Biggest Maine Coon Cat In The World : Guinness World Records

Maine Coon lovers! You’ve landed at the right place if you’re wondering about the colossal Maine Coons that have left their paw prints in the record books. Who doesn’t love a gentle giant, right?

Everyone, meet Stewie! His full name is Mymains Stewart Gilligan (quite a mouthful, isn’t it?). Not only was Stewie a fluffy pile of love, but he also held the title for the biggest Maine Coon in the world.

Can you imagine this? He was a whopping 48.5 inches long! That’s longer than some dogs! But sadly, the world had to say goodbye to Stewie in 2013 when he passed away due to cancer.

grey maine coon

But as they say, legends never die. They live on in the hearts of those who loved them. So does Stewie in the hearts of Maine Coon enthusiasts.

Now, let’s roll out the red carpet for the current titleholder of the biggest Maine Coon in the world – Barivel! Almost touching Stewie’s record, Barivel stretches to an impressive 47.2 inches long. Now, that’s what I call a “stretchy cat”!

Maine Coons, due to their majestic size, have a special place in the Guinness Book of World Records. These feline beauties have frequently made headlines, whether for their grand size or for having the longest whiskers.

Yep, you read it right! These gentle giants are quite the celebrities in the cat world.

white maine coon

So, if you ever dream of sharing your home with a little tiger, a Maine Coon is as close as you can get! They’re large, they’re beautiful, and they’re full of personality.

Whether it’s Stewie or Barivel, these Maine Coons surely know how to charm their way into our hearts and the record books!

Largest Maine Coon Cat In The World

Ever wondered about the titans of the cat world? Then let’s dive straight into the mystical world of Maine Coons – the ‘gentle giants’ as they’re fondly called.

Their history is wrapped in enigmas, making it a tad bit difficult to pinpoint why these cats end up so darn big.

Just a quick cat fact for the uninitiated: the good old Guinness World Records used to crown the biggest cat based on weight. But they shook things up in recent decades, switching to length and height as the deciding factors.

And boy, do Maine Coons rule the roost there!

Maine Coons are one of America’s sweethearts when it comes to cat breeds. Recognized by their:

  • Enormous Size
  • Sleek, Bushy Coat
  • Unique Look
Maine Coon Cats Breeders

Maine Coons are muscular beasts, sporting long bodies and a well-proportioned physique, giving them a distinct rectangular appearance. No part of these cats looks out of place or exaggerated.

To add to their stunning size, Maine Coons don a long, shaggy coat, complete with a luxurious fur ruff around their neck and chest. It’s like they’re constantly wearing a fur stole. Now, that’s fashion!

With their large built, Maine Coons are guaranteed to turn heads as they strut around your home. Below, I’ve compiled some averages for Maine Coon sizes that females and males generally reach. Be warned, though, these sizes are a far cry from the colossal Maine Coons that have made it into the record books!

  • Length: Typically, Maine Coons grow to a length between 19 and 40 inches. Quite long, eh?
  • Height: Maine Coons are no shorties, ranging from 8 to 16 inches tall.
  • Weight: Now, here’s where the sexes differ a bit. Lady Maine Coons usually weigh between 8 to 12 lbs, while the gents can tip the scale anywhere from 15 to 25 lbs.

So, there you have it – a little primer on the behemoths of the cat world, the Maine Coons. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like having a mini lion roaming around your house!

Record Breaking Maine Coons

Alrighty, now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s dive into the world of colossal Maine Coons. Some of these feline gargantuans have smashed the average sizes I shared earlier, reaching jaw-dropping dimensions!

First up, the creme de la creme of Maine Coons, Stewie. This fellow was no ordinary house cat, but the record-breaking biggest Maine Coon of all time.

I know, I know, you think your Maine Coon is large, right? But wait till you get a load of these mammoth kitties. They’d make your beloved pet seem petite. So, without further ado, let’s introduce the biggest Maine Coon heavyweights of all time:

Russian Blue Breeders

1.The King Stewie

Stewie Stewie, or as he was officially known, Mymains Stewart Gilligan, was no less than a feline legend. Stewie’s a record-breaker, coming in at a whopping 48.5 inches long in 2010. Talk about a gentle giant!

Besides his colossal size, Stewie had a heart of gold. He was a certified therapy animal who made regular visits to a local senior center, spreading joy wherever he went. He holds the unbeaten Guinness World Record for the longest domestic cat to date.

Sadly, we had to bid adieu to our beloved Stewie on February 4, 2013, after he lost a battle to cancer. Stewie, who lived a glorious eight years, resided in Reno, Nevada, with his human, Robin Hendrickson.

