Essential Accessories For Your New Kitten

Adopting a kitten isn’t just about having a pet in your home. It is not a toy, but a living being who must be happy, comfortable, and fulfilled. In fact, It must benefit from daily accessories for Its food, Its comfort, Its toilet, and Its fun. Let’s take a look at the essentials to buy.

Accessories for resting

Your kitten will be sleeping most of the day. On average, Its rest time is over 20 hours a day. It is, therefore, necessary for It to benefit from an attractive and comfortable rest area. A corner where It will be at ease. Offer your kitten a comfortable basket. It can be wicker or fabric, whatever.

You should know that your kitten will like to be aware of what is around It. It will appreciate the clarity of a window and the calm of a room where passages are not frequent. In any case, avoid a noisy room. This will be detrimental to Its quality of sleep and will make It more anxious.

You can also opt for simple cushions and blankets. A cozy corner that should never move. Your feline will appreciate coming there to rest, although once it grows up, it can fall asleep all over the place, like on your sofa or in your bed.

Accessories for eating

If you adopt a kitten, it will be weaned when it comes time to take over your home, unlike if it is born in your home. In fact, It will have started by ingesting solid food. You must accommodate it with very distinct bowls. One will be reserved for Its food (croquettes or mash) and another for its water.

For the material, choose something heavy enough so that it does not tip easily. Ceramic is better than plastic, at least for water. Do not buy a bowl that is too high, especially for croquettes. Don’t forget to wash them regularly.

As a reminder, your kitten can feed at any time of the day. It is not yet regulated like an adult cat. Therefore, you will always have to make sure that food is available at all times. Food distributors are only recommended for cats, and not for kittens.

Accessories for hygiene

A litter box is essential. The first step is to teach your kitten how to use it. It will quickly understand its use. You should keep Its litter box clean. Indeed, your kitten could refuse to go there if it is not suitable. With the purchase of its litter, you might want to get a small shovel to collect its droppings.

There are several litter boxes available like, tubs and toilet will have to decide between a simple bin, an open house, one that contains a filter, or without a filter … Ask for advice at the store depending on your needs and budget.

Your cat, according to some breeds, needs to be brushed regularly. Its coat must be maintained so that it retains its beauty, shine, and cleanliness. In fact, you should not forget to buy a brush to reduce the formation of knots. Some kittens (and cats) prefer gloves, just as good at removing dead hair and it tends to be gentle on your feline.

Accessories for fun

Your kitten will sleep, eat, and have fun. During these short moments, It will have to entertain Itself to not get bored. On Its arrival, It will have to find some welcome accessories. The best known is a cat tree.

Unless you first opt ​​for a scratching post before going to the next level. A cat tree has the advantage of offering several platforms and is not only intended for scratching.

Also, do not hesitate to familiarize It with other toys, such as balls, fishing rods, and feather toys.

Accessories for transport

Rather an essential accessory: A transport bag (or crate). This cat box must be, IATA approved in order to travel by plane if you feel like it. We also advise you to favor a crate, and not a simple wicker bag or a foldable bag. Its size should not be too large,  not too small either. Your cat should feel comfortable and should be able to stand up.

Other accessories?

leash and a harness are not necessarily recommended for kittens, which are still too small to walk outside. But if you feel like it, you can buy these accessories.

In summary

Your kitten should be happy in its new home. Thus, It must have bowls available for Itself to eat and drink, a basket or a sleeping area, a litter for Its needs as well as a space to have fun. All this falls under the category of essential accessories to have when adopting it.

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