the benchmark they’d set.

Today, boasting two Best-in-Show Champions and over 30 AKC-finished Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Brookhaven Cavaliers isn’t just another breeding facility; it’s an institution.

What truly sets Brookhaven Cavaliers apart isn’t just their record but the unparalleled expertise of its founders.

Paula, serving as the Vice President of the National Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC) and a board member of the Cavaliers of the South, has imprinted her mark on the Cavalier community.

Brenda, complementing her sister’s efforts, holds the role of Secretary of Cavaliers of the South. Their commitment to the breed is reinforced by registering all their Cavaliers with both the CKCSC and the AKC.

Nestled amidst the picturesque Atlanta countryside, Brookhaven Cavaliers isn’t just a breeding ground; it’s a sanctuary.

Every Cavalier here is raised with the tender love and warmth of a home. Beyond their care, Paula and Brenda ensure that the puppies are in prime health.

With timely vaccinations and thorough health check-ups, they make certain that each furry companion is ready to thrive in their new homes.

In a nutshell, Brookhaven Cavaliers is a testament to love, expertise, and dedication. For those in pursuit of a Cavalier that embodies a lineage of champions and the heart of a loving pet, your search ends here.

Brookhaven Cavaliers Details:

5. Monticello Cavaliers

Cavalier Breeders in Georgia

Where Every Puppy is Raised with Love and Expertise! In the heart of Augusta, a unique mother-daughter partnership has established a beacon for Cavalier enthusiasts.

The duo, with their combined passion and meticulous breeding techniques, makes Monticello Cavaliers a paragon of responsible breeding.

More than just breeders, they are caretakers. Each Cavalier puppy at Monticello is raised amidst family warmth.

The dedicated practice of holding and cuddling each dog daily, and raising them within the familial fold ensures that when you adopt from Monticello, you are bringing home a puppy that’s not only beautiful but also well-socialized, confident, and brimming with joy.

The commitment to quality and health is paramount here. Not only do the puppies receive their first set of vaccinations and deworming treatments, but they also undergo a comprehensive veterinary check.

This ensures every Cavalier puppy is in the pink of health. Moreover, the parent dogs aren’t just breeders but cherished family members who undergo yearly heart, eye, and health evaluations.

What sets Monticello Cavaliers even further apart is their dedication to the new families.

Every puppy goes to its new home armed with vital resources – documentation showcasing the illustrious pedigree of their parents, a comprehensive care guide tailored for Cavaliers, AKC papers, and even a serving of their favorite food.

Monticello Cavaliers isn’t just a breeding facility; it’s a legacy of love and commitment. If you seek a Cavalier that comes from a home of love, care, and expertise, look no further.

Monticello Cavaliers Details:

Wrapping up Cavalier Breeders in Georgia


The Cavalier: A Family’s Best Friend and Heart’s Delight. Renowned for their adaptability and effervescent nature, Cavaliers are more than just dogs – they are companions for life, always eager to share in every moment, be it a lively outing in the town or a cozy evening on the couch.

Choosing the right breeder is paramount when bringing home a Cavalier.

It’s essential to align with breeders who emphasize the health and well-being of their Cavaliers, valuing their overall vitality above all else.

Our curated list is designed to guide you to the most ethical and dedicated Cavalier breeders in Georgia, ensuring that your next furry family member is a testament to love, care, and quality breeding. Your dream Cavalier awaits!

Before finalizing your decision to get a Cavalier puppy from a Georgia breeder, enhance your knowledge about this charming breed. Check out the video “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The 10 Facts about King Charles Spaniel” provided below


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