With Stewie’s departure, the title of the longest domestic cat passed on to the new reigning champ, Barivel. Check out this video of Stewie to catch a glimpse of this majestic feline superstar in all his glory:

grey maine coon


The Reigning Champ Barivel Meet Barivel, the current big-shot in the world of Maine Coons. Living it up in Vigevano, Italy, Barivel, measuring a solid 47.2 inches in May 2018, has become the biggest living Maine Coon cat today. His name, which means “jester” in Italian, sure is fitting for a cat that has won over so many hearts worldwide!

This fellow has been strutting his stuff since September 2016. As of now, Barivel proudly wears the crown as the longest-living cat worldwide.

You’d think with a title like that, he’d be the life of the party, but nope. Despite the love he receives from feline enthusiasts worldwide, he’s known to be quite the quiet, bashful Maine Coon.

In 2018, Barivel stretched out to an impressive 120cm (about 3ft 11 inches), solidifying his spot as the world’s biggest domestic cat in 2021.

And get this, our feline celebrity even has his own Instagram! So, if you’re curious about the daily life of a world-record holder, give him a follow.

3. The Gentle Brit: Ludo

Residing in Wakefield, UK, Ludo was once crowned the largest Maine Coon cat in the world, albeit for a short while. When he was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest domestic cat, this gentle giant stretched out to 118.33 cm and tipped the scales at a considerable 34 pounds! Although he’s only a hair’s breadth shorter than Barivel at 3 feet and 10.59 inches, he’s quite the sizable feline. Known for his friendly, easy-going demeanor, Ludo is not as spirited as his Maine Coon brethren.

4. Aussie Sensation: Omar

From Down Under, in Melbourne, lives Omar, the largest Maine Coon in Australia. Though the Guinness Book of World Records has yet to officially evaluate him, this orange tabby stands at a striking 4 feet and 11 inches long! If officially recognized, he would dethrone the reigning champ, Barivel. Whether or not he gains the title, Omar’s popularity has already soared high with an Instagram account boasting over 160,000 followers! If you’re curious, take a peek at his Youtube channel.

5. Silver Star: Cygnus

Living in Detroit with three feline siblings and their human parents was Cygnus, one of the world’s largest Maine Coons. Recognized for his unique silver markings, he once held the record for the longest tail on a domestic cat at 17.58 inches. He shared a home with another giant, Arcturus from the Savannah breed, also one of the largest cats on record. Sadly, both Cygnus and Arcturus passed away in a tragic house fire in 2017, leaving behind memories of their kind and friendly nature.

6. New York’s Heavyweight: Samson

In the bustling city of New York, US, Samson has claimed the title of the largest Maine Coon. At 4 feet and 28 pounds, he’s indeed a showstopper. However, in September 2020, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a common health issue in Maine Coons. Currently, he’s about six years old.

7. The Swedish Stunner: Lotus

Lotus, a striking creamsicle-colored tabby Maine Coon, calls Sweden home. While he weighs only 22 pounds, his abundant fluff and oversized features make him look much larger. His popularity is unquestionable, with his Instagram account tallying over 350,000 followers.

8. The French Phenomenon: Moonwalk Mognum

Moonwalk Mognum, a beautiful grey and white Maine Coon cat, hails from Chaillé-les-Marais, France. Weighing in at a majestic 28 pounds, he is one of the largest Maine Coon cats in Europe.

9. The Black Beauty: Hélios

Living in Chatterie de Cimiez in the south of France is the charismatic black and Silver Maine Coon, Hélios. His presence on YouTube makes it evident that he’s both handsome and huge. Here’s a short video of Helios:

10. The Chatterbox: Sean Coonery

Named after the famous actor, Sean Connery, this gorgeous Maine Coon is also a YouTuber. His videos mainly showcase his chatty personality, but it’s hard to miss his large frame and build.

grey maine coon

In general, Maine Coon cats are destined to grow large, but it seems the males of the species tend to surpass their female counterparts in size.

While both genders can reach a length of 40 inches, it seems that only the males have been able to beat the odds and grow past these average sizes.

Embracing Their Stature: Maine Coon Size

When you think of Maine Coons, the first word that might pop into your head is ‘large’. Their size is truly a defining characteristic of the breed.

Their origins, shrouded in mystery, make it tough to understand why they are such giants. But occasionally, these feline wonders just seem to grow… and grow… sometimes even surpassing the average sizes we’re used to!

In the feline kingdom, Maine Coons hold a crown of their own. They’re seen as the largest domesticated cat breed and are one of the oldest purebred species in North America.

While all Maine Coon cats have the potential to grow quite large, the scale can differ between males and females.

Males typically tip the scales between 15 – 25 lbs, while their female counterparts stay a bit lighter, usually between 8 – 12lbs. So, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that male Maine Coons generally outgrow the females.

grey maine coon

These gentle giants can reach up to 40 inches in length. However, genetics and diet play a significant role in determining the ultimate size of a Maine Coon.

