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Some cost thousands of dollars, and world celebrities line up for some spicy Maltipoo puppies.

The mixture of Welsh Corgi and Shepherd Dog is not so in demand in the celebrity world, but it’s no less interesting than other mixes because it has positive qualities that were inherited from thoroughbred parents.

What the half-breed took from the parents

The German Shepherd and Welsh Corgi are breeds with a strong genotype, well-established selection, and minimal tendency to uncontrolled natural mutation. Despite their short stature, short legs, and a diminutive physique, the corgi also belongs to the family of shepherd dogs.

So these two breeds with completely different appearance have very many common properties.

From corgi

Corgi profile

The name of the Welsh Corgi incorrectly denotes the breed in question. To it should be added one more of two words: cardigan or Pembroke. Moreover, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and the Welsh Corgi Pembroke are two different dogs.

The cardigan is older, it has been known since the 10th century. Pembroke was first mentioned three centuries later. The difference lies in the color and size of the tail:

  • The cardigan is dominated by dark colors and a long tail is required.
  • The Pembroke is born with a bobtail or is cropped, and the coat is predominantly white-red.

Both Welsh Corgi come from neighboring regions on the shores of the Irish Sea (County Wales, UK) and can be assumed to be very close relatives. These dogs were purposefully taken out for the shepherd’s service.

On the line of the corgi, the mestizo took:

  • small growth (9-11 inches at the withers);
  • Pembroke color;
  • short coat;
  • sociability and loyalty to people;
  • love of life.

Some negative qualities – the tendency to overeat. Gluttony has become a serious problem for all Welsh Corgis, dog handlers even fear for the future of this breed.

From german shepherd

German shepherd

The most famous service dog in the world, whose pedigree also transmitted individual traits to the mixed offspring of Corman: intelligence, indefatigability, focus on results.

Upon closer inspection, the Corgi and the German Shepherd have such similar traits that it is difficult to discern from whom the best qualities are given to the puppies. Representatives of both breeds are easy to learn and quickly socialize, forming a harmonious four-legged duo of positive properties.

Facts! Welsh Corgis became famous thanks to the affection of the English queen for them. 14 generations of dogs of this breed lived at her yard.

Characteristics and appearance of Corgi German Shepherd Mix

The offspring of the Welsh Corgi and the German Shepherd can grow up to 11-17 inches at the withers. Like all animals, females are smaller and lighter than males.

  1. Weight ranges from 25-60 pounds.
  2. The body is on low legs, stretched in length.
  3. The skull is wide, with a transition to an elongated “fox” muzzle.
  4. The eyes are oval, set slightly obliquely in relation to the forehead line.
  5. The ears are erect, large, with rounded tips.
  6. The skeleton is strong and well-balanced.

interesting! Outwardly, the Corman is very similar to the purebred Welsh Corgi. A significant difference is its weight and height – the genes of the German Shepherd made the dog larger and heavier

The character and temperament of the Corman

Everything To Know About the German Shepherd Corgi Mix

Corgi, crossed with a shepherd dog, is distinguished by balanced behavior and a high degree of activity.

  1. Communication skills and socialization skills are positive.
  2. Loyalty to the owner is absolute.
  3. The level of learning is high.
  4. Stubbornness is average, sometimes there is a desire to dominate.
  5. Conflict with family members is low.

The Corgi and German Shepherd dog mix get along well with other animals. They are always ready to support joint games and never shun society.

Care and maintenance of the Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Everything To Know About the German Shepherd Corgi Mix

Corman Shepherd’s coat is dense, short, or medium in length. A cross between a corgi and a shepherd dog must be constantly combed out due to the high intensity of molting, which makes it difficult to keep the pet in the house.

Other procedures fit into the general rules for keeping animals:

  • ear cleaning – wiping with a damp cloth;
  • dental hygiene – checking and processing with dog toothpaste;
  • attention to mucous membranes – the eyes and nose should be free of crusts.

Keeping in an apartment is not a very good option. Corgi, crossed with a shepherd dog, needs open space for active play and training, and home conditions limits it.

Feeding and Nutrition

The corgi and shepherd mix dogs are not picky about food, their diet fully coincides with the needs of the parent breeds.

  1. From 2 to 4 months the puppy is fed 4-6 times a day.
  2. By six months, food intake is reduced to 3-4 approaches to the bowl.
  3. After 8 months, the dog takes food 1-2 times a day.

Serving size depends on the size of the animal If the dog feeds on dry granules, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed. Natural products are calculated individually.

An adult  corgi and shepherd mix dog should receive nutrients in the following proportion:

  • protein food (meat and offal, cottage cheese, eggs) – up to 50%;
  • a source of carbohydrates (cereals, fruits, and vegetables with fiber content) – up to 30%;
  • animal and vegetable fats – 20%.

The list of prohibited products includes all fatty meats, smoked meats, river fish and pastries, mushrooms, sweets, spices.

Important! The first indicator of an unbalanced diet is the wool of the corgi and “German” mix. It loses its shine, takes on a disheveled appearance and falls out profusely.

Health and life expectancy

Everything To Know About the German Shepherd Corgi Mix

The lifespan of a cross between a corgi and a shepherd dog averages 12 to 15 years. In the final third of its life, Corman Shepherd’s activity level decreases, and it becomes a sedate elderly dog.

In youth and with the correct maintenance (feeding) diet, these dogs do not have natural health problems. But older mixes are prone to diseases that are inherent in parental breeds:

  1. Allergy to certain types of foods and plant substances (possible from a young age).
  2. Obesity tendency.
  3. Back problems.
  4. Decreased vision.
  5. Dysplasia of the joints.

An individual set of vitamins and microelements developed by a veterinarian for each individual animal helps to reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases. You may have to change the diet of the dog and use special balanced mixtures.

Physical activity and training

The activity of corgi and German shepherd offspring requires constant movement, especially at a young age. Such a dog should not be limited to a confined space, since an energetic pet needs constant outdoor games and long walks.

Who is Corgi German Shepherd Mix for?

The German Shepherd and Welsh Corgi mix are best suited for energetic people who prefer long walks in the fresh air and are ready to spend a lot of time interacting with the dog.

A mixture of two breeds, genetically predisposed to close interaction with humans, does not tolerate loneliness and boredom. Corman Shepherd will never become a friend in a passive pastime, most likely it will get out of control.

Scenarios like this in real life are almost impossible. No one is specifically engaged in crossing the German shepherd and the corgi, and this type of mix is not widespread. Therefore, rare representatives of Corman Shepherd almost never fall into random hands.


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