8 Must-Know Cat Obsessions: Keeping Your Feline Happy & Healthy

Ever purr-plexed by your feline friend’s seemingly bizarre behaviors? Fear not, fellow cat guardian! From epic napping marathons to the hypnotic allure of drippy faucets, cats hold a treasure trove of secret obsessions that make them endlessly fascinating (and sometimes hilariously weird).

Get ready to unleash your inner cat whisperer with these 8 purrfectly pawsome insights:


8 Cat Obsessions
8 Cat Obsessions

1. Nap Masters: The Cat’s Ultimate Love

Cats are the undisputed champions of napping, averaging 12 to 16 hours of sleep a day. It’s not laziness; it’s just their nocturnal nature. For kittens and seniors, that number might even climb higher. If you suspect your cat is outside these norms, it might be time for a vet visit.


8 Cat Obsessions
8 Cat Obsessions

2. The Art of Grooming: A Full-Time Job

Cats spend nearly 50% of their waking hours grooming themselves. From removing odors and spreading body oils to stress reduction and social bonding, grooming is a multifaceted ritual for cats. If your cat enjoys human-assisted grooming, consider natural bristle or rubber brushes for a more pleasant experience.


8 Cat Obsessions
8 Cat Obsessions8 Cat Obsessions

3. A Gourmet’s Choice: Fresh, Nutritious Food

Stale or spoiled food? No thanks. Cats prefer their meals as fresh as they come. Always check the expiration dates on your cat’s food to ensure it’s fresh, nutritious, and safe from bacteria like Salmonella.

8 Cat Obsessions
8 Cat Obsessions


4. Liquid Gold: The Allure of Running Water

Many cats are drawn to running water and will drink right from the tap if they get a chance. Cat-friendly water fountains are available to offer your cat a constant supply of fresh water. Some adventurous felines may even enjoy splashing in a shallow bath or kiddie pool.


8 Cat Obsessions
8 Cat Obsessions

5. Clawed Bliss: The Joy of Scratching

Scratching isn’t just an act of potential destruction; it’s a basic feline instinct. It helps cats sharpen their claws, gives them a good stretch, and brings them immense joy. A dedicated scratching post can turn into your furniture’s savior.


6. Playtime: Serious Business in the Cat World

Cats, regardless of age, thrive on play. Whether it’s a high-tech cat toy or a simple ball of lint, playtime is crucial for their physical and mental health. It keeps them engaged, exercises them, and even mirrors their natural hunting instincts.


7. Feathered Friends: The Birdwatching Phenomenon

Windowsills aren’t just for lounging; they’re also cat TV with live bird-watching. But beware of sunburn, especially between the peak UV hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Consult your vet for cat-friendly sunscreens if your feline spends extended hours in sunny spots.


8. The Heart of the Home: You, the Human

Contrary to the myth of them being loners, cats crave human companionship. Signs of feline affection range from purring and head-bunting to more unique behaviors like, believe it or not, sticking their butt in your face.


The Feline Code: Flexible Yet Consistent

It’s crucial to note that cats, being the complex creatures they are, can change their preferences. As a cat parent, staying attuned to these changes can help you keep your feline friend not just content, but downright happy.

Have any more items to add to this list of cat loves? Feel free to comment below!



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