The Tabby Maine Coon Cats – Full Expert Guide

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Maine Coons – and not just any Maine Coon, but the beautiful, vibrant Tabby Maine Coons.

These playful felines come in an array of stunning shades and patterns – over 75 in fact – which makes selecting your favorite an exhilarating yet challenging decision.

Choosing a Tabby Maine Coon throws another delicious spanner in the works. You see, these darlings come in various alluring patterns: classic, mackerel, or ticked. Each carries its unique charm, further enriching the Maine Coon’s captivating diversity.

tabby maine coon

Maine Coons aren’t just pretty faces, though; their personalities are as rich as their coats. Ranging from solid, tabby, shaded, to tortie, they truly are a smorgasbord of visual delights.

But there’s a standout favorite among fans – the Tabby Maine Coon. These special kitties, displaying a ticked, mackerel, or classic pattern, come in various tantalizing color classes, like the enchanting brown patched tabby, the mesmerizing blue-silver-tabby, or the striking cameo tabby, to name a few.

Whatever your color preference might be, it’s undeniable that these magnificent, large cats have nestled their way into millions of hearts worldwide.

And there’s a sneaky surprise – almost every Maine Coon sports some hint of tabby pattern, whether it’s immediately noticeable or not. Intrigued? Keep on reading to uncover the delightful reasons why.

Physical Characteristics of Tabby Maine Coons

The tabby pattern is a fascinating spectacle of nature that has intrigued cat enthusiasts for generations. But what exactly is it?

tabby maine coon

The Enigma of the Tabby Pattern

A tabby isn’t a breed of cat, but rather a coat pattern that appears in various cat breeds, including our beloved Maine Coons.

The tabby pattern is renowned for its distinctive ‘M’ mark on the forehead, along with its beautifully striped, mottled, or swirled patterns that drape the cat’s body like a regal robe.

The magic of the tabby pattern lies in its variations – each with its unique allure. From the evenly spaced stripes of the mackerel tabby, the butterfly-like swirls of the classic tabby, to the unique, peppered look of the ticked tabby, each variation offers a different aesthetic appeal.

Tabby Patterns in Maine Coons

In Maine Coons, the tabby pattern manifests quite spectacularly, enhancing their robust physique and shaggy fur with a dash of patterned charm.

You’ll find Maine Coons donning all types of tabby patterns, but there’s a fascinating twist.

Regardless of the color of the coat, a majority of Maine Coons have some hint of a tabby pattern. Even in solid colored Maine Coons, you might spot ghost stripes – faint hints of a tabby pattern – especially when they’re kittens or under certain lighting conditions.

tabby maine coon

Table 1: Tabby Pattern Variations in Maine Coons

Pattern Description Common Colors
Mackerel Evenly spaced, vertical stripes down the sides Brown, Gray, Silver
Classic Broad bands of color in a swirl or marbled pattern Brown, Blue, Cream
Ticked Individual hairs ticked with multiple bands of color Cinnamon, Fawn, Amber

It’s safe to say that the tabby pattern and Maine Coons are a match made in feline heaven, offering a feast for the eyes and an abundance of love for the heart.

So, whether you’re smitten by the mackerel, charmed by the classic, or tickled by the ticked, there’s a Tabby Maine Coon waiting to pounce its way into your life.

tabby maine coon

Tabby Maine Coon Colors

The tabby pattern in Maine Coons isn’t just about the stripes, swirls, or ticks; it’s also about the vibrant palette of colors that these patterns can take. These colors can range from the common browns and grays to the more unique hues like cream or amber.

The colors are a result of a fascinating interplay of genetics. While the exact genetic coding can be quite complex, the basics come down to two types of pigments: eumelanin (black/brown) and pheomelanin (red/yellow). These pigments, influenced by various genes, determine the color, intensity, and distribution of the coat’s hue.

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, tabby Maine Coon can be found in the following color categories:

  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Cream
tabby maine coon

The Regal Brown Tabby Maine Coon

Rich, warm, and splendid, Brown Tabby Maine Coons are perhaps the most classic representation of the breed. This color variant features shades of brown, with dark brown or black markings that create the distinctive tabby pattern.

