Meet Apple’s New Heroes: Pups with Prosthetics Taking Over the Spotlight!

The Invincibles” might sound like the latest blockbuster superhero team, but it’s actually the catchy title of Apple’s recent iPhone campaign.

Instead of humans donning capes, the spotlight is on resilient dogs equipped with prosthetic limbs, showcasing how the iPhone played an integral role in helping these dogs regain their mobility.

These remarkable dogs are beneficiaries of 3DPets, a Boonton, New Jersey-based nonprofit, dedicated to offering custom-made mobility solutions for animals.

To tailor-make these prostheses, 3DPets harnesses the iPhone’s TrueDepth and LiDAR cameras, creating precise 3D scans of each animal.

Leveraging advanced software, these scans are transformed into 3D molds, leading to the creation of perfectly-fitted prosthetic devices for every unique pet

The Invincibles,” captured using the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, showcases a stellar lineup of dogs, notably Trip and Cleo.

Trip, who proudly sports a front full limb prosthesis, is not just a treasured companion to Lydia Mindek, 3DPets’ operations head, but also stands as the emblematic face of the organization.

As one of the inaugural beneficiaries of 3DPets, Trip played a pivotal role in refining the nonprofit’s developmental journey.

Image By: @3d.pets

“Before Trip got his prosthetic, I couldn’t imagine taking him on hikes or long walks. Now, he’s my constant companion, always equipped with his device.

One of our most memorable adventures was a challenging three-mile trek across rocky paths in the forest, leading us to a stunning waterfall.

That moment held profound emotion for me — not just because of the intense hike, but because I had once believed such feats were impossible for Trip,” Mindek shared with PEOPLE, reflecting on the transformative impact of Trip’s prosthesis.

In “The Invincibles,” Trip’s newfound vitality shines through. Viewers can witness him reveling in the great outdoors, with moments capturing his joy as he energetically explores and looks up with enthusiasm.

“The sheer joy of witnessing pets reclaim their freedom of movement and observing the profound change it brings to their lives, is an indescribable reward,” Mindek remarks about the mission of 3DPets.

Image By: @3d.pets

Cleo is yet another heartwarming success story from the collaboration between 3DPets and iPhone. Found on the side of an Oklahoma road after a harrowing car accident, she tragically lost her front leg due to her injuries.

Rosenfeld, upon encountering Cleo, was immediately moved by her plight. “I felt an instant responsibility to give her an exceptional life.

Embarking on the journey of providing her with a prosthetic became my mission. She’s truly earned that chance,” Rosenfeld reminisced about their first meeting.

Image By: @3d.pets

After finishing his education, Rosenfeld embarked on a two-year deep dive into the world of canine prosthetics, all to find the perfect fit for Cleo.

This relentless pursuit eventually brought him to the doors of 3D Pets. Before crafting Cleo’s custom prosthesis, Rosenfeld contributed his freelance expertise to the nonprofit.

Upon Cleo receiving her tailor-made prosthetic, Rosenfeld was unwavering in his commitment to help her find her feet again. Today, she thrives as an energetic and joyful dog, just like her counterparts featured in “The Invincibles.”

“It’s heartwarming to see Cleopatra, alongside these other brave dogs, living their best lives. The difference is palpable – they aren’t laboring daily or confined to the floor.

Instead, they’re gallivanting with glee, tongues out, reacquainting themselves with their beloved toys,” shares Rosenfeld.

Image By: @3d.pets

Pet enthusiasts can witness the transformative power of animal prosthetics and commemorate the upcoming National Dog Day on August 26th by tuning into Apple’s “The Invincibles” campaign.

To delve deeper into the technology behind the prosthetics and explore options for your furry friend, head over to the 3DPets’ official website.

Image By: @3d.pets


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