Tips and guides on rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs

Small, furry, and adorable, rodents are ideal pets for some people. They are highly intelligent and many have personalities that compete with cats and dogs. Study some of the rodents people keep at home and then visit breeders and shops to compare the different species and choose the one you prefer.

Most popular rodents:

Rabbits – there are more than 30 species around the world, including the Angora rabbit and the dwarf rabbit. Although they live in many different environments, they have many things in common! Rabbits are very meek and undemanding. They can be trained to learn commands, play, and even use the litter box.

Hamsters – Hamsters are nocturnal, so they are active at night. They usually live for about 2 years and prefer to live alone. Take care of them when they are small to tame them and reduce their desire to bite.

Sugar gliders look like flying squirrels, but are not rodents! They belong to the marsupial family, like kangaroos. And like kangaroos, they have a pouch in which the females raise their young. Sugar gliders are nocturnal (active at night) in nature and are very sociable animals, living in groups of 6-10 people in New Guinea and Australia.

Being extremely sociable animals, they get depressed when raised alone. Males and females can be raised together as long as the male is spayed after 5-6 months of age.

Gerbils – If hamsters don’t offer you the personality you want, gerbils could be a lot more fun. These little devils are active day and night. They also live about 2-3 years and prefer to live with some other specimen of their species.

Mice – Mice are the smallest rodents. They don’t really like being touched and can bite. If it’s okay to look and touch a little, mice can be cute companions for a year or two.

Guinea Pigs – The Sheltie guinea pig is known as the Guinea Pig, these animals live around 5 years and are adorable. They have sweet personalities, they will whistle to tell you that they know you and rarely bite. They have different colors and the coat can be long, short, stiff with rosettes, or even curly.

Rats – If you are looking for a very intelligent animal, consider a rat. Rats live for about 3 years and are very affectionate animals when domesticated when they are young. You can even keep them together if you like because they are social.

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