Table 1: Brown Tabby Maine Coon Pattern Variations

Pattern Description
Mackerel Dark brown stripes evenly spaced on a warm brown base
Classic Broad swirls of dark brown on a lighter brown background
Ticked Hairs individually ticked with shades of brown, giving a peppered appearance
tabby maine coon

The Glistening Silver Tabby Maine Coon

Silver Tabby Maine Coons look as if they’ve been dusted with a touch of frost. Their coat base is a beautiful silvery-white, accentuated with deep blue-gray or black markings.

Table 2: Silver Tabby Maine Coon Pattern Variations

Pattern Description
Mackerel Deep blue-gray or black stripes on a silvery-white base
Classic Bold swirls of blue-gray or black on a silver background
Ticked Each hair ticked with bands of blue-gray or black, lending a speckled look
tabby maine coon

The Fiery Red Tabby Maine Coon

Also known as orange or ginger, Red Tabby Maine Coons are truly striking with their fiery coats. Their warm red or orange hues are highlighted with deeper red markings.

Table 3: Red Tabby Maine Coon Pattern Variations

Pattern Description
Mackerel Deep red or orange stripes on a lighter red base
Classic Bold swirls of deep red or orange on a lighter red background
Ticked Each hair ticked with bands of red or orange, giving a distinctive ‘spiced’ appearance

The Tranquil Blue Tabby Maine Coon

The Blue Tabby Maine Coon is a sight to behold. “Blue” in the cat world is essentially a soft gray. These cats feature a lovely gray coat with darker gray markings.

Table 4: Blue Tabby Maine Coon Pattern Variations

Pattern Description
Mackerel Dark gray stripes on a soft gray base
Classic Broad swirls of dark gray on a lighter gray background
Ticked Each hair is individually ticked with shades of gray, lending a misty appearance
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The Gentle Cream Tabby Maine Coon

Cream Tabby Maine Coons are the soft-spoken beauties of the group. Their coats range from off-white to light orange or cream, complemented with deeper cream or light orange markings.

Table 5: Cream Tabby Maine Coon Pattern Variations

Pattern Description
Mackerel Light orange or cream stripes on an off-white base
Classic Bold swirls of cream on an off-white background
Ticked Hairs individually ticked with shades of cream, giving a gentle, frosted appearance

Each color variation brings with it a unique appeal and a different take on the beloved tabby pattern, broadening the charm of the Maine Coon breed.

Regardless of the color and pattern, all Tabby Maine Coons share the same delightful personality and loveable traits, making them a wonderful addition to any household.

Size and Body Structure: The Gentle Giants

The Maine Coon is affectionately known as the “gentle giant” of the cat world, and the tabby Maine Coon is no exception. These beauties are large and muscular with a rugged appearance that belies their gentle, playful nature.

Male tabby Maine Coons typically weigh between 13 to 18 pounds, and females, slightly smaller, weigh in at around 8 to 12 pounds. When it comes to length, don’t be surprised to see a Maine Coon reaching up to 40 inches from nose to tail tip! These measurements, however, can vary from cat to cat.

In comparison to other Maine Coons, tabby variants share the same robust build and size, with the main difference being their coat pattern and color.

Compared to other breeds, Maine Coons – including the tabbies – are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, dwarfing the average domestic cat.

Table 3: Size Comparison of Tabby Maine Coon with Other Breeds

Breed Average Weight (lbs) Average Length (inches)
Tabby Maine Coon 8-18 19-40
Persian 7-12 14-18
Siamese 8-10 15-20
Domestic Shorthair 6-16 12-18

With their striking tabby patterns, a rainbow of color variations, and their impressively robust stature, Tabby Maine Coons are nothing short of feline royalty. They’re a perfect blend of rugged charm and gentle spirit, making them a much-loved choice among cat lovers worldwide.

Do All Maine Coons Have An M On Their Forehead? 

A fascinating characteristic common among tabbies, including our beloved Maine Coon Tabbies, is the signature ‘M’ on their forehead. But does every Maine Coon have this marking? Let’s unravel this feline mystery.

The ‘M’ mark is associated with tabby patterns, and since Maine Coons predominantly exhibit tabby patterns, you’ll find that most Maine Coon cats do indeed sport this charming mark.

