Phoenix German Shepherd Puppies For Sale – Best Breeders in Phoenix

Discover the loyal and protective companionship of German Shepherd puppies in Phoenix! Known for their unwavering dedication, intelligence, and versatility, German Shepherds have been esteemed members of households and professions alike.

As the sun sets over the desert horizon, Phoenix becomes a nurturing cradle for these majestic canines, blending urban life with the vast landscapes ideal for their growth and play.

Whether you’re seeking a vigilant guardian, a playful family member, or a trained professional aide, our German Shepherd puppies are poised to fill that role seamlessly.

Dive into the world of Phoenix’s most distinguished German Shepherds and find your next four-legged friend!

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Phoenix

German Shepherd

1) Vintar German Shepherd

Vintar German Shepherd stands out as a committed breeder, emphasizing the well-being and temperament of their AKC registered, champion bloodline German Shepherds.

Located in the scenic setting of Buckeye, AZ, what sets them apart is their family-oriented approach. Instead of a kennel setup, their dogs are raised as integral members of the family, gaining exposure to children and other animals.

While they prioritize temperament and drive suitable for service or family companionship, their champion bloodlines are undeniable.

The breeder takes an ethical stand by focusing on the overall well-being of the parents, including their health and behavior, rather than exclusively breeding for show.

Their stance on the treatment of show dogs highlights their compassion and genuine care for their pack. In a nutshell, Vintar German Shepherd showcases a blend of quality lineage with a humane approach to breeding.

Details About Vintar German Shepherd

German Shepherd

2) Desert Mountain German Shepherds

Desert Mountain German Shepherds boasts a sprawling 110-acre sanctuary situated near the scenic backdrop of the Estrella Mountains, just a short distance from the City of Maricopa.

The sheer expanse of land these dogs enjoy is impressive, symbolizing the breeder’s dedication to providing ample space for their growth and exploration.

Their commitment shines through not only in the vastness of their property but also in their dedication to producing healthy, joyous German Shepherd puppies.

A unique aspect of this breeder is the expertise brought by the former US Army explosives detection dog handler/trainer with veterinarian experience.

This ensures that their dogs receive top-notch training and health care. The fact that all pups and adults are raised around children and other animals speaks volumes about their socialization process.

With all puppies being de-wormed and vaccinated before joining their new families at 8 weeks, Desert Mountain German Shepherds proves to be an epitome of professionalism and passion for the breed.

Details About Desert Mountain German Shepherds

German Shepherd

3) Abbott’s German Shepherds

Abbott’s German Shepherds radiates the essence of a family-oriented approach to breeding, situated in the heart of Maricopa, Arizona.

Their claim of being a licensed kennel, coupled with the fact that every breeding dog is a cherished family pet, sets them apart. The vivid descriptions of each dog’s unique personalities and talents paint a wholesome picture.

From some dogs’ sociability in public places to the others’ playful interactions with children and horses, the wide range of experiences these German Shepherds are exposed to makes them versatile companions.

Their engagement in diverse activities, whether it’s chasing rabbits in riverbeds, participating in show rings, or simply being cozy cuddle buddies, showcases the breeder’s commitment to holistic dog upbringing.

Abbott’s German Shepherds’ genuine love and joy for their canines is palpable, and their desire to share this happiness with prospective pet owners is commendable.

Details About Abbott’s German Shepherds

  • Address:  50956 W Val Vista Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85139, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +16026181854
German Shepherd

How Much Does a German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Cost in Phoenix?

A German Shepherd puppy in Phoenix has an average price of $900-$1700. Some Breeders could even offer German Shepherd puppies for $2500 or even higher.

The cost of a German puppy varies widely and depends on many factors. The price of the dog is influenced by the eminence of the breeder, as well as the availability of working and exhibition certificates from the parent couple.

Aside from the puppy’s price, it would be best to consider the expenses that would come with it. For instance, you may want to get the essential things for your puppies like grooming tools, food, and shelter.


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