While they’re not currently listed among the tallest cats globally, Maine Coons can stand between 8 to 16 inches high.

If you’re welcoming a Maine Coon kitten into your home, remember that they’re not the type to rush things. These endearing creatures grow at a leisurely pace, typically reaching their full size between the ages of 3-5 years.

So, you’ll have plenty of time to watch them grow and enjoy their journey into majestic adulthood!

Record-Breaking Heft: The Heaviest Maine Coon Cat on Record

Maine Coons are, by nature, substantial cats. This leaves many cat enthusiasts wondering, “Just how heavy can the largest Maine Coon cat get?”

Although the largest Maine Coon by length is well-documented, it’s unfortunate that we can’t confirm the weight of this impressive cat.

Following the passing of Stewie, the baton for the world’s longest Maine Coon was passed to Ludo. When Ludo was acknowledged for his record-breaking length of 46.6 inches, he tipped the scales at an astounding 34 pounds.

This measurement likely sets the record for the heaviest Maine Coon ever recorded.

So, with the data we have, it’s safe to conclude that Ludo holds the title of the heaviest Maine Coon cat on record. His impressive weight and length truly illustrate the exceptional size that Maine Coons can reach!

grey maine coon

An Impressive Stature: Why Are Maine Coons So Large?

The Maine Coon’s lineage is cloaked in mystery, leaving us scratching our heads as to why these cats develop such impressive sizes.

However, a few plausible theories try to explain the Maine Coons’ larger-than-life dimensions:

  1. Climate adaptation: One of the most common theories is that these cats evolved to be large to withstand the harsh, cold climate of Maine. Their hefty size would have provided extra warmth and survival advantages during the chilly winters.
  2. Slow growth rate: Another theory suggests that Maine Coons’ slow growth rate, taking up to 5 years to reach their full size, gives their bone structure and muscles ample time to develop larger than most other cat breeds.
How Much Do Maine Coon Kittens Cost

While these theories offer convincing explanations, it’s important to note that Maine Coons, even those living in tropical climates, tend to grow quite large.

This suggests that the Maine Coon’s size is more likely a product of their genetics rather than purely environmental adaptations.

If you’re captivated by large cats and considering bringing one into your home, whether it’s a Maine Coon or another large breed, you might be interested in discovering the 12 largest cat breeds in the world.

You’re sure to find a feline companion that matches your love for all things big and cat-tastic!

Seeking Giants: Big Maine Coon Breeders

If your heart is set on bringing home a giant feline companion, you might be looking for a breeder specializing in large Maine Coons.

However, it’s important to note that there’s no surefire way to ensure that a kitten will grow into a supersized adult. After all, genetics and individual growth patterns play a significant role in determining a cat’s ultimate size.

That being said, there are breeders who claim to produce larger Maine Coon kittens. While we can’t guarantee their success rates, here are some breeders who have purportedly bred extra-large Maine Coons:

Breeders in the USA Breeders in the UK
Greytuono Majesticoon
Fluffygiants Rudycats
Mcattery Jazzcatzs
Maine Coon Cats Breeders

For our American cat enthusiasts, Greytuono, Fluffygiants, and Mcattery are all breeders claiming to focus on large Maine Coons.

Over in the UK, Majesticoon, Rudycats, Jazzcatzs, and again, Greytuono, are breeders who are said to breed larger-than-average Maine Coons.

However, it’s essential to remember that size isn’t everything. There are no guarantees when it comes to predicting the future size of a kitten, so whether you choose to buy from a breeder specializing in large Maine Coons or from a local licensed breeder, the most important factor is that the cat you bring home is healthy, well-socialized, and a perfect fit for your family.

Maine Coon Cats Breeders

Wrapping Up: The Majestic Maine Coon Giants

To round things off, let’s circle back to the original question: just how gigantic can a Maine Coon get?

Historically, the world’s largest Maine Coon title was held by the unforgettable Stewie, a true feline titan who reached a staggering length of 48.5 inches. Though Stewie is no longer with us, his legacy continues to captivate cat lovers worldwide.

Following Stewie’s passing, Ludo briefly claimed the title, but today, the reigning champion of Maine Coon enormity is Barivel. As of now, Barivel holds the record as the world’s longest domestic cat, proving once again that when it comes to size, the Maine Coon breed is truly in a league of its own.

Whether you’re a proud Maine Coon owner or simply an admirer of these magnificent creatures, there’s no denying that the size, grace, and charm of these feline giants are truly awe-inspiring.

It’s not just their physical stature that’s impressive; their gentle, loving personalities make them even more special.

Remember, though, while these record-breaking Maine Coons are intriguing, any Maine Coon (or cat, for that matter) can bring joy, companionship, and a touch of mystery into your life, no matter their size.


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