The ‘M’ is especially prominent in brown, blue, red, and cream tabbies, and a bit subtler in silver tabbies.

However, not every Maine Coon will have a noticeable ‘M’. Solid colored Maine Coons and those with certain other patterns might not exhibit a visible ‘M’ mark. Plus, variations in fur length, density, and color blending can sometimes make the ‘M’ less distinct.

In essence, while the ‘M’ mark is a common and delightful feature of Tabby Maine Coons, it’s not a universal trait across the entire breed.

Regardless, it’s just one of the many endearing characteristics that make Maine Coons – ‘M’ mark or not – utterly irresistible to cat lovers worldwide.


The Genetics Behind the Tabby Maine Coon

Understanding the genetics behind Tabby Maine Coons offers a fascinating insight into how these beautiful creatures get their distinct colors and patterns.

Let’s take a brief journey into the world of feline genetics.

Color Genetics

The color of a Maine Coon’s coat is determined by various genes that control the type and distribution of pigments.

There are two main pigments: eumelanin, which creates black and brown colors, and pheomelanin, responsible for red and yellow colors. Different genes can modify these basic colors to create a wide spectrum of hues.

Table 1: Gene Influences on Coat Color

Color Dominant Gene Result
Black/Brown B (Black) Eumelanin production resulting in black or brown fur
Blue/Gray b (Blue) Reduced eumelanin production resulting in blue/gray fur
Red/Orange O (Orange) Pheomelanin production resulting in red/orange fur
Cream o (Non-orange) Dilution of red/orange to cream
Maine Coon Cats Breeders

Pattern Genetics

The tabby pattern in cats, including Maine Coons, is controlled by the Agouti (A) gene. This gene influences the distribution of color on each individual hair.

The ‘non-agouti’ or ‘hypermelanistic’ variant (a), if present, would lead to a solid color coat, suppressing the tabby pattern.

The specific type of tabby pattern (mackerel, classic, or ticked) is controlled by the Tabby (Ta) gene. The specific versions of these genes a cat inherits from its parents will determine the type of tabby pattern it will display.

Table 2: Gene Influences on Tabby Patterns

Pattern Dominant Gene Result
Mackerel T (Mackerel) Mackerel pattern with thin, parallel stripes
Classic tb (Classic) Classic or blotched pattern with thick, swirling stripes
Ticked ti (Ticked) Ticked pattern with color bands on each hair, minimal stripes

While genetics in cats can be complex, this basic understanding gives you an insight into how each Tabby Maine Coon gets its unique coat color and pattern.

It’s a beautiful reminder of the intricate natural processes that create the stunning feline companions we know and love.

Tabby Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

If you’ve fallen in love with Tabby Maine Coons and are eager to welcome one into your home, you’re in for a wonderful journey. Choosing a reputable breeder is a crucial first step to ensure your kitten is healthy and well-socialized.

Remember to ask for health certificates and meet the kitten’s parents if possible. A good breeder will prioritize health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards over color or pattern.

Maine Coon Cats Breeders

Table 1: Breeders Specializing in Tabby Maine Coons

Breeder Name Location Website
CoonKingdom Maine Coons California, USA
EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery Kansas, USA
MainelyClassic Maine Coons North Carolina, USA
Congocoon Maine Coon Cattery Alabama, USA
Dragginslair Maine Coons Texas, USA

Prices can vary greatly based on factors like pedigree, color, and pattern. While Tabby Maine Coons may have a higher price due to their popularity, remember that the most important aspect is the health and personality of your future feline companion.

Note: This list is illustrative and not exhaustive. It’s essential to do your research, ask for recommendations, and visit potential breeders to ensure they are ethical and responsible.

Embarking on the journey to bring a Tabby Maine Coon kitten into your home is exciting. They are sure to bring joy, laughter, and a lot of love into your life!

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Tabby Maine Coon is truly a marvel of the feline world. Their stunning variety of patterns and colors, combined with their characteristic Maine Coon charm and personality, make them a perennial favorite among cat enthusiasts worldwide.

From the classic brown tabby to the exotic silver, fiery red, tranquil blue, and gentle cream, there’s a Tabby Maine Coon to capture every cat lover’s heart.


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